Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Man Who's Vision made Baki Zainal..

Papa, i miss you so much.. thank you for pushing me and having the vision to give me such a special gift... my tears fall tonite as you are not here to share this with me pa.. but i know that somewhere up there you see me and you share this moments with me.. sesungguhnya anak papa rindu sangat pada papa.. sudah 13 tahun papa sahut panggilan Ilahi.. sudah 13 tahun baki tak beraya bersama papa.. baki redha keatas pemergian papa.. baki hanya berdoa agar Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas papa and He showers you with all the love that you showered me.. Baki janji pa, baki tak akan mempersiakan usaha papa untuk lihat anak papa berjaya.. my only regret is that i never told you how much i love you and i admire you .. Baki Rindu Papa.. Terima Kasih Papa ku.. Thank you..謝謝您。。我愛我的爸爸。。。

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

i feel bleesed

these couple of days i have been receiving alhamdullilah really good write ups from both press and blogs.. syukur...baki Zainal, standing with Dina as cuddling adik aiman who's father is dying

one way or the other it never really crossed my wildest imagination that people would have viewed me in that light and grant me such words that at both puts a smile a tears of joy and humble bows as i really do not feel that i am worthy of such compliments.. ok i might have just caused a few people to run off to the mountains or even spew blood when they read the first few paragraph of this entry... but that is how i really feel..
i am a believer that you do to others what you would want others to do to you.. as you treat others as how you wish to be treated... my papa always reminded me "tanah tinggi rendah" which in direct translation means "the high and lows of this land"...sounds corny huh?... what he really meant was that we would always have to remember where we are and who we are...

baki zainal ad chef chandra cooking a break fast meal behind the langkawi sunset

when i first started this industry i would always remind myself that i would 1 day hope to have touched lives and make a difference with this gift that HE has bestowed me.. that is my ultimate goal (besides of course earning an income lar) heheheheehe hey i am only human... it has always warmed my heart when i have people approaching me and telling me how i have inspried them or even got them to start thinking ... recently i was in Langkawi helping out on a charity function with The Westin Langkawi... and seeing the family that i was helping out and the generosity of the people there warmed my heart and gives me hope and believe in going the extra mile in promoting unity among us.. syukur...
baki zainal, Alan Thoo and Azizi lightening adik aiman...

with the recent events like the happenings of the whole "Cow Head" issues in Shah Alam ... it gives me confidence and hope as i see the opposite in the people around me ... its not toleration but acceptance that we are looking for... i am Malay, i received Mandarin education, my ancestors came from Pundhicherry, india. My manager and blood brother is chinese and i have different races as friends.. does that makes me less of a malay? in fact that does not bother me now .. i am proud to be Malaysian.

My manager/brother Alan Thoo rised up to the occasion when i proposed to him about joining forces with The Westin Langkawi to help a Malay, Muslim man who was at his lowest not knowing if his kids will have a future when he dies of liver cancer... his outmost fear is not dying, his outmost fear is not the pain his suffering but the fear of not knowing what would happen to his sons when he is no longer here to care for them... Alan picked up the tab worth more than 5K just to fly us artiste and media so that we could create the awareness needed for the said man.. to this i stand bow to you Alan Thoo... not looking at the skin color, race and religion but only as a human being to the other.. i am blessed to know you my brother...

this whole entry is not about propaganda or even racial issues.... this entry is of my feelings and my thanks to those out there who like me believes in making tomorrow a better day for all of us.. to all of you i baki zainal says thank you... ohh ya dont forget to catch me and the infamous taxi drive KJ this coming 9.9.09 on ... allrite all nites...

sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu..

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

lets figure out what baki is doing?

baki zainal trying to act cute.... not!!!
baki zainal, its been awhile hasnt it old boy
i need to rest
he is bobbing again
hey there handsome

its 4.34am to be exact and i have just had my sahur while watching channel E!! yes yes .. nothing else was on and i got kinda carried away .. hehehehe but hey thats education k..
im fully awake really trying to figure what is there thats really worth blogging about.. i dont like trying to be smart or faking that im thinking of the world while in actual fact at this moment the only thing thats running thru my mind is shit i had too much to eat and damn i make hell of a good fried rice... wahhahahahahahaha...
i envy people who constantly worry and unselfishly think about the world, the nation, the people but frankly speaking im sure one time or the other they must think of something else.. like is my nostril hair showing or man how i would love to see that hot chick cutting vegies in my kitchen.. cause i have that issue. yes, i do think about the eco system and the nation but rather always than none i will be thinking of the 1001 other things that is happening to me on that paticular moment and time .. for example on issues of why do i feel like i have a wedgy for the fact i know that i went into parking mode down south.. hahahahahaha i know i know im not making sense..
but dont you guys just wish for that one second you are allowed to not make sense and yet everything will be allright....
i use to live in a world where everything has to make sense.. even a joke would have to make sense... it has to be interlectual if not then its a waste of my time.. life at that moment seemed really perfect.. i knew what i wanted and i knew how i wanted it and i know how many grey hair is allowed to grow on my head within the next 5 minutes... but i soon realize that knowing does not gurantee you security and success.. and seeing people around me who cant really seemed to care if their underware is not filed according to the color and your tooth brush is meant to be next to your shaver while the paste is slightly slanted to the right. ...
now i live in a world where my heart is given a louder mic ... maybe wrong but the constant believe it has is admirable.. aite im gonna go to bed now.. ill talk to you later..