Monday, October 09, 2006

thanks to techno

ohhh man i nearly dove off just now at 4pm... thank god my dear fren bud turned on some really good tech stuff man.. real UK shit... at least that kept my eye opened. i hate it when i have to show face for the sake of showing face... theres this stupid PC that i have to attend to actually now that the only thing that i contributed to was the CEO's speech.. i am proud of myself i wrote a whole malay speech by myself hurray!! yahoo!!! and now i have to be down there and attend this press conference that there is no press attending. aint it ironic.. hahahahahaha.. ok going off now to the stupid event.. then later going home rite after.

1 comment:

Farah said...

Eeee. I didn't know you liked techno. But yeay for writing the speech yourself!