Saturday, March 25, 2006

a week full of drama

wow.. its been a real hectic week.. its been a week full of test and wedding bells. its been a roller coaster trip of ups and downs mostly up than downs(at least somebody up there loves me.) oh ya before we start or should i say i start pouring my weeks worth of mental notes on screen i am now a legal driver on the road yes i passed that big trial in life that everyone of us have to go thru some at an early age and some well lets just say i could have waited for dusk... hahahahaha...
ok i started the week finding out that i actually care for my students as when the axe came hitting on my head my heart was the one that bleed.. sometimes i ponder why is our malay society and our fellow muslims can at time be soo fickled and well im trying very hard not to use the H word. should i say confiuse at this time and at this current moment i want to improve myself and by all means learn but now at this current moment when i woke up from bed then its a total opposite of what i actually want.. i feel soo betrayed by my own race and kind i shall not say religion as its not islams fault. whats soo wrong in hanging in starbucks and having a coffee late at nite with people who saw you thru your ups and downs your strongest and weakest points.. as a teacher am i suppose to stay home and knit my society a quilt? and finally being told to leave when they felt threatend by my existence y? i sacrificed a career and a lifestyle to help my society but what have they done to me.... pls acknowledge that i asked what have they done to me rather than for me as i dont want that from them.. hey you big guy yeah you up there what is it actually that you want from me?
then of course my best friend .. the person that i care alot for is finally getting married to this guy that she got to know at a close distance three months ago.. and the wedding would be in august.. i know i should be soo happy for her and rejoice while this is happening but i cant stand but to feel sad at the idea of loosing her to someone else .... i just hope that he would take good care of her.. i mean she will be there but she now belongs to someone else .. i cant run and bitch to her anymore and this i have to comply to..
wedding bells are in the air.
roses blooming full and flare,
all these signs of a good wedding day,
frankly speaking its making me grey.
ohhhhh ya i caught M! the opera!!!! well i kinda liked the story and the song .. there is no time... there is no time.... there is no time... but frankly speakinng only 3 scenes touched me and none of them was becoz of the main character M... he lacks stage pesona... but to george chan, azean, and nicole and thomas kudos to you lot... the pesona is just woooowwwwwww... but for you guys out there hey go and support this local production its worth spending the money ..
well i am going to sign off now my dear frens. sorry to bore you with my boring life....

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