Monday, August 31, 2009


Baki Zainal, Wincci, Cindy Chen, Berg Lee and the boys from GoGoGo
Baki Zainal going thru some sadist torture
Baki Zainal with the dude that Zenny has a huge crush on
Baki with Cindy chen
Baki Zainal bobbing along with Wincci soo.

ola ola... just sahur and yes before i forget happy 52nd birthday my malaysia... wahhh your aging gracefully..
im up for another full busy week this coming week.. there CC, Langkawi and other stuff lined up for me.. syukur..
soo gonna leave you with pictures from last weeks GoGoGo shoot.. and insyallah might just drop in again soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

berbuka di holiday inn melaka

dina, didi,nur, baki zainal dan azizi menjayakan majlis berbuka
baki zainal berpoco-poco dengan baju melayu
bersama budak2 lelaki tun abdul aziz
baki bersama artist dan management holiday inn
baki dan artist bersama staff holiday inn yang gempaq ouls miss jaz

ok, baki sebenarnya teramatlar mengantuk tapi ingin sekali tunjuk gambar2 dari majlis berbuka puasa bersama rumah budak2 lelaki tun abdul aziz melaka.. the event rocks more updates soon..

Monday, August 24, 2009

jom sahur lagi

Azizi, dina, zeekaa, zenny and baki zainal has never looked so good without make up.. i like this photographer but wait its the booth i tell you..
alar bang baki zainal posing habis
besarnya lubang hidung ku
baki zainal having his coffee fix with his cousin dina

last nite zeekaa, dina, azizi, zenny and me decided to head up to genting for sahur.. yer memang betul.. we just decided last minute that we wanted a bit of cool air and yes semua kebosanan.. so selepas terawih i went to fetch all of them and off we went to feast in starbucks with our pizza hut ... we had tons of fun.. im blogging at this current moment because i dont want to fall asleep.. why you ask well i have a presentation in a couple of hours and if i sleep i wont be able to wake up.. sedih kan.. anyhows and anywheres you could see the pictures and judge for yourself the amount of fun and havoc tht all of us had... allrite peeps for those who are fasting selamat berpuasa...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

dah start beli baju raya..

baju melayu johor linen in white.. sungguh suci
Red Linen baju melayu johor tikam belut

ok ok i know but ive started buying baju melayu's... yes i have.. before this for the other shoots that i have done i wore clothes or baju melayu done by "Goldtrim".. thanks gold trim baju baju anda memang cantik.. this year for berbuka functions i have choosen to wear the works from qamilla.. they do really good linen and english cotten pieces.. the jahitan memang cantik... im anal when it comes to my baju melayu trust me it took me a good one hour at their boutique although i have decided what i wanted but then the stiches and the cut is really important to me.. do go and check them out and you will be as amazed as i was with the beautiful work.. you can also log on to to find out more.. my ramadhan shopping experience starts now..

the first sahur 2009

Alif trying to figure out why is he doing this again?
Adam waiting to be served
humm amin having a yummy dream
my ma actually makes a big deal of the sahur.

alhamdulillah .. once again its Ramadhan...this year compared to the other years i dont know why but im totally excited ...even my boys or in a more politically correct manner my nephews has been counting down days to this magical month..
Ramadhan brings different meanings to different people, some happy, some sad and some who dont even realize its coming and going.. as for me the feeling of this magical month has grown from fear to love and admiration... why so? well during my younger days i feared the month as i then know that there will not be lunch ahahahahahaha... i use to not fast and lie thru my teeth about fasting to my mum hehehehe i know but my mum is not stupid sometimes she can see beyond my teeth as some of the lettuce from my big mac might just still be stucked to it.. heheehehehehe .. i remembered sitting on the stairs of the mcdonalds in sek9 shah alam and eating my Mc value meal as they would not let me indulge in the shop it self...masyaallah those were the days.. but now its different as i age i value this month.. not just because according to islam this is a very special month for us to pray and do good deeds as all good deeds are payed in double or triple... but most importantly the magic of sitting down together early in the morning with the family for sahur or even during berbuka time... where you seldom get to feel and experience tht no more on normal months..thats just priceless
as for baki zainal its not hard for me to withstand hunger please im usually so busy anyways that i forget to eat or drink.. but most importantly this is the month that really test my kesabaran ... when your hungry, thirsty and tired your temper then tends to flair but not just you have to bear all this you would also have to keep calm and wage war againts exploding and causing another hiroshima blast... ahahahahahaha...this is also the month where it test your steadfast and prayers... insyallah this year i shall try to improve and become a better person.
well i leave you guys this time around with pictures of my nephews having to get up for sahur.. subhanallah these boys will grow up to be heartbreakers...

ok peeps Baki Zainal ingin mengucapkan "Selamat menyambut Ramadhan dan semoga segala yang kita lakukan diberkati Allah...

Friday, August 21, 2009

its my party...

Baki zainal, with the guys of 15malaysia
baki zainal trying to spell "happy birthday" does birthday has a d or without the d?
baki zainal with the itv gang
baki zainal and birthday girl shu ting
besides being yummy wondermilk cupcakes are good to smoother on peoples face

its 2.30am tomorrow marks the entree to the beautiful month of Ramadhan but before i embrace this old fren i wanna up load pictures tht was taken the other day during celebrity chat. anyhows anyways it ws also shu tings birthday (shu ting is one of the beautiful girls in our itv department, she is such a sweetheart and soo i got her cupcakes (very tak original) but hey i was late and the most important part was that im sincere and she liked it..) anyways will up load more pictures now gonna try to go to bed.. bestnya nak puasa..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

P1 Malaysian Film Makers Showcase/ 15Malaysia

Baki Zainal with the backdrop
Baki Zainal hosting in the cinema

Khai's piece Healthy Paranoia.. soon to be released
thats baki zainal and alan thoo standing side by side

Yes it has finally came to life.... P1 15Malaysia is finally here to stay.. over the course of the past few months. Pete Teo came up with the idea of getting 15 malaysian directors to come up with 15 different short films talking about 15 different issues that the directors feel that our country is facing. the good people of P1 then joined on board and gave their support to this project as they believed that this is a good initiative.. and so here you have 15 malaysian made short films featuring actors, singers, politicians. in short Malaysians that believes in promoting unity.. for more information do log on to or go on to
well guess who hosted the show.. jeng jeng jeng non other than baki zainal... it was such a blast and everything went really well.. alhamdullilah.. i will like to thank Cynthia, Micheal Lai, Pete Teo, Benji, Bahir, and Khai for giving me the chance to be a part of this cause and i would like to thank Nic from Candid Photography (great pics), Khairi Jamalludin and Datuk Sri Dr Liow Tiong Lai for being great actors for me to spar with...
Syukur alhamdullilah as i feel really blessed being able to use something that is close to my heart in order of creating awearness..
aite folks stay tune to Celebrity Chat esok to catch more on P1's 15Malaysia.

more pics of the week

baki what you doing?

baki zainal at The Club in saujana...
i wonder whats the next flick
awal awal dah membeli perabot

let the picture tell the story

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ISUZU and Sg Petani ROCKS!!!!

Check the mother trucker out man!! damn he is the most sexy thing ive seen for a long time!!
baki zainal takde kerja lar tue
baki zainal and the wonderful magicians vincent and victor
Baki zainal cam whoring with Annabbell (spell it right) and evelyn ...
what vincent does best conning pretty girls(thats denise chow, she is not just pretty but she is very smart at the same tme)

penat badan tak lagi habis nie nak siap pergi rehearsals for esok.. jeng jeng jeng.. but i could not resist the chance and time to blog about my experience working the beautiful crowd of Sg, Petani...
hahahahahaha besides being shall i say disturbed or visit by the resident paranormal spirit of the hotel i stayed in.. everything else was a blast.. the people is SP was just great... Amir and myself would like to send our gratitude and thanks to all of you for the constant support and love for MR Siao's Mandarin Class.. hopefully we shall be going into 2nd season soon and sure enough we will try our very best to bring the best to all of you. 真的謝謝大家。本人以 所宥的演員希望大家會喜酄。Amir has never felt so much appreciation for playing a malaysian that he is.
besides that ISUZU Malaysia rocks... loved the team.. from Hata san, Oyama San, Denise, MR Poh, AnnaBelle, Burn, Bernard, Evelyn, joseph, sui yee.. and everyone else that made the trip a good one.. thank you..

sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu..

Friday, August 14, 2009


this is the ever pregnant, ever talented nor hazlin nor salam, sleeping on her couch at home after playing the ever wonderful host and feeding us kids at her house warming the other day.. hazlin happy birthday!! semoga tuhan merahmati kehidupan kita semua dan semoga you and saif have your ever wonderful ever after of a fairy tale life... baki sayangggg hazlin.
Baki Zainal
hot babe Geetha, baki zainal
baki zainal chilling after lunch

its during times like this, when i am in a foreign hotel room alone in bed at 1.48am and having to wake up to a fulls day work that i could not sleep and randomly feel like blogging ... thank god for wifi and my macbookpro baby jane!!hehehehehehehehe

humm well theres really nothing much i could write about since life has been pretty mundane for the last couple of days... but since its hazlins birthday today let me just fill you in on this hot mama..

hazlin and me go way long back when we were all living in the state of mind of being artistic beings who would slave their life for art and for art shall feed our souls.. heheheheheh remember that times babes.. anyways not saying that we dont believe in art no more we do but now we take it with a more practical approach.. hazlin is more of a brother to me for i am a sister to her hahahahaha sounds wrong but yeah... i remembered we really broke the ice 1 time when we sat outside a certain branded cafe in subang parade and took turns crying as we were exchanging life stories and all that we had to go thru be where are today..hahahahaha i can still remember the people walking past and seeing this 2 souls bawling their eyes out im sure at that time we would have made the subang community web page and the tittle reads "bawling for coffee" and below would be the picture of lin and me.. we also shared fun moments like running off to cameron highlands and taking turns at teasing geetha on her theory of "its not important in having scones and tea if your in cameron highlands" and being amazed by the powers of this sri lankan babe when literally theres no tea and scones at the stop that we decided to rest jeng jeng jeng.. how can i forget the mid nite long conversations where we would talk about life and achievements and dreams that we would want day "make" true.
but it was not all roses for lin and me... i remembered that paticular moment where i felt as if i was an intruder standing alone looking at my best fren crying and judging me for trying to make an escape and run from a certain belief that we have held on too for so long .. a cause that i promised to stand up and fight with her but at the end fail for i was not strong enough.. and deserted her half way.. but i dont blame her for feeling that way i was at wrong for not sharing and telling her the truth..
one day hazlin excitedly told me of her wedding plan to marry this dude that i was not that close to but knows for sure my best fren loves dearly... i was over joyed yet i felt sad as i was being selfish cause i didnt want to loose her to the other bloke. ok ok he is not a bloke, the gentleman being said is Saif. but then slowly i wanted my good fren to be happy and i wanted to give her the wedding that she has always wanted for i feel that would be the best wedding gift i could give and guess what in return she made me wear a pink baju melayu and be one of her bridesmade hahahahahahahahaha (thank you hazlin, no wonder aku takde gf sampai sekarang). although we dont get to see each other as often lin and me still have our "flings" over coffee and sinful thai food hehehehehehe (hello we love to eat ok). i kinda know one way or the other now i have never lost her.. infact im soo happy seeing how saif is treating her for my best fren deserves the best..
so to the baby in her tummy, uncle baki wants to tell you how lucky you are to have this strong, willed women as your mother, for she is a sweet soul that believes in dreams and love and she will impart wise wisdom to you and care for you better than anyone else i know(i bet you cant wait to see her).
Hazlin Happy Birthday old girl!! sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu..
(pssttt i'll love you more if you get rid of the ugly picture of me that you have)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i need more pictures hehehehehe

humm baki zainal di spanyol?
Baki Zainal bersama apiz
Baki Zainal getting lost with Lina
Baki Zainal at the horse race
ok seriously i didnt pose.. Baki Baki

i need more pictures taken i really do.. sebelum ni i never really like to take pictures (hard to tell kan) well yeah.. i have to admit to it.. i know (alan wipe that smirk off your face)..
let me tell you a story of a boy who did not like mirrors...
once upon a time, there was a little boy who never liked to see his own shadow even more the reflection of his own self in the mirror.. "i don't like tht person looking back.." "he is soo fat".. "he is ugly" .. "good morning, your ugliness" ..the boy would say for everytime he sees that reflection looking back at him ... boy always envy the people around him.. everyone around looks good and happy.. but why does not he??? .... sometimes boy would put extra effort in dressing up and having to attend family gatherings and functions out there... he would then wear what ever he has or bought for him by his beloved mother.. "oh you look handsome, my son" says the mother.. boy takes in that second and believes his mothers wisdom.. reaching the event or gathering with the first eyes set on him, boy then turns away and by chance catches himself in the mirror.."i should not be here, i dont belong here, im never gonna be as good looking as these other people".."why did my mother make me wear this green horrible shirt.".. "why would anyone be friends with such an ugly fat person like me".. the boy says as he shuns himself from the crowd and wishes really hard that in his green shirt he would then blend into the scarlet wall behind him...
as years goes by boy lives, thinking he is all alone and nobody likes him.. more and more boy escape into a world where theres no mirrors and nobody will be able to hurt him...
1 day a beautiful princess came and visited boys world... inviting him into her world and kingdom... boy was scared to accept the invitation.. but as the princess held his hands boy took the step and the princess eases the boy to take a look at the reflection in the mirror.. the princess assured the boy .."what beautiful eyes you have".. "i love your curly hair" .."you should smile more often".... boy never taught he would live to hear those words...
holding to the princesses words boy brace his reflection for he then learned the beauty from within.. boy swore to sore the highest sky for all his dreams that he swore will never be came true from that day onwards for he learned that everything is a gift from HIM.. never let your reflection scare you to stand tall..
well i've said my peace for i hope that you who read this posting will never need to feel what the boy felt.. insyaallah....