Thursday, April 24, 2008

im in kuching today..

ok i am here again in kuching sarawak for STB road show.. i have this lovely room run by the same people that owns ascot in kl. lovely enjoying it.. ohhh ohhh saw jie at LCCT going off to phuket for the weekend wahhh makcik tue tak habis habis bercuti sahaje.. have fun jie..
i might go home to kl with 2 long piece wood carving.. wahh menarik shopping untuk interior stuff di kuching sungguh suka.. oh ya i didnt get the telemovie job.. sedihhhh..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i am bored..bored i am

i am bored.. im bored out of my lungs.. im bored out of my head.. im bored out of no return.. i am bored .. bored bored bored bored.. i have so many things to do but i am just bored and the body does not want to commerce and move..... alamak perut sakit lar pulak

23rd april

its a tuesday, not a monday or even friday its a tuesday its neither the start of the week nor is ot towards the end of the week nor is it mid week.. ok starting tonight onwards i have to lose weight and tone up again yes i do.. i leave for sarawak to shoot the telemovie on the 5th and start shoot on the 7th of next month.. humm irony of it i dont really like sarawak and it seems to me that this year alone i shall be visiting the place very so often compared to how much time i would have liked to spend just really glad that i get this chance to do my first ever malay telemovie some more holding the lead role.. thank you....
tapi before i get all happy and glee lets get kuching STB over and done with first before we start fantasizing about more stuff.. my schedule looks healthy to me for now... thank you again..
oh ya.. the funniest thing happened on monday or i would like to think that it was the funniest thing.. i went and caught congkak the movie with sue, hafiz, k anja and abg og.. yes i did.. hahahaha my brother could not believe himself when we went in and caught that movie together .. i got abg og and kak anja 2 seats away from us and then i also got them the lover set as for popcorn.. hahaha it was just so cute.. well the movie had potential for the first 15 minutes or so then without fail it went down the drain.. i so hoped and wished that it would have been different.. but yeah it was different in not many good ways then 1 hahahaaha...
i'm hosting firefly event tomorrow at terminal 3 well it seems to be a very simple event but at the same time it does not look that simple..humm i dont get myself at times.. what i meant is that it might seem simple but its not.. ohh man im all geared up for work man.. and i want more work as i am loving the rush...
its hard to explain this "rush" its not the type that i used to have when i was handling my other jobs last time.. this one is really different its this high where you know on a possitive note that day by day means theres a growth and you see the growth.. im loving it really i am.. insyaallah there would be more but for now THANK YOU..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

my week

me, sue, cinema...

i would not say that the past week has been really special or mundane, still high on island life.. bit broke(mcm tak biasa) but this week seems special in a way. humm lets look back at what went on..
on tuesday after reaching kl i went out and caught KL Drift with sue, yelar nak kene interview farid kamil jgn buat giler nanti tak tau nak tanya apa hah nak taknye lagi naye... well i would not comment on the movie as it might be your cup of tea but it was not mine and to be politically correct to everyone out there i wont comment on it.. the next day i finally meet Farid Kamil. yes i meet the dude in the flesh siap duduk peluk bantal bersama-sama di celebrity chat.. hahahaha.. he seems like a nice guy, very ambitious which i guess is good.. right after the show received a phone call from a production house who invited me for an audition right there and there to read for their main lead in a malay telemovie... i tried my level best to be the character that they were looking for and according to the director last friday that i scored the role but then me being me till i see the contract or confirm with the producer i do not want to jingx it yet.. pray for me ya guys...
it is now more house shopping and renovation time within the family again as bro, sis and me visited the home expo in midvalley... wahh ada hati nak beli blind 4 ribu.. hahahaha anyways my room should start construction soon... i think would it be worthwhile for me to spend so much money on this room.. i look at it as an investment or shall i say repaying my brothers kind deed in having me live with him all this year i guess with no choice.. hahahaha...
ohh ohh i have to mention this, lock the short film that i did acted for rueben won the astro thing.. and yes i am happy for rueben looks like a lawsuit shall land on mitchs hands if he does not clean up his act in getting my contract done soon... im off for another audition tomorrow hope that would be good and work out.. im kinda tired gonna go sleep now.. night all..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

beautiful perhentian..

mama and me on perhentian
yummy mango
my first baracuda

the cool yummy bar..

finally the much awaited trip has come to an end(wont say i am really happy bout it but at the same time i'm bit sad too) it was a magical, tiring, calming family orientated 5 days. it started on a high note with an eager crowd checking into the resort.. thats it die die i have to do something before abang og sampai pulau.. humm yelar giler dah sampai pulau cantik cantik takkan lar aku nak mandi itik kat tepi pantai jer kan. soo scuba diving it was wahh intro to scuba. hahhh best giler its a total new world down there filled with little fishy(just keep swimming, swimming, swimming) and of course if you reach perhentian korang kener lar try the mango shake in b'first bar on perhentian besar.. i tell you its the bomb.. imagine sitting on the beach looking out at the horizon under the hot sun while sipping this freshly blended mango, milk and ice.. arghh im in heaven..
jeng jeng jeng.... on the 2nd day i had an attack which till now i still cant point out the cause but its this painful sensation in my chest that seems like its been blocked and i cant breath.. apa lagi selepas aku menjadi biru(itu satu penipuan, aku dah lar gelap sun tan lagi macam mana nak turn biru kan) i was rushed to the nearby hospital in a boat late at night ala ala baywatch.. hahhh mengikut pakar disana seorang nurse yang berbaju tidor tweety kalau aku tak sampai awal maksudnya tue lagi drama "artist mati dipulau kerana terlebih minum manggo shake" wahhhh.. glam tak glam.. but everything went well she managed to bring me to life(jgn pandang baju tweety, tweety tweety pun terror tau)
wow the third day has been the most fun and happening day, i swam with turtle, found paradise lost, gateway to heaven, caught my first baracuda and selar papan..and above all relaxed and recuperate as how i wanted..
yang teristimewanya i did all this with people that i cared for and loved no one else people that mattered most to me which is my family.. for them every penny spent and used is worth it. ive always said that i dont get to share my travels and findings with my family as its always been on working trips that i venture out and experience.. this time around shared that is important.

Monday, April 07, 2008


my island gear
hey i still have to go on camera when i get back.. prevention is better than cure
humm lets see if i get to finish all that

i baki zainal, take this oath that i shall not purchase anymore items that shall contribute to my trip to perhentian this coming thursday..(unless of course i find that really cool cowboy straw hat that would go so well with the other stuff that i have bought).. the amount that i have spent for this couple of days has just been really scary.. everyday just seemed to be a good excuse to checck out the sale or the new items in quicksilver or some dive shop somewhere and every single purchase is justified with the idea that i am going for this trip and yes it is ok to splurge on ones self as it has been sometime since one last did so(dont lie)
hahaha oh man, i should be asleep by now its 12.30am and i have say 4 hours to sleep if i catch my shut eye at 1am as i have to be in the airport at 6am which means i would have to leave the house at 5,30am latest as to catch my flight to Alor Setar and its a day trip.. im so used to this lifestyle now that i guess by september i should be able to earn myself enough enrich points to fly to melbourne for free... hahahaha..after which i am off to ipoh for a daily job yes i am..
oh man i am really into going off to the islands yes i am ive got my beach gear checked (courtesy of quicksilver,nike, havannahs) skincare (banana boat and lancome/ i have to take care of my skin i amgoing on air again right after i come back to kl) and books to read and wordpuzzles (courtesy of OMG and Borders)..
with full excitement, dreading work mood and a hole in the pocket.. i shall try to lay my self to sleep and catch up with you laters.. will try to blog before i leave.. nites

Sunday, April 06, 2008

she taught me how

shot cantik, i took that ahahahahaha macam kid chan
tai tai lighting up ciggie with matches humble sikit kan
practice lepak future apartment ala ala brothers and sisters

hurray!! i finally now know how to save pictures using my mac yes yes.. it was Zeeka who taught me how to.. yes thats the girl in the picture above( thanks to jom bali, ikea and canon)

now let me tell you a bit about this chick, she is one of those people that i would go out of the way for cause i guess she knows me although we have only known each other since uni years and yes even so i am old those years were not that far away..hahaha(thats what i like to think) she has been there supporting me in many ways then she would even know.. she has kept me sane in my state of insanity hahahaha.. not many people can take my over whelming lifestyle yes yes i know i can be difficult.. but in all that she has been there and of course the ability to take each others tai tai lifestyle.. ahahahaha..

after numerous breakfast, train sessions and car cock up sessions.. she is definitely a keeper yes she is.. even so if she wants to get rid of me hey sister that aint gonna ever work.. i have a hand full of such people in my life and she is one of them.. ok dont go and tell her those pictures were also taken from her blog hahahaha.. thanks zeek for walaupun kau keji tak bawakkan aku cupcakes tapi aku masih sayang ko.. muah..


tonight was the official opening of Wendys malaysia and yes i had to have a taste of it.. yumm yumm... i had the burgers.. it was not as heavenly as i wanted it to be but yeah it was still good.. hahaha..
the past week has been hectic with all the activities going on much on the preparation of heading to the islands ohh man it really burst my pockets i could not believe how i could burst 4k within the last week( well actually i could)
as officially today i now have a maid yes i now have a maid that would just take care of my laundry and of course my room and my welfare( hahahaha we had this conversation my brother and i of the maid issue and how our little house would now have 2 maids.) she is hard working so yeah y not.
im off to alor star on monday for RAP and then ipoh, im so happy for my friend.. i am indeed.. theres so much and yet so little that i could write on this entry.. have to start looking for more stuff or else next month would be bit more empty then i want it to be.. am i demanding too much these days or am i just stating what is rightfully mine.. i dont know. insyaallah everything should turn out fine.. it should..
you can say i am full of insecurities and yet i am strong.. i believe that what is rightfully mine should be mine and yes i shall strive hard for what i believe in.. nite all

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

more more more traveling this month

i am very sleepy currently.. the mata very heavy but then have to blog.. getting ready for the stint in perhentian..padahal before that there is alor setar, ipoh and melaka bbut no perhentian matters most hahahahaha.. anyways.. after 2 visits to Quicksilver and a damage pocket i all i need now is a stop at the pharmacy and i am all ready to go.. hurray for me!! but before hand melaka is tomorrow so lets kill that one first before we berangan being rocked by the perhentian waves..