Saturday, June 11, 2011

im feeling sentimental

i keep getting people around me asking me "baki if theres something that you could change from the past what would it be?" and my answer has been consistent cause honestly theres nothing that i would change.
i believe living in the "now". i was not like that few years ago but now at the age of 30 looking back yes, im brave enough to say that no i wont change anything. you see i believe that whatever happened to a person slowly but surely builds the person into the person that he or she is today. i might not have had to starve nor fight in a war before but i would say yes i had my fair deal.
tonight i was in pavilion to witness UKiss fan meet session and having friends and fans from all corners screaming my name and showing their love and support towards me was just an out of this world experience. never had i imagined i would be gifted with such love and support.. you guys inspire me to be a better person.
the month of june is the month that we celebrate the man who gave us life...
im leaving for NZ in a couple of hours to spend fathers day with my papa at the same time to attend his 15th year kenduri arwah.. papa i know your smiling down on me for i dedicate all this to you. happy fathers day.