Tuesday, December 26, 2006

jingle bells

this years christmas brought alot of different meanings and feelings... hahahaha.... yes it did... it was shall i say a meaningful christmas.. i have always viewed christmas as having to have a lavish tree and the whole trimmings with it (something like johns house beb i love your crib man) hahahahaha but then this year i didnt have a tree and i was not back in NZ. i was here in KL tree less and yet it all went down beautifully.
i had family, frens and old time neighbours around me that was just priceless... they surounded me with so much love, warmth and the whole meaning that makes christmas so speacial..
freindships that has been rekindled and the joy of being with people that care for you is just priceless...
they say that during christmas one tells the truth.. and yes this year that was done.. we all found out a few truth... but for now i shall leave it at that and will update you when the time comes..

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