Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Balikpapan frm Sabah bah

All rite time to recollect my emotional vomit now. Hehehe. It's been a hectic 3 days since I last blogged. Sitting here recalling a whole banter of events might just come across sounding like a non whimsical recollection of unconventional sardines packed into a can of lavender flavored brine. Grossed out.  Many things happened during this 3 days. Career changes and thoughts, self recollection of where am I, who am I, why am I here n where I want to belong. I give u an example. I am sitting in 10C which is an isle seat. I was suppose to be seated in 10D. Then after boarding a lady took my seat and as she was seated next to her husband and she asked nicely I changed seats with her. Her initial seat is a middle seat 10B but then as I didn't want to be squashed by 2 gentlemen I asked nicely if he guy in 10C would kindly give me his seat. Ideally I would love to be in business class (sidetrack just now I spotted a renown Malay TV host in business class seated there grinning away. Deep down I said to myself wow, your camera crew is in economy and you travel business is hat ethical? the next thought was well one day I would want to work my way up to join you there. But as it was to happen, our friend was ushered int economy right before the flight took off and he marched down the isle with e most sour face he could put on uttering to the steward right behind him "it's ok! " as if the steward owed him an explanation. Ooh pls. Do not mistaken, I won't name names but the person that I am mentioning is not paknil. Paknil has way more class. ) back to my theory. 10C is where I am seated now. Business or row 14 is where ideally I would want to be seated. So one way or the other all that kinda things were running thru my head while I was hosting the long 3 days event. Pls don't think that All i think of am work is about airplane seats hehehe.  Well, I'm coming home to a couple of awesome projects at the same time. So thats a lot to digest as it is. But for sure I am so so excited about Cambodia this weekend. It's a good kick start towards my awesome journey to Step Forward season 8. Angkor here I come. I can smell the trolley right upfront now. Hungry wei. Gonna be adventurous gonna order fish this time rather than chicken. It looks like an awesome hot hot day outside with pretty blue clouds. Hope to my day and week stays as clear and as awesome as the clouds outside the plane.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Naik belon yo

Feeling odd as I'm typing this I'm actually on board a flight to Kk for a show. Yes. We just took off  half an hour ago and yes usually I would be asleep by now but I am hungry. I have yet to eat anything since last nite. Infact I have yet to even have my vitamins. Well for the pass how many hours that has passed today its been a roller coaster ride, I was at the hospital with mama this morning well I slept on that hard chair the whole nite thru really. Leaving my mama at the hospital after her eye operation I got news just a while before leaving that she is good tO go home. Yeay! Music To my ears. But then that kinda catapulted everything into another mess as I had to proceed with all the necessary check out procedures. Leaving me no time thus I am on this flight with a change of clothes and only brushed teeth. In another sentence I have yet to shower. I hope people in Kk would love me still.  If you guys would have realized eh eh eh why the sudden many odd entries into this blog space which has been barren for the past many months. It's because I have found a way of writing really. I realized I am only best when I am spontaneous in hosting I mean. So why not try in terms of writing. Hopefully I don't give anyone a headache. Plus another awesome fact being my awesome kor kor bought me an iPad 3 thus writing everywhere i could is possible. I love the screen n definitely the key pad. Aite will post this up once I touch down. Talk to you guys soon.
I am seated on a very hard chair.one of those that you would properbly see at the bilik guru when we were in our younger days. Well I know mine was like this. Trying really hard to fall asleep. Wht am I talking about my eyes are already half close just that my ass is telling my brain that its starting to loose all sense of feel. Back to where I am. It's really difficult to stay focus with this stand fan blowing at me specially right smack straight into my face. Keep telling myself move u idiot, but truthfully I wish I could. But the plug point for my iPad is not near enough. Back to where I am. I am now typing on my new iPad 3 that alan got for me for my birthday. Baki zainal back to the topic I am now in HKL baby seating my cute little mother. Oh man my eyes are heavy. Ok I promise I'll update tomorrow nite youlls