Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Y oh Y?

today after driving for 5 years, i finally sat for my "P" (for the benifit of those who are noyt customed with the term it is what the goverment put you thru for two years before granting you a full plegde license so you would be driving around with this Scarlet letter only this time its not the letter "A" but "P")
after a waiting game of say 3 hours i was finally summoned into one of those little pride of the nation kancil. besides me as usual sat this creature of god in his blue coloured uniforme( i swear to god i have seen that uniform in a cheap pornflick some where) anyhow we started driving down the road and i was doing every single things that my frens reminded me to do as in have to fake trhat your stupid and abide to all the nitty gritty of the whole game. but then i screwd up when i didnt stop at a turning that didnt had any car and i failed my on the road test.... how could that have happend why was i soo stupid i mean i knew it somehow that i was gonna flunk and i did arghhhhhhh the agony is just unbareble why why why i still cant stop asking myself.. poor soul of mine have to go thru the same exercise again next wednesday imagine if i flunk again wouldnt that be a whole story by itself.. geez i should just send this experience to ang lee all he needs to do is throw in some gay characters and my god we have an oscar winning play on our hands.. but nether the last i stood out among those who failed as i was the only one that flunk my on the road test and passed my parking while the others failed their parking and passed their on the road test well you would have to agree with me as a guy we stand an advantage parking and shifting our gear sticks when we need to so the practice is there and as the saying goes practice made perfect.. till i slab on more of my sad life on the net good bye for now.

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