Thursday, June 07, 2012

Back on a flight this time coming book from the land of the Apsaras n the magnificent Angkor. It was how shall I say this a different experience.  A short work trip that ended up as much more as a relaxing time to be rejuvenate and mesmerized.  I would have to say that within the experience and given circumstance that I got to know Siem Reap I would say its a life style that one would dream of experiencing but lama sangat giler Wei tak tahan. I knw I knw bit stereotyping here which I'm not suppose to do but I can't help it. Wht do the people here do besides being a part of tourism? How do they do it? It's very evident, the influx of  foreign investors and business owners the mat Salleh, Korean and lets not forget the jepuns. Opening businesses such as restaurants, spa, grocery shops even. Where do the locals stand besides being j use the shop assistant or even the Tukang lipat cold towels.  Only recently receiving their independence I would have to take my hat off towards these beautiful beings constantly carrying a smile that showcases so much bravery, hope and dreams. They do live in a world that is full of apsaras. I wish u the best my people of the Angkor.  Ah kun. But for now I can't wait what is waiting for me back home in kl. I miss my boys n my ma. Hahahaha I'll see u in couple of hours ma