Tuesday, February 05, 2008


ok i know what im gonna write today would sound kinda unfair and rude in many ways towards many people but heck guys im really sorry i do have one of the best jobs a person can have and yes i am in love with K.K in many ways how could you not be its just an awesome pot of culture , lifestyle, and nature and of course one of the most coolest person i know comes from K.K. heather , we never get to meet up in kl at all but then we jet set into kuching and k.k to catch up on drinks and we are soo mild these days no more boozing none stop its more subtle.
many thins happening this week i had a good break in the ever so beautiful Sapi islands, my house is under renovation, i dont have a bed(need to find one soon), and one of my boys going thru checks to find out what is it that he has wrong with him.. i wont spell it out as well i dont want to jingx it yet. it was just heartbreaking seeing him.
but all in all i had an extrem brilliant time and want to share it with you.