Monday, March 31, 2008

buku buku...

buku buku
lou and me selling books.. we sold 3 hurray!!
ray performing at OMG

I am so tired.. today I had the DiGi RAP event and saw 10 primary schools belt it out on stage to became the next best show after PGL (wow fuyohhh) they had so much fun you could tell from the amount of effort and props and the lot that they put in to battle it out not just among schools but among themselves..
Right after the show apa lagi hah nak bikin cerita aku pun apa lagi telah ke seksyen 16 for OMG.. and it was really a weird night with much info taken to account I helped sell books to raise money for the gang to go to London and of course how can baki Zainal not buy books specially when he is the one selling hahahahaha aku sekali borong 4 buku.. tak hingat punya but its all good hey its for charity bro… oklar I am tired nak tidor selamat malam semua.. oh ya I am now officially single again.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

the upside down frog (THE LABUNDAS)

the Labundas (Evelyn and Theo)
The Proud Mama and me
jie, eve and me
the upside down frog moment
ajie yumm yummm cup cakes

It was a very lad back evening tonite, jie, sue and me went out with the Labundas for dinner to kinda celebrate evelyn’s belated birthday and also the confirmation of her 4 month old pregnancy(yelar berape banyak lar kawan kawan ku yang sudah berbadan dua) hahahahaha.. its been really long since we last met. And now got to know that they are moving back to K.K end of april( yeah yeah more reasons to go to K.K selain kerja dan bercuti.. sebenarnya saje jer cari reason nie)
We had dinner in Marche and then adjourned to The apartment for drinks yelar.. wahh jie disana dengan rakusnya menelan 2 cup cakes yang begitu enak.. yum yum.. and there was also where we came out with the upside down frog.. hahahaha.. sorry Theo. But alls good..
It was interesting how when we driving back and in the car we some what mentioned about how we have came a long way and jie reciting how people tend to drift apart specially selepas berkahwin.. I think that what makes it special( sudah lar mentang mentang ko belum kahwin kan) in what ever situation and under taking I pray really hard that I never shall drift apart and be far from the people that I love and cherish and vice versa towards me.. never shall I need to walk on eggshells and be afraid of being someone else and being scared that nobody would be able to accept me for who I am (the overwhelming, loud big life that I lead)
Before I get all philosophical about things and go on and on I better stop ahahahaha.. anyways wishing the Labundas all the best and love to all, im baki zainal signing off.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


this is not perhentian but its sapi.. i know i know.... but i needed pictures before i reach there..

Okays okays jeng jeng jeng nampaknya sudah keconfirman I am heading to perhentian.. looks like it too..yeah heaven!!!!

bye bye 3cm.. i'll miss you

jam lar jam !!!!
the leather belt that is called dinner
hah!! nie kene mandi bawah jambatan ngn kambing jantan nie!!
the 3cm gang (kyra, simone, me, linda, chris, jasmine, mizul,willem, yok wan,karen, farah)

It was pretty jam driving down to kl tonight for the 3cm farewell dinner (huhuhuhu).. I had to send abang og to work first then from KLIA I drove to GLOMAC for auditions, I hope I get it although I know its tough as I am going against the likes of Awal and the rest(I know I am BAKI ZAINAL tapi yelah im not there yet kan) then without thinking twice I drove down to concord hard rock for dinner(its Friday KL is famous for its jam at this moment and it rained so you guys would know how much I love 3CM that I drove down without thinking twice)
I reached there early( making up for happy hour lar nampaknya) before the gang arrived.. nampaknya fasha sandha was celebrating her birthday too Happy Birthday Fasha..
The gang arrived, simone just got back from Bangkok from spending some time with Ben.. (simone brought gifts yeah yeah) dinner started with me ordering the NY strip steak(which tasted like rubber sorry guys but food sucked!!)
It was an interesting night with many encounters, Linda doing her bomoh act in menilik nasib ( hah nie cucu kena mandi bawah jambatan ngn sekor kambing jantan) hahahaha.. trying to convert will in circumcising and of course santa clause with his 5 pinoy maids hahahaha.. lets not be visual here but above all the night ended on a high note with everybody being all emo and stuff but above all I love this team and I wish all of you guys the best in life and the works.. Linda jangan lupa ya jimmy choo boots to work next week!! Take care guys I love you..

Friday, March 28, 2008

Amins birthday!!

yumm yumm ice-cream cake
birthday boy stinky
stinky and me
alisya with amins present

Kids birthdays has always been hectic, noisy, stressful, sticky and messy(wait that sounds more like sex than a birthday party).. last night was stinky’s birthday, so we kinda gathered the family around and had a small do among us with of course unlimited amount of yummy food(dah namanya keluarga baki Zainal mestilar makan best) and it kinda explaines why I am blogging this a day later hahahahahaha
the day started on a very high note with me attending an audition in filmscape(the same people who brought you cinta and manjalara) and I don’t want to jingx it but then I felt that it might be a positive outcome.. insyaallah.. even so I came across the two numskulls(I wont mention names, their names urks me in so many ways than one) and I had the 5 mins of pulputation and blood rising to my head it didn’t in any ways was gonna bring me down.. I was determined to be happy and stressful in hunting down stinky’s birthday present..he wanted a wrist band from either nike or adidas the dude is 6 years old how in the name of god can I find one that would be able to fit his little small arms? Hahahaha but I guess god wanted to make me super uncle so I came across one that is for adults but could fit his little arms hahahahaha..
besides the wrist band I was in so many ways determined to get him Green Eggs and Ham(the book) so while I was in borders hunting down the said book I came across and activity book on The Spiderwick. And without thinking twice I picked it up and knew that stinky was gonna worship me for that(hey its one of those moments that you know you would be immortalized next to Ben 10 and Pokemon) and of course I got myself a word puzzle book that was on bargain( hahaha stop trying to justify yourself baki Zainal)
anyways the party went smooth and I was uberly touched by how my nephew reacted towards getting his gift and how he brim with thank yous and hugs.. I love stinky in fact I love all of them.. the night ended with a whole vanilla ice cream cake, laughters, pictures and warmth.. I love my family and while I write about it I realized how important their laughter and smiles are to me.. thank you..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay, I mengantuk yang teramat but then I feel that I have to blog now sebelum I get really sleepy or much worse I get bored or distracted by the tv or something else than I would be soo curang towards my dear friend the blog…
Today started a bit funny tapi pada masa yang sama weird.. sebabnya I got a wake up call from my brother ajaking me to buy wooden blinds but I ended up at the police station..
Yes you heard it right I was at the police station in section 11 shah alam to pay my saman..( you guys know the one that I was involved in a crash)well that costed me 300 but then macam puas hati gie bayar saman tue coz the police people were soo nice and polite and all that it was really a simple fast affair. It only took me not more than 5 mins to inquire and pay up the 300.. wow taniah kepada polis polis di balai polis seksyen 11 shah alam khidmat mu sentiasa dikenang..
Then after a hearty meal and photo taking session(sebelum tue kenelar straightkan rambut dulu dah kata nanti kat lessen tue kene lar hansem) I was off to the JPJ in good old god forsaken Padang Jawa (why do they do that.. chuck all these devoted government workers who do their job faithfully so that we would benefit from it.. ok ok that’s a bit too much lyrical waxing there) and after half an hours wait for my turn (between 71 people in between) I finally managed to get my turn and with the feeling of being afraid that I would not get my new license(because well I was caught ironically without having a P stuck behind Fabians car 2 days before my P license died) well I got my new full CDL as Saban taught me the other night..
I would have to say that my encounter with the government sector today has been really good and that what ever people want to say I think its how they approach these people if at first they treat them nice then they would get the same smile back as I did I guess.. anyways I am just happy and glad that I still have license…
I have 3 auditions lined up for me this week and ohh I cannot wait to hit the beaches soon.. humm come to think of it its been at least 1 island or 1 beach a month but hey this month have yet to indulge will do so soon in april… am loving it.. yes I am.. ok have to go night night now… have an early audition to go to.. nite

Monday, March 24, 2008

Satay Celup Capitol

filling the plane with yummie peanuts
waiting for my "jet plane"
Singapore star Lyn Malek
Malacca Satay Celup

An early day again have to drive down to KLIA not wanting to miss the flight again hahahaha…function in johor, was just sweet although the response that I wanted was not as promising as how it might have been… I like the idea of testing a few different hair stylist(mind you they only have the honor to style my hair and not cut it that honor is still held by Nita from curlers and Nick in Malacca) but with this I get to see different hair styles being played on to me and seeing if I am able in carrying it off.. I liked my hair in jb this time… I really do..
Ohh ohh ohh I don’t remember if I kind of wrote it down or not but then, I am not the line of wanting to look young thus I am trying to dress younger and follow suit with the trend.. so while I was in jb I bought those leather things that the youngsters these days wear on their wrist.. although the process of purchasing it was funny but then lets leave that for another day…
Finished show I joined Fabian, saban and clement back and the guys decided to make a pit stop in Malacca for satay celup. So for the very first time ever I got to taste the ever famous Malacca Satay Celup Capitol and boy was that a fiesta.. I have never seen them so excited to see me and after a free dinner(thank you capitol) and a few pictures taken with all the staff and owner, I left the shop full and feeling a bit weary although touched that I had a fan base in the satay celup shop..hahahaha…. but what ever said the satay taste great it’s a mixture between lock lock and mee rebus with seafood minus the noodles…
After being immortalized in a non halal shop, a jpj summon and a few interesting events that went on this time around.. I would have to say that I am a happy man. No doubt of a few cock-ups here and there but the bottom line is i am thankful to HIM for being me and getting me where I am today… Thank you.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

tio pepe on the dry sack

sharen , me , sue in hong kong

yum yummmmm

Its been an interesting nite, yeah my frens and I once again traveled out and this time around we had dinner in brazil and chilled in hong kong ( where else in the world would you find a drink called Tio pepe) hahahaha.. ahh the time spent with these girls are just priceless
I guess in many ways than one we were rekindling time that we spent and grew together, a feeling that had became strange but because of its familiarity has once again felt right.. we cant believe how we have actually known each other for more than 10 years…
I love these people, there are only a few people in this world besides family that you would want to see there with you at times of pain and joy and know that they would be there whatever it takes in many ways than one even so there has been scars.. but people say scars would heal and scars leaves a reminder on how strong you have grown..
Im tired flying off to jb tomorrow for a show, good nite…

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay okay,,, its been a real tiring free week humm that in many ways sounds ironic.. finally got a chance to take the back seat and relax for the time being before time catches up again with me.. caught up with shel, far, clyde and sophie for a heart wrenching rendition of karaoke time… yes yes .. I know stick to your day job baki.. it was really great catching up with friends that way.. its been well not really long but long in a way.
Waiting for hapis to send me pictures of us that he took when we were in melaka for the pancaragam road show.. had a blast, dudes funny god save his soul or should that be mine hahahaha.. I’ll upload the pictures as soon as I get them k.. promise.
Have yet to catch up with zeeka after getting news of her broken toe.. how lar zeek, ko tau bontot laki ko tue metal lagi mau tendang.. tu lar derhaka pada suami lagi.. ish ish ish..
The renovations in my room and house has kinda came to a near standstill.. not too happy with my toilet yet.. the Indonesian worker has yet to resolve the matter of the lining in the tiles.. my theory exactly you pay peanuts you get indons… hahahaha
Cant wait for the wave to start again.. huhuhu…

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

finding faults

its past noon now.. somewhat 4pm to be exact .. the toilet is now on a positive progress, it looks good but at the same time it looks like it came out of a 3D pic book that you need to look into to see dinosaurs and trees floating out at you.
i make the worse boyfriend really.. not that i do it on purpose but then i really have soo many things on my plate even when i am not working.. she is here in town and i am to spend time with her but i just could not make time out to do so but ironic part of it is that when i am on working time out of KL i would then manage to hang longer and be there with her,, ohh man.. how will i ever have a decent girl that would be able to live with my kind of lifestyle really..
ok i shall just have to focus and really focus and commit extra time n making this work.. really i do. do i want to make it work? why would i not want to make it work..
this is the thing baki zainal, you have to stop doing this and focus and stop finding faults.. really stop people will get hurt, you will get hurt,,... i need to loose weight,, i feel fat.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


uncle cheng doing us proud
im so happy for simone she found ben

ahhh... life is so beautiful in many ways than one.. feelings we once pushed way far behind our heads are now coming back into our lives.. funny.. i dont really think so...smaller things in life that we usually take for granted are now making it self clear.. im alive and will always thank HIM for the chance that HE gave me to feel being alive.