Thursday, February 23, 2006

dont know y?

i really dont know y i even bother to create this blog thing. since i was a kid i never ever kept like a journal of my own life before. but i guess i have to start some where. yelar after speaking to my fren just now i realized that i am actually buta IT. so im gonna give this a try out. humm what should i actually write as for todays issue gee ....its kinda odd finding yourself soo calm and stress free that you some what or the other start to think if it is normal to be as stress free as this. this is the problem with me .. jezz somebody just slap the black out tha me(i'm not making any racist remarks) i never really am thankfull for the things that i get. wait thankfull is not the word .. i am thankfull but im not sure if im gratefull for it yes i sound like a greedy sod(thanks shel for the little greed bible for christmas) i like what im doing now which is to cultivate and educate the future of our nation and makesure that with these future leaders human kind shall have a chance in redeeming the mistakes made by the two original idiots(adam and eve=hey if they werent that greedy for an apple that might just have costed 0.80 cents in giant we would not be in this mess that we're in now. just imagine our existance was determine by an apple) as to put it short im a kindi teacher... sad but thats reality.. rather than climmbing the coperate ladder and making some chinese fellow by the name of tan i starting to sound sour.. i hope not.. yeah i mean i am kinda falling in love with this new life of soul enriching, good deeds galore , clean from bribery life but the fact is that theres no stress and is that normal? thats it.. thats my question is it normal by any standards? i dont think even khayam can answer that.


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

welkam mate.
i'll link ya. then you can start making friends.
online weirdo friends.

Erra said...

cik pms

speak for yourself ya?

hello mr drama king! you must meet our friends!

Unknown said...

ok chup how do you like make blog frens

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

like this.