Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OMG.. hahahahaha

oh my god.. someone just posted an article for a homebased emaker thing that my mom was intereviewd for as one of the mothers of the year some where in 2000 or so... man that article has been really long and well you could say that as all or most articles some of the information on the article has been fabricated to add upon that feel that mama had a very hard life..
i mean yeah mama went thru heartache, mama did have a hard time bringing me up and yes she does deserve the tittle of mother of the year.. my mother is not perfect but i love her to bits as she has always been there for me..
i have not seen megat for the longest time and last night i finally got to see him and it was really something catching up.. we really caught up as both of us stayed up till past 6am hahahahaha heck after drinks having mcdonalds as breakfast... i cant get over the look on megats face when i drove his new car which was a stick hahaha he could not believe his eyes..oh man i missed him.. ok fine i am sentimental and i know that this is gonna come out sounding wrong but then at the same time i really love and missed people who has seen me as me and has support me in being me and has never changed from that.. they are who i keep close.
im leaving for melaka tomorrow for a day trip as theres work in melaka. then thursday is another whirlwind in all aspect.. i dont even know if i could make it to farina's birthday do.. have a feeling that it is gonna be a big do.. and im kinda not into meeting people currently. just feel like staying in my little cocoon and not move.. yeah as megat said last night i have so many people around me and yet the voices that i hear is quite faint in many ways...
i am looking forward for kota kinabalu this weekend i am crossing my fingers and every inch that i could cross i need the beach fast and soon... but till then ill just have to chill for the time being and relax.. i love life.. thank you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

im in the wrong

alrite, im not happy for this or am i ok with it.. actually i am really uncomfortable with how i am feeling now.. i have done someone wrong.. yes i have.. im not gonna mention names but i have and its not a good feeling..
i have fallen into that old habit that i had before and by all means why do i have to back track when everything is just going soo well... why do i fall back into this web that swallows me in fully? i did not mean to do it on purpose... it just happens .. old habits are hard to get rid of i guess but that is not an excuse for me to go on..
im sorry and i will try my level best to rectify this matter as fast and as soon as i could and please please do not let me fall back on this habit again..

Friday, January 18, 2008

sms now

ok . ok i think the reason that im gonna give now for why i have not been writing is extreamly lame.. hummm.. yes coz i have no pictures to put up really.. no good ones ohh baki dont lie i have just not been taking any picture or eveidence towards my daily life since the begining of this year... why humm thats an interesting question really.. i guess at all honesty i dont really fancy the starting of this year.. for one my fate is now on the line.. hahahaha that actually sounds really really freaky.. well lets just wait maybe soon enough when i feel much better and not that fat i would start to take pictures again..
recently theres this whole huha about the interactive games and sms competitions around and how people that have not yet won and spent money on it have been complaining and claiming it to be a full fraud and scam.. ok with all honesty it threads on that very thin line really hahahaha. but yeah in the first place why why take part if you think that its a fraud and that the show is just out there to make a fast buck out of you.. and funny enough these people do not stop and learn from their mistakes.. can you believe the way they have been bitching towards the local daily.. its just sad.. grow up people... stop that..
ohh man many things have been happening around me lately and well yeah i guess theres not many that is worth me ranting on about.. but i guessas i have always looked at it lets take things slow..
im off to host battle of the bands tomorrow, then wift off to penang and later jb.. more travelling this month but yeah a man has got to do what a man has to do.. ok now you all im off to bed till then baki zainal signing off

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

we gettin old hummm

and shogun very filling lar!! no buffet yeah right!!
its been really long
our day trip to mauritius
sempat posing!!!

its been really sometime since i last hanged out with the girls and here i mean sharen and sue.. ohh i miss them alot really.. we had a real nice bbq dinner by the beach in "mauritius" complete with live band and the works.. i kinda forgot that comfortable feeling that i once had the feeling of never being fearful of pulling up that warm fuzzy tattered blanket... but that feeling regains its self instantly without having to do one of those straining "effective memory exercises "i miss them really" hahahah... sometimes i wonder why am i so caught up in seeking approval in many ways.. being it friendship, career and life by general.. i guess that freedome is really a good feeling.
we chat the night away catching up on bits and pieces that we have missed out in each others life and many little moments that makes it so special.. we found out and came to a conclusion that each one of us have mellowed down in many ways hahahahaha lets not get into that. the small things and prints that only friends that have been there for you thru everything would be able to see.. we made a pack to at least catch up once every month and the dates been set hahahaha.. i mean thinking about it again is just joyful that i cant stand yet to smile and savour this moment..
no matter how long and who comes and goes there would always be those that lingers longer.. standing there and closely listening even so they might seem far away.. but they have never left our side.. haaaahhhhhhhhhhhh... thank you..

Thursday, January 03, 2008

little boy

Have i told you about a boy, who sits viewing the little specs that moves with the large world arounds him...
Never once dared to question or take part...
But he saw the littleness that outshined everything else...
he kept in silence.
slowly the little boy started learning how to stand..
as he rised from his once seating position, he felt the urge to speak about the littleness that he sees..
but still he kept silent.
standing tall, he hunch for he carries with him a voice that speaks itself in total darkness..
with a heavy load little boy force his feet to move..
steps taken felt like heavy stones tied to his legs, but little boy kept on walking.
i asked little boy "why" and all he could say was "thank you"