Friday, December 28, 2007


2007 has been a whirlwind of drama, events, happiness, sadness, matuarity, travel, friendship lost and gain all blend into one.. weird as it might sound hahahahaha i enjoyed 2007.. its the complication of things and the whole process of getting thru this year that makes it extreamly speacial in many ways than one. the journey that i took with that one footstep into the dark room just seems logical as it is that women needs more than 20 pairs of shoes. im not gonna try to be smart of be all deep in this manner but then i guess i would try to sum things up for the year since i finally have some time..well lets see
wow this is one hell of a roller coaster ride that i never imagined being on board, i have always dream but in the true fashion of living it no. one could only halfly remotely imagine it.. i guess i have come along way since Teman. from celebriteen to having a talk show of my own and now slowly but surely being recognized not because of looks(plz thats hard to imagine) and just sheer talent i am now here and standing. with help from many people who believed in me and never once told me to give up. but above all i cannot and will not ignore the fact that HE has been hearing my prayers. thank you..
i once read some where "many come and go and yet those who linger in our hearts are those worth cheerishing.." 2007 brought along witrh it many beautiful souls into my life..without me realizing it they have one way or the other influence my life and choices and made me into a better person perfect i dare not claim but a better person from who i was and might have been. thank you all.
i cannot believe the amount of traveling i have done this year. seeing, touching, feeling and immersing myself within the bounderies and the suroundings and being there with people that i care for and both thus care for me.. i learned alot... thank you
this year i found love.. not one but its many forms.. it taught me so much more than what i could imagine i am capable of accepting.. it opened up my eyes and i cheerish it.. thank you
but above all i would have to thank Him for if not He who bestow upon me all this i would not be the person that i am now thank you.. and of course to all of you who has made my 2007 special i once again say cheers and may 2008 bring more to us ... baki zainal signing off and i love you.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry chirstmas

ice cream in winter
it is freezing cold, who's idea was this
mama and me on top of the world

ok, its been e real roller coster ride for me this couple of days.. my room mate jingx tied the knot hahaha which means among the boys i am the only one left on the hook hahahaha am i rushing i dont know infact i dont even want to think about it yet.. why? well simple as it that i guess that aint my focus yet.. hummm its been really hectic and i took a weeks break and just lazed and hanged and pigged out in jb and let loose ok no not how i really wanted too but yeah i just but a stand still and hold on the other stuff speacially when it came to work.. and i guess its really hard for me now to want to pick things up again and continue what i have left behind recently.. have many things installed for the upcoming year and many wonderful plans that i would want to make come true but at this present time and moment i could just pray and wish that it would happen soon not later hahahaha
its coming to the end for 2007... recalling it started with some bumpy notes.. well i am gonna leave the summing up of the year later since there are still a couple of days to go... till then im baki zainal signing off..

Sunday, December 09, 2007

He is heavenly protected

i just came off hosting an event that is some out a disaster but ended on a high note... i guess many of us are allowed one or two of that once and a while.. doing what im doing currently and seeing the results kinda firms it up that i do enjoy what i am doing currently and see no reasons to change it yet.. infact i feel that there is no other way than just to climb up of course with HIS help... he has been there for me and i thank you... man i need to go to the gym... auditions are just a couple of days away. i am soon gonna start adding on things that i have written and all that i have compiled.. maybe one day a book. who knows? but for now i shall just share it with u.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

im back

Man, who says thai guys are small?
morning in berinchang
ahoy!! me captain..

ok.. i know i know i have sinned for not even taking the consideration or even the initiative of writing anything in here...honestly besides not having the time to be honest i didnt have the need or urge... is it becoz i am more happy with meself and life or is it becoz i am just fazed out by the idea of bitching to an empty page who would not talk back? oh please talking bout no feedback we humans are soo much more advanced and clever in that field arent we i should know hahahaha..
i guess it would have to be that i have learned to take things to stride... spend time and effort on towards things and people that matters and not drain myself towards negetive fields and really supprise to upon taking such steps and commitment..hahahaha.. evident enough by the 3 pictures above that potrays the simple and short timescape of a short visit of baki zainal's life..i shall be versitile.. i shall shine and i shall out beat .. look out world...