Tuesday, April 05, 2011


they say as you grow older you sleep less at night, as in your body clock wakes up not by purpose. your awake lying there thinking to yourself hang in there 5 more minutes and then you roll underneath your white comforter and either you stay awake or you force yourself back to slumber, waking up later in the day mostly regretting the idea that you snoozed off a bit too long hahahahaha.. well thats what happens to me thou. i got in really tired last night and slept bout 2am and by 6am i am wide awake. pulling the comforter for dear life for it was nice being in that state of silence and for that moment counting the blessings that i had been given.
in that moment of bliss i try to map out my day, usually when i am at home it starts with trying to reach out for the air condition remote, then opening the windows (i like to see the nearer future first before thinking way too far for me) then to the bathroom to brush my teeth and other natural human toilet behaviors, wuduk then my moment with HIM. after which i would already have the determination of wanting to rush downstairs grab a quick fix then off to the gym before everyone else and before my official day starts yelar i dont know if any of you felt this way before but like all those mat salleh tele novella siap boleh gi jogging ker swimming ker then breakfast dulu sebelum kene siap gie kerja atau sekolah its like they have such extra hours in the morning compared to us tapi kadang kadang beranggan jugak nak macam dorang hahahahahaha... where was i? oh ya my grand daily plans in the morning... being able to make those plans, its really liberating.. tapi selalunyer i end up being seduced back underneath my white linens and planning to remap my course when i officially wake up hahahaha..
feeling the soft linen grace my body, taking in the silence of the whole house is something i shall start giving thanks to from today onwards cause for this is my ME time. where i could feel safe in all my insecurity and just soundly lay there and be me.(its really a rare situation that i get to wake up in my own bed for a month plus. dont get me wrong i dont have other beds and other people to sleep with. just that for the past 2 years im so used to waking up to the tune of another suitcase another wall and the lifestyle of a traveling host. Alhamdullilah i'm enjoying it the only thing i miss from the whole waking up in a hotel bed is the white linen and covers but fret not theres always ikea and aussino to solve that matter.)
i could hear the birds chirping outside. im sure in a couple of minutes my bibik will be up, then the 3 boys will be fighting for the toilet wanting to get ready for school. im feeling sentimental now i think i'll end this with a smiley face :)