Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i have no title

Kadang kala baki tak pasti adakah setiap keputusan yang baki ambil tue merupakan keputusan yang paling tepat.. will i one way or the other bite myself in the toes again? ... susah kadang kadang.
simple scenarios and even big decisions at times are made by difficult and long ponders but then theres also many that are crafted by the simple twitch i get.. many of which i am happy with and many of which i still ponder on....
kepercayaan dan nawaitu seseorang itu penting.. sometimes we question people.. but then we also fail to see or question our own selves.. are we in it fully or are we as half hearted as the others.. susah soalan nie.. when i am faced with such a wall i leave it up to HIM... HE who sees HE who knows .. insyaallah..
im gonna live and be intoxicated by life ... i welcome anyone who wants to join me..

Monday, October 19, 2009

i like this


im enjoying my life, infact after the whole cancer scare (according to zeeka everyone will have it at least once in their life time) i have made up my mind and am going to live life to the fullest..

i have always tot that i am a person that seize the moment n day until recent that i realize i no longger am that person.. but after that aftershock.. i am gonna live.. no more second tots.. thats what i shall do..

today, i finished what i was to do.. today .. i enjoyed my day.. today i helped .. today i inspire and am inspired..

today i shall start...


Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrity Chat goes green, MYCG2, Kiehl's Save our rare earth campaign and YAWA's Bio diversity camp...

Baki Zainal with Andrew, Rina,Aishah,Yvonne,Azizi, Aunty Zai and the kids from YAWA.
Headlines: Baki Zainal joins "im a celebrity get me out of here" hahahahahaha
flower girls for your wedding? so yesterday.. have Baki, Sazzy and Yasmin walk you down with potted plants.. going glam while you go green..
i know i know its bit late for me to be posting bout the launch as it happened 2 weeks ago.. but then hey theres no harm in spreading the word out ya..
ok first up.. Celebrity Chat Goes Green...
Well guys tune i to celeb chat every wednesday in the month of October and you might just stand a chance to walk home with a hamper from kiehl's worth RM415.. all you have to do is send in an sms and tell us "how would you go green".. plus stand a chance to walk home with a RM800 hamper when you design a really cool X'MAS card using recycle items.. send it in to us before end of october and you might just walk away with cool products from kiehl's worth RM800..

MCG2.com (Malaysian Celebrities Goes Green)
Now initiated by my manager Mr Alan Thoo and backed up by Baki, Wincci, Dina and azizi.. this web page is to provide Eco infos for readers out there and what they could do to follow the footsteps of their favorite celebrity in going eco.... at this current moment the web page is under construction but you could join our facebook group k...

Kiehl's Save Our Rare Earth Campaign ..
Recently the good people at kiehls launched their latest outlet in Bangsar Shopping Centre and at the same time launched a campaign that encourage us to as the name goes Save our rare earth.. many celebrities turned up in support of this cause.. and alhamdullilah i am glad and honered to be a part of this good cause.. cayar lar kiehls .. keep it up ...

YAWA's Bio Diversity Camp...
ok this coming 13,14,15 of november baki zainal would be away camping in Gunung Nuang with Aishah Siclare and the great people from Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam (thanks guys).. yup in conjunction with kiehls Save Our Rare Earth Campaign, YAWA will be having this camp for kids aged 10 to 17 years old .. here theres tons of cool activities for them to get their hands dirty with and at the same time learn the importance of playing outside and loving our eco system.. wanna find out more log on to www.yawa.org ..

ok humm im wondering why is my entree this time so clinically clean.. hahahaha i dont want to confiuse myself cause theres actually tones of info to load about this effort and this cause that all of us are concern about.. some people might just blink and eye and say that its just a gimmick and everyone just wants to jump on a band wagon.. hahahahahaha thats really funny because one way or the other i really wish that everyone does jump onto this bandwagon because we need as much people onboard to make a louder noise and to make a bigger impact.. its near impossible to ask one person to make major adjustments to their lifes and that might not sustain but if its small steps that you take that might just become a daily habit and slowly with these little steps and everyone combined we will make that difference.. our mother earth is crying out to us with her tantrums of Quakes, typhoons and draught.. if we dont soothe her no one would..
Great thanks to all the celebrities on board, my ultra favorite Kiehls, Alan Thoo and everyone thats out there supporting this effort of ours.. to you i salute..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

being daring are we?

Baki Zainal going retro baby.. thanks to Material
Baki Zainal for next years calender shoot...

Baki Zainal going experimental thanks to Material
Look out guys... more to come

Thursday, October 08, 2009

a hair galore it was..

well last nite i hosted the launch of BSC's newly renovated infact bigger than life 5000 square feet A Cut Above.. the event took place right outside the salon.. talking about the salon i would have to say i love what Winnie and Richard has done to it.. the space and the layout of the place gives it a whole new feel of luxury and elegance.. love the private rooms concept for when sometimes you wanna rush for shows its a great place to get change and head off at the same time...
my partner in crime for this event was the ever chantiks Aishah Sinclare.. it was of course a really nice chance to catch up with everyone .. i caught up with Erin, Dawn, Dayang, Yasmin and the whole lot.. i remembered my first few do's that i was invited to.. oh man that was difficult .. i remembered having nightmares on how i would say the wrong thing, do the wrong things, be seen as not cool enough or dress not right for the event.. seriously it twisted my panties everytime i was invited to one of these social parties.. don't get me wrong its not that i dont like attending them i do i do.. ut it just arghhhhhh... anyways.. i always tell myself baki follow the crowd, baki follow the crowd ... but then i came to realize that theres no use in getting all jittery .. all you have got to do is be yourself cause half those people at this type of events are having their panties twisted too. hahahahaha those were the days lar.. but then again i feel really lucky that i have friends there heehehehehehehehe back to the event.. well it all went well with of course the whole sound system screwing up and half of the people there could not hear what aishah and i were saying.. the sound was just really bad.. to one point i had to project my voice out just so that i could do justice towards Syafinaz Selamat and Dennis Lau's performance.. well side tracking from that note it kinda hurt my tummy again and got the acid to flow.. causing pain all thru the show.. but hey the show must go on it has too.. i was given a task and trust to pull a good show and a good show is what i shall deliver... if only speakers were placed stratigicly behind and the whole thing a tad bit more organized then i guess you would have the party of the year ...
ohh i would have to write about this young chinese boy who looks like one of those Hong Kong pop idol. His name is Shawn Lee.. Do not be fooled by his Pop Idol look.. infact that might just come in as an extra niche for him.. dude is a beat boxer and hell of a good one too.. this boy definitely will have my eyes looking out for him.. infact i heard that Pin Joo is setting for a show date to have him on board Celebrity Chat.. this is what you call talent.. an all down to earth young boy who has talent and is not afraid in dreaming big... keep that and mark my words its gonna be a good journey ... insyaallah...
what ever said i enjoyed myself.. i was kinda wishing that i was feeling better so that i could stay on bit longer.. but then because of my tummy my MR manager kor kor insisted we leave soon so that i could have a warm meal.. so like my mother i tell you.. hahahahahaha to Winnie, Richard and team congratulations guys...and to xavier good show man... keep it up.. ok i better rest now have MHA in a couple of hours .. need to rest ohh i loved the baju from Material.. will upload pictures k.. nite all

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

crackers anyone?

for the past 2 days i have been waking up at about the same time 4 am just to satisfy a craving that my body has which id hunger... and for the past 2 days as usual i feed it with crackers.. now you might say gee wizz aint that a real healthy choice but honestly thats the only thing currently besides hot tea that my body will literally keep down... but this morning i made my 4am treat slightly interesting .. i didnt swallow my cracker down with hot tea.. i kept it down with the yummy manggo juice thingy that trust me on normal circumstances i would stay way far from... but today since thats the only other thing that is not cold i decided to have that with my 4am cracker..
i now no longer feel the pain only discomfort that i have is with the sourish substance that i could taste at the back of my tounge..
my mother got up as i was having my morning treat and asked with she could make me a cup of hot tea.. something she learned that would immediately put a smile on my face .. since frowning has been the color of the week.. i said no which promt her to go back to bed.. i love my mom.. all in all she tries to keep company and helps me in all manners that just makes me mad at her and questions her care towards me.. but deep down i know its my mothers way of showing that i dont stand alone and she is standing right next to me againts all odds.. subhanallah what have i done to deserve such a beautiful soul .. syukur..
i'm meeting up with the gastro specialist next week to determind what thus lay infront of me.. but till then i have come to my sences .. i have sucked my thumb long enough .. the period of scaring myself and living in fear of the boogeyman that i dont see just has to stop.. i am a fighter thats what i do best.. i can't do much to what ever that would be stated on the test results next week..thats something out of my control.. but what i could continue controling are things that would bring an instant smile to my face such as my pledge to spread the word out and help my mother earth.. finishing the blue prints and putting bricks together with my kor in forming those castles in the sky... and of course the joy of being it my turn to offer my mom a cup of hot tea when she is seated in a game of scrabble with her sisters..
He has plans for me i know... but till then i will continue fighting .. i am a fighter.. thats what i do best..

Monday, October 05, 2009

its 6:52am and i can't sleep

ive been awake on the net since about 4am or so.. well might not be an unusual scenario.. but the subject matter which i Googled for is some what new to me... Gastroenterologist... wowww that's a mouthful infact it took me just about a good couple of minutes to decide whether or not to post this blog... i finally made up my mind that i need to.. as this would be the only small haven that exist for me to keep my little or non existence of sanity.
why i googled this topic?? well let me just save you from the chronoligical run of incidents.. i have been suffering from a bad deal of gastric problems or in a more scientifical medical term GERD. what is GERD? Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a more serious form of gastroesophageal reflux (GER). in a more lay men term means heart burns, reflux, gas in the tummy all blend into one. and of past has been get bad. at first gastric issues does not seem scary.. but lets not kid ourselves.. one knows their own body system better than others would..

Chronic GERD that is untreated can cause serious complications. Inflammation of the esophagus from refluxed stomach acid can damage the lining and cause bleeding or ulcers—also called esophagitis. Scars from tissue damage can lead to strictures—narrowing of the esophagus—that make swallowing difficult. Some people develop Barrett’s esophagus, in which cells in the esophageal lining take on an abnormal shape and color. Over time, the cells can lead to esophageal cancer, which is often fatal..

hahahahahaha bordering on insanity im telling myself am i really gonna go with this or is this just one of my drama moments ... how at this point i wish it is...

in order to know if this is really what i am facing .. a couple of test would need to be carried out.. luck be on my side i have yet to take those test.. i might just be scaring myself.. oh god it is scary.. as i am typing away the discomfort in my tummy is just to close for comfort.. subhanallah..

this i guess is my wake up call.. i need to do this.. i am scared...

i need to know to proceed ... please make me strong.....

i have taken upon me responsibilities and quest that i want to fight on for... my work, my life, my family.... going green, completing those castles in the sky with my kor, giving my mom a comfortable lifestyle.. these things come first... they do.. they do.