Wednesday, March 01, 2006


hahhaha recently i received a call from this girl called liza who claimed that she met me in genting two years ago and i sort of lend her some money for her to come down(from that cheap immitation of vegas)but being the gambler that she is she went in and gambled some more and to her supprise and mine too as much of what i would be typing would only happen to other people rather than those that we know off. she won it big im saying big time. and according to her she has made a vow that she would then look for me (the person who lend her the dou and return 100k to me. ironiclly i have never met anybody in genting with the name of liza secondly i dont think i am that kind hearted to actually give money to people that i have never meet and knowing that the reason why she needed the money is to redeem her transportation money for she has gambled them all away . i would have just said im sorry and i didnt have much money to spare as that would teach the person not to gamble and make this world a better place yeah right easy for me to say recalling the slot machine incident in n.z that costed me my airport tax but becoz god loved me i redeemed myself and won big with my last 20 cents. anyways she insist that it was me and that we should meet up me on the other hand seeing past6 the idea that she might be some serial killer on the prowl for her next victim agreeed to meet up after school for a cup of civilized tea some where where there is constantly a crowd and thus tons of witnesess if thy shall something happened to me. but then as the plot thickens the moment she arrived i was not the person she was looking for hahahaha

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