Sunday, December 31, 2006

we reached the ending.

it happened few years ago... its this time around it happened again... but the different part of it this time around... i guess i am at fault too. i pushed him to the edge... and i don't blame him for taking the jump...
i am sorry... but i dont think there is any use of uttering those words now...
maybe it because i cared and loved him too much that is why i pushed...
maybe its because of my own insecurity i made him take the jump...
maybe it because of what was dealt my way before that i help him jump...
it does not matter anymore...
the pain that i feel currently is so real...
the pain that i keep now is just too real...
it does not matter anymore...
what i would give just to have him back...
maybe there is hope...
maybe not....
to say that i don't care
would be utterly lying
i do care...
i do want him back...
to blame it on the curse
i blame myself...
whats the use of pointing fingers...
four more points back to you...
if so it ends tonite...
good bye friend...
u shall be missed...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Christmas Gift To all

My Friend,

If i could give you one thing , i wish for you the ability to see yourself as others see you.
Then you would realize what a truly special person you are.

We call that person who has lost his father an orphan, a widower that man who has lost his wife. but that man who has known the immense unhappiness of losing a friend, by what name do we call him? here every language is silent and holds its peace in impotence.

Cheers all

jingle bells

this years christmas brought alot of different meanings and feelings... hahahaha.... yes it did... it was shall i say a meaningful christmas.. i have always viewed christmas as having to have a lavish tree and the whole trimmings with it (something like johns house beb i love your crib man) hahahahaha but then this year i didnt have a tree and i was not back in NZ. i was here in KL tree less and yet it all went down beautifully.
i had family, frens and old time neighbours around me that was just priceless... they surounded me with so much love, warmth and the whole meaning that makes christmas so speacial..
freindships that has been rekindled and the joy of being with people that care for you is just priceless...
they say that during christmas one tells the truth.. and yes this year that was done.. we all found out a few truth... but for now i shall leave it at that and will update you when the time comes..

Saturday, December 23, 2006

one more.....

opppssss one more........

its really hot today

ok to be honest rite i never evr thot i would come across these pictures at all... hahahahaha i would say thank you sums for uploading these picturesss.... is extreamly hot tonite ok..i really dont know why its like a typical summer day its hot and dry.. and i guess i have just gotten tired of the whole caroling business and decided to listen to club music on BBC seriousely guys who would have thoty that BBC would have cool channels like this... buut yeah 2 days to the big day and im bored with the whole festive shitand no guys i am not having my period.. even the least of itsaw the shoot schedule just now fuyohhh i am a happy man we have extra rest day in penang and the aryani kuala means i get to chill like the pro's but that also means that not much drinking can be done in langkawi but then it could also mean that i get to bring more to penang to booze away..hurrraaayyyyyyyy!!!!! booze anywhere is still heaven ok...i could feel its nectar already...damn its hot.. oklar guys going to meet up with an old fren of mine.. no drinks tonite clean fun clean funYEAH RITE!!!!!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006


this is my little munchkin.. anytime i say i send little devils for kumon well he is one of them. i love them i never really thot that one day i would actually say i would want one of my own but yeah looking at them grow..i think i do want my own.. i just wished that it was as simple as going down to toys r us and picking one up.. ok you guys must be thinking why all of the sudden its like different colors.. well let me just put it this way.. i was going thru other peoples blog and i realized how pretty theirs were and how plain and black(im not being racist) mine is so yeah i thot lets color it in a bit...anyways i'm off now...i have not really seen civilization for 2 days now...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

shame on you baki... shame on you

after the whole auditions we finally found miss trendy and miss sporty... i shall not reveal them to you yet... jeng jeng jeng ... really cant wait to take that time out session and like go off for the shoot at least it would take me away from this whole craziness... humm went and tried out for the bernama news reader yesterday dont know yet if i would get it or not.... was worried shitless coz cant geth thru mama and the whole jb going thru "The day after tomorrow" shit was just scary and unthinkable k... it was like literally like the movies where your just helpless and cant do anything about it and cant do anything else to help...but just sit there and wait like a waiting duck... why do i have to be this hopeless romantic who just constantly is a magnet for selfish heartless people.... hummm its one of those life misteries that one just cant solve.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

teman auditions

it fels really different to be seating on the other side of an audition... this weekend i have learned that auditioning is not an easy job and making that choice is just not as easy as it seems.... the worse part is to reject or send them home time... i decided to play the bad guy this time around and it was really hard specially when you know that the person that you have just sent home is really talented but because of her skin color she didnt qualify... but among all i am very satisfide with the finallist or shall i say with the girls that we kinda put our eyes to... there is such thing as beauty with brain i mean not much but at least there is bits of fragment of brains still there... hahaha... i am being mean..anyways the final call and decision would only be made tomorrow noon so you participants cross your fingers and pray to god that your in

Saturday, December 16, 2006

good evening

hahahaha the title is like literally i had a very nice evening... good food, great place and good company... tamarind springs is just majestic... the whole feel to the place... its worth every single penny really.. ahhhhh

Thursday, December 14, 2006

come one come all

hey girls check this out and come over for the auditions!!!! i promise you shall have the time of your life!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i no longer want to waste my time in making new frens

i hate this.... i hate it.... i hate this feeling... i just feel extreamly fucked up at the moment... i should have learned my lessons and never trust these idiots who comes into my fucking life and fools me into accepting them into my circle and fools me into trusting them and at the end of the day just decides to bugger off and just fuckes right out of my life. Fuck it!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant fucking care anymore..... if more people feels like they want to fuck rite out then be my fucking guest!!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

its a rainy day

i love wireless... ahhhhhhh
ok fine some of you would be saying that how ketinggalan zaman i am now baru nak ada wireless.. well guys as a fren of mine said layan a bit can or not..
its raining out side.. i am lazzing on my bed as i type away.... i was visiting Cherry tomato farah's blog and it sparked an idea for me to recap 2006... some really cool stuff happend and some not soo cool ones too.. so in todays edition i shall be a bit self indulgence and dedicate this entree to 2006 cheers

1.i took up the idea of "just ride the wave"
hahahahaha funny aint it.. coming from a control freak like me.. but i dont know i am enjoying it at least it leaves me with less headaches and heart aches.. i mean if it was meant to be then i would have been in NY by now but if i did take up NY then i would not have meet up with really cool and beautiful people from both TSOT and Media Prima... i love these guys they have been great and supportive...
if i didnt take the plunge to resign from NOEL and teaching then i would not have confirmed my family's undivided support and love to me... ive grown to cheerish them better day by day.. till today i am still learning

2.its ok to dream.. if you think hard enough it might just work
its true i am a dreamer and i cant change that...i have these idealistic scenes running in my head.. and nothing can stop me in staying that way... i tried to change as some part of society feels that its silly and its unheard off.. but then i suffered... i lost myself thru the way... and so one day a bird told me that its ok to dream just as long as you work towards your dream... only try not to get dissapointed easily when things dont go your way... keep on working it.

3. i learned to love again..
ok.. this is not because i just watch "Cinta".. along my journey this year...while i was running i accidentally stumble over a "red cherry tomato" and when i picked it up and looked at it closely i began to like the "cherry tomato" and as i examine it closer i realised that i might not be able to find the same "cherry tomato" ever... i took a bite but it tasted sour at first but now im getting used to the sour taste and hopefully one day it might just turn sweet.

4. take the risk..
its ok to just let go and take the risk not knowing if you would swim or drown.....ikve taken some major risk this year and i have no regrets as it has turned out ok...i mean there was a period of time that some stuff was just not going my way with risk that i have taken but then that didnt stop me from taking futher risk... infact this coming days i shall be taking a very big risk that might just break me or build m...insyaallah it shall work my way....

5. i have my loses too
i have just lost an aunt of mine... i see her as a final link between me and my fathers family.. i lost a Guru ... ok find i mean he is still around its just that i am no longer learning from him anymore... but now stepping outside and seeing his methods from the outside i understand him better...but with all this lost i think i gained so0 much more

this year is not like so canggih... i didnt get any special mention or award ... i didnt get any big contracts or anything like that... but i guess i learned alot and i gained so many new friends that are worthy to keep... but of all this i shall still work on the existing relationships that i have and hope that it would grow and bloom one day...

aite i am sleepy.. the rain is getting heavier what better time to take a nap... see you guys soon

Saturday, December 02, 2006


HAhaHA... it was a really funny evening last night.. i went and caught "Cinta" the movie.. yes eventhou i am no longer with Media Prima i still went to give my support..of course it was also to see frens on screen and give them a moral blast....
it would say this is one of the very extreamly few gems in current malaysian movies.. the acting was ok.. the cinema shoots was just beautiful.. the storyline was simple yet attached (i mean some would say that it looked like love actually ) but who cares it was an extra pinch more to being perfect.. i shall say i cried during the movie.. kudos!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

i have found my new santuary

just now abg og, kak dina and me went and visited my castle mandalay... thats what i am gonna name it for the time being.. i know its a bit premature coz its not mine yet.. soon to come it shall be mine .. it shall insyaallah if god permits and i hope he does..its just so regal standing there waiting for me to get it and develope it... hahahaha ironic isnt it... yeah but soon i shall take the needed measures to get it... i can imagine once its mine and i have done it shall be a distint killer... i mean diffenitely it is gonna take alot out of me but hey doesnt all good things do that.. i finally caught The Red Kebaya.. im really sorry to say this but i didnt really enjoy it.. i dont know i guess its because of the acting .. i mean among all i would have to say kudos to jo kukathas, samantha, bob, soon heng and of course fauziah nawi who i felt stole the show but the others was just dissapointing.. but i guess its not for me to say anything i guess...i mean who am i to comment on the acting...i guess these people would know much more than me as hey they have been in the industry way longer than i have but then yeah i shall say that my rm10 is just there to support the local movie industry.. and its been sometime since i saw stuart payne.. but yeah its good to see you again my fren... anyways here i am in starbucks waiting for nthye two little dunggus to finish their kummon.. i love that 2 kuchi brats i really do... im trying to cut down on my ciggi....see how far i can go or shall in say how long i could go with out it...wish me luck

Friday, November 24, 2006

i am free

it feels so liberating that i do not need to walk tip toed as if this road of mine is path with a thousand small pieces of egg shells all waiting just to break as i step onto it anymore.. today i set things straight.. i finally managed to take a breather.. its so liberating....
it was also music to my ear to hear that i have been not even sad that it ended this way..
i am now on this quest and on this journey that might just make me or break me.. i would definately squel and shout and run towards the mountain as i embrace this reality but then i guess thats where family comes in, people that i care about.. people that would be there standing and hold out their hands when they see me falling.. its hard to find people like that these days.. the ones that i still have i keep near my heart the ones that changed i cant do much to salvage that as there is just soo much that one could do.. i miss you and i guess you know who you are.. as your not the same person i know before and the oath that you once took which now you choose to break,, i forgive you...i guess i am at fault too.. its funny that idealistic world we choose to create. i'll stand back and smile just as long as you are happy, then i shall be happy too..
i guess its no turning back now.. no matter what people say this is my path..
i choose.. and this is the road and path that i shall take..

Monday, November 20, 2006

Post paid DiGi

ola... its 2.30pm monday and i am at home currently just woken up, had a lovely lunch and now checking my mail and updating my blog... what is it that is missing? i am not in the office... ahahahahahah yeap..i decided to take the day off as it has been a real taxing weekend last week and i dont think i am ready to face the office today... the DiGi event went off quite well i shall say..infact i would say i had a good time planning for the event and even so with all the stress that i had to go thru i still had a lot of fun and i learned a few tricks of the industry.
humm.. currently i am looking for other jobs.. hahahaha yup.. its that time again.. there are a few options that i am looking into. 1, newsreader. 2.script writer. 3, outdoor facilitator. i dont know i might just try the script writting thing. i want to do something which is in KL so that i could still host Bid 2 Win. infact i would realy want to see Bid 2 Win go to the next level with me on board. i enjoy doing it and at the same time i know i do it very well i guess that is where my flair is honestly in hosting and in acting.. hwo am i kidding? i was born to do it.. but at the same time i know that i have what it takes to run events.. very contradicting aint it... hahahaha i know for sure far reads this she is gonna start shaking her head hahahahahaha (God bless her sweet soul)
there was a period of time that i keep thinking to myself that i am really screwd up and that i would not be successful at all but then after much pondering i kinda figured i am meant to be this way as i am not made for the whole corporate world. my world is a colorful world and eventhou sometimes i decide to paint it grey but then i now make a vow never to stop painting it with different colors everyday.

Monday, November 13, 2006

it ends tonite

im currently stuck with the song.. man its like reality coming too soon.. humm.. i dont know its like sometimes i just feel that im just alone.. and that this bubble that i have around me is just gonna burst anytime soon...
its not logical, is it? but sometimes i guess things dont need to be logical anymore.. i admit its my mistake to actually consider everything on the logical side that i forget bout the emotional content.
but i guess its never too late is it to realise now that what i recently picked up to belive is not all that true..
i dont know frenship on the line.. work... art... i guess the one thing that i could currently be sure of that would not change would only be my families love towards me.. everything else is highly questionable.. its funny how you think that you think you know a certain person or loved one for ions but then there comes a day that you automaticlly changeble..
Question is would it end tonite? or am i letting it end tonite.. at times i dont want to close my eyes coz it might just end..........

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya

Kadang kala dengan kesibukan dan kehiruan tugas seharian kita luput akan ketulusan dan keikhlasan. dari itu saya ingin mengambil kesempatan pada bulan dan hari yang mulia ini untuk menyusun 10 jari meminta ampun dengan segala ketulusan dan keikhlasan. dari hujung rambut sehingga hujung kaki. selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan bateen.

Monday, October 09, 2006

thanks to techno

ohhh man i nearly dove off just now at 4pm... thank god my dear fren bud turned on some really good tech stuff man.. real UK shit... at least that kept my eye opened. i hate it when i have to show face for the sake of showing face... theres this stupid PC that i have to attend to actually now that the only thing that i contributed to was the CEO's speech.. i am proud of myself i wrote a whole malay speech by myself hurray!! yahoo!!! and now i have to be down there and attend this press conference that there is no press attending. aint it ironic.. hahahahahaha.. ok going off now to the stupid event.. then later going home rite after.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

im sleepy

aiyoh.. im soo sleepy.. im sleepy to a point that i am falling asleep infront of my pc..... its not like i dont have anything to do...i have a press release to finish but i just cant think.... help

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

i can feel my migrain coming... and i think its the haze..

i blame it on the blinkking haze.. im starting to get a migrane and my throat itches... arghhhh.. hate this feeling.. its been a really slow day at work today.. really slow.. one more day for my cheaque to clear.. then i can get myself a new phone and oso go have supper at the pancake shop... my god what is going on with me and wanting pancakes... yummmmmm... sumsssss belanja me pancakes.....

Friday, September 29, 2006

san benito

i feel soo liberated and amaze with myself... last nite in laundry with the ever wonderful sums, her toy boy nic, red cherry tomato farah, christina garylera and coffee maker haris.. i ordered a bottle of mineral water but hey its not any normal mineral water its san benito sparkling with a piece of lemon.. it taste like bombay saphere without the zing.... hahahahahaha.... it was funny man.. but heck its kinda liberating to be able to do such thing....
the other thing that i found funny was that i left the place at 11.45am. yes i did... it was kinda weird in the first place but then again it reminds me that i am getting old as i cant stay out that long anymore.. feel soo tua.. hahahahahaha at least people got curfew ada reason to go home and the reason sounds valid and life threatening but in my case its me who could not stand all this hussle and bussle of the place.. aiyohhh i sound soo old..
oh ya with the factor that it is ramadan thus yelar kenelar respect kan... anyways selamat berbuka people and catch ya later.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

some people say i think too i?

its the 5th day of fasting today yeah... i survived..what am i going about like as if last time i dont fast..the thing that i enjoy most about fasting is during the breaking of the fast.. and no its not just because of the food and the idea of filling my tummy with all the great yummy dishes that mummy and mak long prepare.. its the idea of being there with my family all seated at the same table getting ready to share and enjoy the wonderful dishes that has been prepared by my ma and aunt(god bless their sweet souls) that moment just being at that table is something that i look forward for every year... and this year by the way things are going looks like i wont be able to get to do that often as i have soo many berbuka puasa events to attend to.. nikko hotel, PNB, Tamarind hill and a whole lot more. the list just goes on and on... i dont look forward at all to breaking fast outside..but i do know some people who just cant wait to hit the buffet decks everytime ramadan comes along..maybe its just their lifestyle.. maybe i dont know i just dont see the logics behind it.
its now 12.42pm and i am counting down to going home time.. i just cant wait... i wonder whats cooking at home today.. im driving wai's car as he is in singapore attending auditions..i wish that brother luck.. he deserves something with the rate that he is going.. and the determination that he has.. hey hey that is impressive man.. people been giving me the dirty look and the smirk whenever they ask me why do i have wai's car.. i just dont understand..2 chicks can be the closest buds but when i comes to guys then its considered taboo...christ... what is this world getting to. aite.. tagging off now till we meet again in ramadan.. al fateha..

Friday, September 22, 2006

its friday hurray

i had the most unproductive, productive day of the week.. i caught the movie banquet last nite and it was disturbingly beautiful for a chinese movie(im being racist arent i) the whole works was just sooo pretty and i caught it alone.. yes as liberating as it sounds i lead a sad life going to the cinema alone hummm.......well its friday and i cant wait for it to be over with and i can get back to my family and life... and i was glad that this week i faced two of my fears and at the end of it. it is not that scary and i could say now that i am definite with the choices that i made...ok have to find someone to go lunch with me today hummmm who ya...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Time out

I had a great time... I guess it is not the venue.. But definitely the company that you are in.. It was very liberating in many ways than one.. It was a test of patience in many ways than one ... It was enjoyment in many ways than one... It was bonding in many ways than one.. I love these people.. Maybe so I am heartless .. But she caught me.. She caught me strong.. im loosing it.. N I know it aint the alcohol doing the talking.... TO BALLS LONG MAY THEY WAVE......

Friday, September 15, 2006

After math of The Shape of Things....

well its coming to a week since The Shape of Things was staged in pentas2 KLpac and now i finally had the time to digest the play... ironic aint it.. rehersals 2 months and then baru nak digest.. hey it aint too late.. i dont know why but i have a feeling that i am similiar to Phillip in 1 way or the other( oh for you who did not catch this interesting play phillip is a character in the play).. its kinda funny how i could relate to him or he relating to me as a human being. yeah, phil is actually a real nice guy.. infact he is a pretty decent bloke if you ask me.. ok there are times that he looses his top but hey tell me which red blooded male would not do that?.. the fact that he cares for Adam and looks out for him and even after being steped and walked all over on by that prick he stills try to salvage a bond that he does not want to loose.. i kinda find some similiarity with tht.. i dont know if tht is good or not but yes tht is how i am and i function.
one thing tht really stood out to me is tht the way things turn out for phil, it might just be me but i kinda have this inkling in me that i might just tread in his footsteps.. how he lost jenny and adam and ends up alone.. heck sometimes i feel that i might just already be on tht journey... i dont hope or wish for it to happen but i cant stop thinking and feeling it is happening... the bond tht i onced had with certain people is slowly growing thinner, the sincerity slowly fading, the trust nearing an end. it is sad to see this or even saying it but hey at least i am facing it.. maybe all of us are growing in different directions, maybe we finally realized tht we dont actually need these people to exist and tht with the new life tht we are leading now we will do just fine without them. but wouldnt tht mean tht wht we have done before is called using them... wouldnt tht make us worst than being shallow.i dont know and i dont know if one day i would be able to face it when i actually find the answer to this riddle.. the hopeless romantic in me is praying hard that it would not come true... but indeed if it is nearing the end.. i would have to say i have no regrets and i enjoyed every moment of it and if soo it goes on i pray that i get to spend another 1000 years to go thru what i have gone thru..... cheersssssss my friendssssssssss........................God bless...

Monday, September 11, 2006

i missing it already

hahahaha.. last nite after the end of the show and when the tech fellas were taking the whole set down. i somewhat had this sad feeling in me.. where i feel a doubt in me that could i actually survive the next 1 year or so without the lights shinning down on me.. the countless rehersals.. something that i am used to just ended yesterday.. no ended is not the right term to use as i am not ending anything yet what i am doing is just to put it on hold.. could i take that hold for the time being or would i break down.. last nite was a confirmation for me that the stage is my playground.. but then the reality of life itself would not permit me to linger to long on the see saw and is a harsh reality but then it is a reality that i would have to live with. but one thing that came out of the whole show is that sooths my heart is that i can be sure that the stage is left in good hands and i hope with the combination that we have now my playground will one day flourish and that more children like me would be able to play there at the same in peace. insyallah.......

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

it is really cold

yes.. im on my blog again.. i dont know y actually as i kinda have other things to do but i just cant think.. maybe its because that its too cold and that my brains have just frozen over. yeah.. that is valid.. humm an hour more till going home time.. im fasting today.. odd aint it i mean like within 2 weeks more all of us are going to start fasting for a whole month soo why put myself into the pain of fasting. but to be honest and no i am not bragging but i dont feel the pain at all. i guess its like the whole mind over matters affair. yeah thats about rite.. and maybe at the same time its the whole "niat" or "intentions"... and of course at the same time my claims have not come out yet. yeah... this is the trouble in working in a big coperation where there is like so many signatures needs to get and so many departments for it to go thru 1st and finally there would be a certain day that they would release the claim.. itu pun bukan the old company that i worked with you knew who and what is needed and you go straight to the finance part and squeeze them for it or else you tell them that they would have to buy you lunch as you dont have money to spend for lunch and since all of them are frens with you and they would definitely wont want to pay for your lunch they would definitely speed the process if they could do so. but then here hey hard cheese.... just called ma and she told me the menu for dinner tonite.. now im starting to think of the meal that i shall be having later.. sardine..vege..omelete and rice..yummmm some of you might just be rolling your eyes hearing the menu that i would be enjoying later as hey its normal simple food.. and yes i love the normal simple food.. and the feeling when you have the simple food.. wow.. its kinda mind blowing at the same time its like this feel good, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. it feels like feels like "love". .. i mean day in day out you can get to feast on better more complicated dishes but then these dishes would no longer be special in a way.. the other thing is that everytime i am away for a long time from my ma.. i crave for these dishes like sardine, ikan bilis goreng kicap, daging goreng petai etc. the more simple dishes that i feel only mothers do them well.. and when mak long or andak cooks these dishes i kinda miss my mother more.. what am i yakking about... maybe what i am trying to say is that sometimes we kinda dont look at the smaller things in life the simpler things in life.. things that we usually take for granted. we only look at the whole picture on a macro scale and not on a micro scale as sometimes we tend to forget the small gestures or things that might just make life easier or more pleasant to go thru.. like helping a fren, the unexpected phone call or text.. the touch.. the smile.. the laughter... those moments can never be bought or trade. those moments shared between frens and gives you the same warm, fuzzy feeling.

Friday, September 01, 2006

i need a coffee and fag now

it is 11am in the morning of the friday after merdeka day celebrations.. and i am sitting in my semi opened cubicle on the 3rd floor of a television broadcasting company.. starering into the oblivion of my pc while freezing my fingers as the air-conditioning for this place is of the atlantic.
and i am doing nothing hummmm hold on that does not seem rite i am suppose to be busy but there is nothing much to do today infact i think i could count how many personnels are here today on just one hand..yes i can actually count, eventhou i am malay...
i am now falling asleep i need a coffee and fag.. yes i have not stop smoking completely.. i want to but its just that currently its a bit hard to do when you are under such stress.. hummm that does not sound rite too actually. you might be saying that how could you have stress when you are staring into the oblivion of your pc.. but then its not always like this its like one of the few days that i actually dont have anything to do.. y?
i cant wait for it to clock 6pm today so that i could just bugger off to rehersals.. but that is like half a day more to go.. you know what io think i shall just take a long lunch today for the sake of taking lunch not that i am hungry or anything it is just that i know i would go insane soon if i stay in here longger today.. but heck with me being bored i get to update my blog..yeah i can actually write eventhou it is not award winning writing or even in the correct manner and grammar..nhahahahaha but heck yeah... at least i update my blog.. ohh ya my phone has been stolen soo currently i am as good as tom hanks and his volley ball fren on the desserted small island cant contact anyone or cant even be contactable by loved ones and family members(what am i crapping bout)so yeah do email my your phone numbers and i shall contact you with my latest number as i dont really memorize the number that i am using currently. yeah me and numbers dont actually go together ....
yyyyyy..... didnt i just take an MC or even EL for today and just sleep in and like laze at home like i did yesterday.. called beavis for lunch and the dingbat declined dont want to fren him...
alriteios i shall now sneak out of the office and go for a fag before my boss calls upon me and give me work.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i am sleepy

hey hey.. i am back from jb.. after performing habeas corpus in jb for the jbrians and it was a very interesting experience and journey that shall i say would not be easily forgoten as it bounded ties and broken relations. but all wells that ends well. i cant really put my words to paper yet but i surely would soon as neing too deep now might just evoke other emotins currently.... so please just be a bit patient and i shall get my brains working soon

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Yeah, finally an afternoon to myself and I have an hour to burn and try to come up with the rite words to actually describe how have I been feeling lately specially for the past weekend. Ok where do we start? Hummmmm… (I think it’s my favorite phrase currently).
Well, I guess it all started with me resigning from a group of people that I have tremendous respect and love towards who I have been with for the past 3 years in pursuing our love for a craft that we like to call art. It was a really hard decision to make but then I somewhat knew that the shots had to be called and at the end of the day delaying it would not do anyone any good specially me. sometimes even how it sucks, we somewhat or the other have to make some really selfish decisions and sacrifices in order to be able to survive this harsh world and when we come to that cross road certain priorities have to be taken account. Which goes first and which is least important (that does not sound rite but yeah it’s like which one comes at a higher priority compared to the other) and then the decision would come while you bite your lips and know that it sucks. But hell life still goes on. It does not mean that i'm giving up my craft all together it just means that one day we shall meet again.
I guess you guys have read about the episode that I got a job with this company that I shall leave anonymous. Well what happened was that a day prior to me starting work, I was in ulu klang helping my aunt out as she had to move out from the slums(its one of the mysteries of the world the old lady has a fine brick house in shah alam and she still insist in staying in the slums. Go figure) well anyways the government wanted to take back the land so then she had to evacuate. As I was helping her out I received a phone call from a TV station (I shall leave it anonymous too) and this chap conducted a phone interview session with me after so that he wanted to see me for further discussion and I had to explain my current condition (to be honest I was not looking forward for the initial job) and he said to me to come and see him that instant. Now imagine this I was helping my aunt out carrying stuff so just picture the scene I was in my torn jeans, t-shirt and of course hair that would have made Ronald McDonald proud. So then I had to explain how I had to go home and change and all he said was that grab a jacket and be there. So here I was frantic and trying to find a good solution to solve the matter so that it would be a both win-win situation. So then alhamdullilah. farin was back from kuching and he could meet up with me in OU to pass me a jacket. So I apologized to my aunt grab a cab and headed to OU to get my hair done within 15 min and by 5pm I was in his office for the interview and after say 3 hours of interview with him and the CEO. I was let to go home. So the next day while I was on the way to my 1st day of work which was at 7am I text my soon to be boss to find out what was my fate as I appreciated if I had a chance then I would definitely gave up the 1st job and the answer I received was a counter offer from them and I said yes so now I am bound on my journey with the TV channel as cooperate communications officer. I know that he is up there listening.
So with all these going on I managed to have a few really meaningful conversations and discussions and an experimental show (kudos to 5arts) that challenged my intellect and got me thinking about a lot of stuff. In fact there was this incident that actually happened yesterday that was actually an opera moment where I had a simple discussion with a dear friend (god bless her soul) which was miss interpreted that she felt I was being depressed and so the concerned raised but as I explained to her that I was just thinking and viewing it not from the popes balcony she then (I hope) was rest assured that I was ok. But in a way it was a reassurance that there is still something called sincerity in this world. And so it is easier to sleep at night knowing that there is still glimpse of hope out there.
What I am trying to say is that if you pray hard enough and believe in HIM how he believes in you and put the effort needed then by all means HE shall listen and HE shall grant it as HE is the most merciful, gracious and forgiving. When you feel that HE had fail you trust in HIM as he has not. HE is there seeing and testing if you are strong enough and if you forsaken HIM. As HE shall never forsaken you. I am not worthy of HIM but he has never let me drown. Insyaallah I am still grasping and looking for the way to HIS path.
It is a new beginning and a new chapter in my life. Sometimes scary and sometimes exciting. I don’t know if saying that I am looking forward towards it would be a jinx but at the end of it all I know it would be different and there would always be its ups and downs whether I am ready or not it would in a way or the other hit me. would I then run from it or would I take it in my stride, it is a question that I shall not answer now and leave open as sometimes putting your word on a certain issue is not as easy as it seems as for definite you would be open to attacks from all sides but heck let them come and I shall face them as graceful as HE allows me.

Monday, August 07, 2006


i cant really think of how i would want to update my blog this time around.. soo much things have been happening to me for the past week and yet this time around putting it to words seems just too hard to do..... i shall wait till all out and find that moment where i would then start to compose and share.. but for now i am at peace.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


yesterday i went and send my cousin to the airport. from yesterday till the next three years he shall be posted in kuching, sarawak. well some say with him being a pilot and all its not a problem as he could always commute. but the problem with being born in this family is that all of us are soo close to each other and that we are always there for one and the other but then now its a different story altogether as he is in the foreign land alone.. some might just say that hey whats the big cry for its not a big deal but lets just say that its hard and even logic wont be able to answer this question as its not answerable.....anyways before he left he told me that its a new chapter and a new beginning for him there and soo i wish him all the best.. and at the same time yesterday i was called back for a 2nd interview and i nailed a job with alhamdullilah a good starting pay( i know hes there listening) and at the same time it might just alter my course in life. besides the new job an incident happend last week that will in a way change my course i will be leaving a group of people that i respect and loved. who understands my passion and my worries when it comes to my art. something that i know i would miss having. but then it does not mean that i shall leave my art.i shall still strive and struggle to find outlets of release and insyaallah i shall be able to do it. i see it as karma, i see it as fate, i see that Allah has his ways and has his intentions and plans and if i be steadfast enough then he shall guide me to the right path. but for now i shall ride the wave and see where it takes me. Cheers to "a new chapter in life!!"

Monday, July 24, 2006


hey hey people check this out!!!! its still as virgin as can be.. its a 7 step waterfall in kl.

and now you can enjoy it for only RM100 per pax..

what you waiting for...

Sunday, July 23, 2006


life is frozen currently... nothing organic about it. unexpected growth and advancements are happening without planning and actual process. what scares me is that now i am riding the wave like its meant to be normal. now i dont even know what is normal and what is not. but heck i'll just go with it and experience. with gods blessing i shall survive.

Friday, June 23, 2006


ohh man its been like three months now that im out of job yup 3 months... the longest i guess i felt this way.. i feel soo useless and bored.
i really cant understand how some people are able to do such wonders such as stay home and waste the effort and the knowledge that they strive for in school and uni( im starting to sound too preppy) but its true.. god help them.. if i was to do my PHD( forbid) i think it would be a reaaly good topic to research on infact i know a speciment that they could work on hummmmm.. im like sending tons and tons of resume out and its like you know one of those dire fishing games that the fish just aint bitting ( oh my god i forgot im suppose to be studying bout beckett soo that by next week when i attend the workshop i know the shit that the instructor is taking about.) hummm... fantastic life that i have.. jesus( i know im not suppose to use his name in vain) im really starting to drain out i need to perk myself up again.. HELP!!!!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

for you shall be missed

Today at 8pm, The Ensemble Theater of Kuala Lumpur has sadly lost a beloved brother, member and friend.
we hope that you shall be able to find peace and fulfilment in the theater world outside.
A moment of silence.

Monday, May 22, 2006


yet another sad and lifeless phase in my life..
yeah i am now officially a year older than last..hahahahaha
yup.. i mean i dont know am i suppose to feel special at the strike of 12.( as if the same stuff that happens to cinderella with the fairy dust..for crying out loud i watch too much disney)
but yeah its kinda different.. someone wise told me that life is simple if you choose to make it simple but its really screwed up if your just fucked... wise words indeed..
well i celebrated my birthday this year with people that i love.. i guess when you do get old it matters.. i spent that day as slow as possible out to lunch then to dinner with people that i care and care about me..then the following saturday we had a unique little intimate dinner between my frens and i at Rahsia which afterwards we adjourned to K-oke(god cherrish and bless their souls).. it sounds damn lame rite but hey i enjoyed it. i mean there used to be a time where it would have to be posh dinning(still is) and endless hours of partying till the early morn..which will end up with me waking up the next noon without knowing how did i get myself to where i was at the moment of recovery(lets not put specific details here). but now thats no longer the case.. infact to date iv not received any gifts actually and it does not really matter.. humm odd.. i would have jumped out of my skin by now.. but not this year.. but i did receive a really good present thou from the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY. ive been accepted into their 8 week acting course which will take place early september till november. if i go i shall be spending autumn in manhattan(according to someone that i know its the best time to be in new york as its the most beautiful time) man getting to feel arts and being artistic at the same time in a city full of different flavours, colors, life. would just be heavenly.. the shopping and of course broadway wowwww its just mind blowing.. but then now it all boils down to if i would be able to secure the goverments grant. if my dear malaysia would pay for my 2 months course there ahhhh then that would be icing on my cake for this year as i have not travelled out side of malaysia this year yet.. i need the different air out there to make me miss my mother earth malaysia tanah tumpah darah ku(ahhahahahaha) but if i go it would also means sacraficing raya but heck i'll make up for it next year.. hahhhhh i'm praying and keping my fingers crossed.. i hope the big guy up there hears me and am on my side ameen.. gd nite blog.. i'll write again when i get back from penang.

Friday, May 12, 2006


anyone interested in employing an ex-make-up artist @ struggling actor-ex school teacher-emcee....
if there are such kind souls out there jujst leave me a note ya and i shall get back to you soon..... hahahhahahahaha i sound that desprate dont i.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

its been long

hello.. web page... how have you been ?
me , well my legs hurts for one...
im out of job..
waiting for replies for some jobs that i tried to apply..
feeling abit useless..
am out of cash
whats new?

Monday, April 24, 2006


today is a rest day.
yup.. i have another 4 shows to perform.. its really hectic....
now i am unemployed.. aka bumming.....
life is sweet.... as i can call myself fulltime actor again.... ahhhhh
but then....
its not going to be long till i start to find a job again sniffty sniffty sniffty like dogs in a bazaar

Thursday, March 30, 2006


A jaded doctor who does anything but relieve problems. A deprived wife.
Their son with "sometimes 3 days, sometimes 3 hours" to live.
A sisterin-law blessed with the contours of a billiard table.
A dedicated salesmanfrom a breast-enlargement company.
A love-sick clergyman.
A drama queen on a bitter-pill overdose and her nubile daughter with a talent for whettingthe appetite of many a man.
A vertically-challenged big shot of the medicalassociation.
A patient with suicide on his mind 24-7.
And a maid with toomuch time and too little to do.
Put them all in a blender and what do you get? A comedy of blips andblunders, twists and turns, carnal chaos and moral mayhem. Watch thesedysfunctional characters play the game of life. And experience a dominoeffect that will get you high on humour. in short, it's a sitcom set inthe 60s (yes, got flower power and some rolling stones' tunes).
Show DetailsVenue:
The Actors Studio,
Level 3, West Wing,
Bangsar Shopping Centre, KL
Date: April 20th – 28th (No show on Monday)
8.30pm; Sunday 3pm and 8.30pm
Price: RM50 and RM40; RM20 (Students)
Box Office: 03-2094 0400 / 03-2094 1400

Saturday, March 25, 2006

a week full of drama

wow.. its been a real hectic week.. its been a week full of test and wedding bells. its been a roller coaster trip of ups and downs mostly up than downs(at least somebody up there loves me.) oh ya before we start or should i say i start pouring my weeks worth of mental notes on screen i am now a legal driver on the road yes i passed that big trial in life that everyone of us have to go thru some at an early age and some well lets just say i could have waited for dusk... hahahahaha...
ok i started the week finding out that i actually care for my students as when the axe came hitting on my head my heart was the one that bleed.. sometimes i ponder why is our malay society and our fellow muslims can at time be soo fickled and well im trying very hard not to use the H word. should i say confiuse at this time and at this current moment i want to improve myself and by all means learn but now at this current moment when i woke up from bed then its a total opposite of what i actually want.. i feel soo betrayed by my own race and kind i shall not say religion as its not islams fault. whats soo wrong in hanging in starbucks and having a coffee late at nite with people who saw you thru your ups and downs your strongest and weakest points.. as a teacher am i suppose to stay home and knit my society a quilt? and finally being told to leave when they felt threatend by my existence y? i sacrificed a career and a lifestyle to help my society but what have they done to me.... pls acknowledge that i asked what have they done to me rather than for me as i dont want that from them.. hey you big guy yeah you up there what is it actually that you want from me?
then of course my best friend .. the person that i care alot for is finally getting married to this guy that she got to know at a close distance three months ago.. and the wedding would be in august.. i know i should be soo happy for her and rejoice while this is happening but i cant stand but to feel sad at the idea of loosing her to someone else .... i just hope that he would take good care of her.. i mean she will be there but she now belongs to someone else .. i cant run and bitch to her anymore and this i have to comply to..
wedding bells are in the air.
roses blooming full and flare,
all these signs of a good wedding day,
frankly speaking its making me grey.
ohhhhh ya i caught M! the opera!!!! well i kinda liked the story and the song .. there is no time... there is no time.... there is no time... but frankly speakinng only 3 scenes touched me and none of them was becoz of the main character M... he lacks stage pesona... but to george chan, azean, and nicole and thomas kudos to you lot... the pesona is just woooowwwwwww... but for you guys out there hey go and support this local production its worth spending the money ..
well i am going to sign off now my dear frens. sorry to bore you with my boring life....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Y oh Y?

today after driving for 5 years, i finally sat for my "P" (for the benifit of those who are noyt customed with the term it is what the goverment put you thru for two years before granting you a full plegde license so you would be driving around with this Scarlet letter only this time its not the letter "A" but "P")
after a waiting game of say 3 hours i was finally summoned into one of those little pride of the nation kancil. besides me as usual sat this creature of god in his blue coloured uniforme( i swear to god i have seen that uniform in a cheap pornflick some where) anyhow we started driving down the road and i was doing every single things that my frens reminded me to do as in have to fake trhat your stupid and abide to all the nitty gritty of the whole game. but then i screwd up when i didnt stop at a turning that didnt had any car and i failed my on the road test.... how could that have happend why was i soo stupid i mean i knew it somehow that i was gonna flunk and i did arghhhhhhh the agony is just unbareble why why why i still cant stop asking myself.. poor soul of mine have to go thru the same exercise again next wednesday imagine if i flunk again wouldnt that be a whole story by itself.. geez i should just send this experience to ang lee all he needs to do is throw in some gay characters and my god we have an oscar winning play on our hands.. but nether the last i stood out among those who failed as i was the only one that flunk my on the road test and passed my parking while the others failed their parking and passed their on the road test well you would have to agree with me as a guy we stand an advantage parking and shifting our gear sticks when we need to so the practice is there and as the saying goes practice made perfect.. till i slab on more of my sad life on the net good bye for now.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

emma thomson she tha babe!!!!

go emma... hahaha just came back from watching this show called Nanny Mcphee staring emma thomson and colin flirth i hope i spelled his name correctly. anyways i know its not oscar material but the acting was good and beliveable it was truth to its core colin and miss thomson was just supperb eventhou the script was bit loose here and there but i guess its emma's first hand on script writing and thus she is forgivable the lines were truly utterly british(the queen mother would be soo proud) that i sense some of the lines just shot across our audience but they are not to blame.. as i commented they played the truth till the ends degree it was just delightful to see. i recomened it to all but if you are expecting bits of slapstickness and if you have totally lost the child in you then beware this movie is not ment for you...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

amaring race

hey hey guess everybody now knows that amazing race is current lookin 4 asian people to participate in the competition yes yes they want to make seem that yes the americans are not racist and that they belive that evrybody deserves an equal chance of competing in the race..but since its an asian addition the prize money is not of the actual 1 million value but 10 per cent of it only. yes we are not worthy beings. its kinda interesting that now with it being at our doorsteps it take this certain courage from all of us to admit to the fact that are we brave enought to subcome to such a challenge (recalling my aunt saying that all these people on these reality tv thing is just out there to make malu of themselves and their family respectively. hahahaha.) but i guess we kinda can look at it in a different perspective. i mean it might be a good platform for people to build their sel worth and confidence..(what a lot of bull) but that its true. i mean look at it both gay guys admitting to the world on how they feel that by being gay it makes them strong and confident to win .. yeah rite they lost to a 60 year old couple huh.. take that elton john.. anyways whatever it is i guess in order to find the truth of this whole propaganda one shall have to experience it one selve thus for the sake of humankind i with unreserve heart sacrifice myself and would snd in my applications befor the 15th march 2006. may god be with me and may the answer prevail... hahahahaha

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


hahhaha recently i received a call from this girl called liza who claimed that she met me in genting two years ago and i sort of lend her some money for her to come down(from that cheap immitation of vegas)but being the gambler that she is she went in and gambled some more and to her supprise and mine too as much of what i would be typing would only happen to other people rather than those that we know off. she won it big im saying big time. and according to her she has made a vow that she would then look for me (the person who lend her the dou and return 100k to me. ironiclly i have never met anybody in genting with the name of liza secondly i dont think i am that kind hearted to actually give money to people that i have never meet and knowing that the reason why she needed the money is to redeem her transportation money for she has gambled them all away . i would have just said im sorry and i didnt have much money to spare as that would teach the person not to gamble and make this world a better place yeah right easy for me to say recalling the slot machine incident in n.z that costed me my airport tax but becoz god loved me i redeemed myself and won big with my last 20 cents. anyways she insist that it was me and that we should meet up me on the other hand seeing past6 the idea that she might be some serial killer on the prowl for her next victim agreeed to meet up after school for a cup of civilized tea some where where there is constantly a crowd and thus tons of witnesess if thy shall something happened to me. but then as the plot thickens the moment she arrived i was not the person she was looking for hahahaha


hahhaha recently i received a call from this girl called liza who claimed that she met me in genting two years ago and i sort of lend her some money for her to come down(from that cheap immitation of vegas)but being the gambler that she is she went in and gambled some more and to her supprise and mine too as much of what i would be typing would only happen to other people rather than those that we know off. she won it big im saying big time. and according to her she has made a vow that she would then look for me (the person who lend her the dou and return 100k to me. ironiclly i have never met anybody in genting with the name of liza secondly i dont think i am that kind hearted to actually give money to people that i have never meet and knowing that the reason why she needed the money is to redeem her transportation money for she has gambled them all away . i would have just said im sorry and i didnt have much money to spare as that would teach the person not to gamble and make this world a better place yeah right easy for me to say recalling the slot machine incident in n.z that costed me my airport tax but becoz god loved me i redeemed myself and won big with my last 20 cents. anyways she insist that it was me and that we should meet up me on the other hand seeing past6 the idea that she might be some serial killer on the prowl for her next victim agreeed to meet up after school for a cup of civilized tea some where where there is constantly a crowd and thus tons of witnesess if thy shall something happened to me. but then as the plot thickens the moment she arrived i was not the person she was looking for hahahaha

Friday, February 24, 2006


i hate it when this happens .. here you are spilling your life on the page and you farking p.c decides to hang for a second or ytwo and when its ok again the whole page plus all that you have typed out have all been sucked into oblivion. wow aint that dandy!!! y.. jezz maybe its a sign .. maybe its just bad karma(i should stop listening to miss keys) arghhhhh i hate when that happens. find then i shall save my sad boring details from my sad for an excuse for a life some other time then huh... im sad(i think i can hear some stupid cheezy background elevator music playing in my mind coz i am sure aint in an elevator now.)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Come and watch my show!!

Habeas Corpus by alan bennet


This comedy features a jaded doctor who does anything but relieve problems. A deprived wife. Their son with “sometimes 3 months, sometimes 3 days” to live. A sister-in-law blessed with the contours of a billiard table. A dedicated salesman from a breast-enlargement company. A love-sick clergyman. A drama queen on a bitter-pill overdose and her nubile daughter with a talent for whetting the appetite of many a man. A vertically-challenged big shot of the Medical association. A patient with suicide on his mind 24-7. And a maid with too much time and too little to do.

Put them all in a blender and what do you get? A comedy of blips and blunders, twists and turns, carnal chaos and moral mayhem. Watch these dysfunctional characters play the game of life and experience the domino effect that will get you high on humour.

Show Details:
Venue: The Actors Studio, Level 3 West Wing, Bangsar Shopping Complex.
Date: April 20th – 28th (No show on Monday)
Time: 8.30pm; Sunday 3pm and 8.30pm
Price: RM50 and RM40
Box Office: 03-2094 0400 / 03-2094 1400

dont know y?

i really dont know y i even bother to create this blog thing. since i was a kid i never ever kept like a journal of my own life before. but i guess i have to start some where. yelar after speaking to my fren just now i realized that i am actually buta IT. so im gonna give this a try out. humm what should i actually write as for todays issue gee ....its kinda odd finding yourself soo calm and stress free that you some what or the other start to think if it is normal to be as stress free as this. this is the problem with me .. jezz somebody just slap the black out tha me(i'm not making any racist remarks) i never really am thankfull for the things that i get. wait thankfull is not the word .. i am thankfull but im not sure if im gratefull for it yes i sound like a greedy sod(thanks shel for the little greed bible for christmas) i like what im doing now which is to cultivate and educate the future of our nation and makesure that with these future leaders human kind shall have a chance in redeeming the mistakes made by the two original idiots(adam and eve=hey if they werent that greedy for an apple that might just have costed 0.80 cents in giant we would not be in this mess that we're in now. just imagine our existance was determine by an apple) as to put it short im a kindi teacher... sad but thats reality.. rather than climmbing the coperate ladder and making some chinese fellow by the name of tan i starting to sound sour.. i hope not.. yeah i mean i am kinda falling in love with this new life of soul enriching, good deeds galore , clean from bribery life but the fact is that theres no stress and is that normal? thats it.. thats my question is it normal by any standards? i dont think even khayam can answer that.