Monday, February 23, 2009

playing a bird, launching a star and everything else in between..

its 12.31am.. my body is dead tired but then my brains is still in over drive mode.. so yeah here i am typing away ... my current updated status on facebook is of me going back to acting.. yes well not that i have quit or away from it.. but in a more serious tone i have been hosting more than doing my acting gigs...
in the next 3 months i shall be practicing for both camera and stage.. yup you guys heard me right i shall be standing back on stage this coming May.. aduii yang best tu the run of this show falls on my birthday pulak tue..well the show that i have taken upon doing is a twist to a legend "Merong MahaWangsa" fuyoohhh.. yup read the line above carefully.. theres a twist to this beautiful legend.. for the first time ever yesterday i saw the script and yeah i said yes because i get to experiment in playing a bird.. yupppp ok im sure Alan dah pikir lain dah tue.. well if you guys want to know more then be sure to catch it in istana budaya this may ya...
im currently juggling getting ready for stage, being mentally prepared for a chinese drama (itu korang kene tunggu) and imparting my knowledge( cehhh macam master sifu konon berbual) basically teaching the ropes to some one thats gonna add on more color to the industry.. tapi im worried if what ever that i am passing down is good enough or sufficient for this person to use on his journey .. night after night i ask myself, day after day i still cant find that answer.. aduiii pening..
its gonna be a busy week ahead..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

upin dan ipin, sangkar, racist remarks and many more..

hari ini i had the beautiful talented Atilia in the studio for celebrity chat.. wahh sungguh best.. kenapa well for 1 this girl has soo much talent yet she is down to earth .. second i have adored her mothers voice ever since .. and finally just now i got a chance to have a 1 to 1 chat with her.. thanks babes for the CD.. jgn marah baki zainal dapat cd yg di sign secara exclusive dari atilia harun ok... dia memang cantikkk..
but the high light of the day was that i got to meet larger than life celebrities huhhhh.. yes you see the picture kat atas you would have to agree with me kan they are larger than life siapa lagi tapi kalau bukan kembar paling famous kat malaysia sekarang nie Upin and Ipin... yeayyyy!! i have never been so excited to snap a picture with any celebrities before.. (yes yes i think my stylist masih dalam mode valentines thats why baki zainal is dressed in a pink t-shirt apa apa pun terima kasih ya philosophy) back to these 2 naughty kids.. they have swept the nation wei with their cartoon series that could only be caught during the ramadhan month (unless you have them on VCD lar kan) the phrase Betul.. betul.. betul and nak nak nak!! has become a new catchy phrase that any kids would easily remember huhhhhh... how i know well i have four of my own at home.. and currently these boys have an animated movie out at the cinema called "Geng, Pengembaraan Bermula" yup cayarlar guys.. i really cant wait to catch it weiii..
these 3 jokers are the voices in the movie plus writer..note that the huge cotton candy in the middle is not a part of the cast (he wishes)..
a really funny thing happened during both interview.. few days ago while i was hosting an event racist statements and issues were evoked in 2 different arguments.. i wont type what they were or what event that was but 1 thing for sure i was really effected as these words were uttered not by idiots but then by orang yang berpelajaran.. bestnya lagi by people of my race.. and that made me feel very disappointed and ashame sebab i personally believe in unity and being 1 with each other.. i love my country for its flaws and warts and everything beautiful of it.. and seriously i cant be bothered about who rules my nation but then what will anger me is of people or parties that saje saje uses racial issues as a weapon. i hate people who uses race issues to attack and create havoc in my malaysia..
but today not intentionally done my two guest spoke about racial harmony and promoted the idealistic ideas of being 1 malaysia.. that 1 way or the other sent a smile to my face.. because i believe that theres still hope.. you see being different is a good thing and understanding the differences between us makes us a more united country.. imagine living in a nation where theres only 1 race, 1 culture wouldnt that make us boring.. i feel im lucky to be able to live amongst so many different colors, people, religion, faith, culture, languages.. living together and accepting each other makes us uniquely Malaysia and i am not ready to let small minded biases and ignorance take that away from me.. i love my country, i love my Malaysia

Thursday, February 12, 2009

off smoking clowns, work and suprises

hahahaha scary huh.. seeing a clown of such manner can only happen in nightmares or some kinky party hosted by the "playboy" mansion... hahahaha well actually this picture was taken during my trip down to johore for work.. it was a photo shoot done by the ever talented Alan Thoo.. yes yes.. but no lar the shoot did not involve the clown having a ciggie.. it was more of a wholesome shoot.. this picture was taken by me during the breaks.. i shall inform you guys bout the project soon enough..
its been a hectic, good week or soo as you could see i still had time to goof around while i was traveling all over for Shanghai nite project hosted by DiGi and managed and coordinated by Eventplus.. the shows that brought me to 5 different states was a blast and was alot of fun.. yelar mana pernah eventplus buat event yang bosan kan.. huhhh..many things are taking its place for the year.. projects have been lined up.. shoots are on their way and soon i might even be in an "istana budaya" production.. lets keep our fingers crossed.. Alhamdullillah...
i shall be in ipoh this weekend to celebrate Anderson Schools 100 year anniversary.. its a big concert featuring many local celebrities such as Dina, Diddy, Suki and Azizi.. siapa lagi host dia kalau bukan baki zainal.. cayarlar.. yang best dan mengerunkan is that the sultan of perak shall be gracing the event.. and my only concern currently is what am i gonna wear kahh kahh kahh kahh.. yelar i would want to look my best lar kan..
i have tonight off so as usual its time to catch up with the home front so here i am in starbucks blogging away while the 4 kiddos are in kumon.. miss them soo much.. i have also nailed down which canon camera that i want.. and yes soon insyaallah its mine...masa tue hahhh this blog shall be full with pictures take by me.. hahahahahahahaha.. ok gonna sign off now.. catch you peeps later..

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

banana leaf, lions club, starbucks and more

Blame not the drunkard you who wine eschew , if i had grace i would have abstain like you, but mark me you vounting zealots , you create a thousand worse sins than drunkards do..
by Omar Khayam..
i saw this piece of news in todays Harian Metro and i was kinda disturbed in many ways than 1.. why? well for one i am an honorary lion for the lions club of ipoh metro.. and at the same time i am muslim.. does that make me a bad muslim????
you see for the past years i have been hearing about how the lions club is jew associated.. but how true is that i do not know... if they are funding the gaza war i do not know.. but i can tell you what i know thou.. the lions club and the leo clubs has been contributing not just to charities but most important of them lot to the development of the youth and their growth.. i have seen so many leos out there who by being apart of this club improved themselves in many ways than 1 and have leadership installed in them even so at such a young age.. they learn how to organize, they learn how to lead, they learn how to appreciate friendship and most of all they learn humanity.. i have been involved in many of their activities and i have yet seen a session where we are to bow the zionism or follow those rights and ideology that at this moment is bombing and killing many innocent lifes in gaza... infact many of them as i am typing away is trying to think of ways and methods to raise funds and help those in need in gaza...
yang paling ironicnya as i am typing away while i am sipping my mango passion fruit frap those that makes Baki Zainal less of a muslim and among all less of a human being?
its so easy for us to dish and to kutuk and mark people when we see fit.. does that make us a better person? rather than being busy in worrying who to ban and who no to be friends with why dont we come together and figure out how could we help those that are in need... protest like these will not help that poor child who has just lost her family, her home and even a chance of survival.... please lar people enough is enough rather than pointing fingers lets take action.. theres a Forum for Palestine going on this thursday in kl.. that i really think we should go and support if your in town. the cover charge is RM50 and proceeds will all be channeled to the Gaza fund.. log on to WWW.CRIMINALISEWAR.COM to find out more...

aduiii... stresss .. lari topic sekejap.. im sharing with you guys another food journey of my families that we took the other day... it was our banana leaf day... yumm yummm.. all 10 of us were in Paandi's PJ and we had a beautiful Kari Rice Session... yumm yummm
well you guys could say that my family are big eaters... well we enjoy life and we enjoy each others company...see if you could spot any familiar faces.....