Monday, May 04, 2009

i had a dream2

Baki's new baby just a couple of hours old.. i wonder what to name her..
Dina feels that with this baki zainal will be able to get paris hilton
cheryl, alan and simon telah menyampaikan hajat baki zainal

Last night was my 2nd birthday celebration this year and yes my birthday is only on the 16th but then syukur ramai yang sayang saya thus last night after a whole day of fun with sharen and sue i went to join Alan as he celebrated my birthday along with the celebriteens and suprise suprise my cousin Dina...
and jeng jeng jeng i got what i have been wanting for the past few months but tot that it was tad bit too much self indulging an ipod touch 32g... yes thanks to alan, cheryl and simon.. i love you guys.. i finally got it and im sure for the next couple of nights i wont be sleeping.. but at least i know that i wont be alone in china no more... dina gave me Paris hilton for men.. huh at first i was bit skeptical but then i am growing to like it.... thanks coz..
hari nie pula my baby came yes my 308 is finally here.. i am off to a meeting ... we talk later.. alhamdullillah..

i had a dream..

you see the power of visualizing and believing does work in many ways.. i have received my first birthday gift.... it is now 2.30am .. i will up date all of you 2morrow but for now.. i am blessed and i am happy.. thank you Alan, Cheryl, Simon, Zenny, Azizi, Ben, Acap. i love you guys.. more info tomorrow.

Friday, May 01, 2009

her day as a star!!

baki zainal and his beautiful mother zainah hassan
mama getting her make up done by the wonderful people of The Make Up Store
Winnie's brilliant team from A Cut Above giving mama a edgy hair style.

for a good 28 years (wait im still 27 ya) finally i get to see my mother all made up... yes my frens all this while the only make up that my mother uses is lipstick and nothing more..
mama and i had a photo shoot done today at DUA Residence in jalan tun razak. the photo shoot is for mothers day and yeah we went and did was great.. our make up was done by Make Up Store (thank you guys, you rock!!) our cool hair style was done by A Cut Above (baki zainal sayang kamu)and mama was dressed by MS Read and my cool outfit was put together by Duke and Dutchess .. mama was nervous at the start of it, she could not even put a smile on her face for the whole morning she did not even wanna touch breakfast hahahahaha that was funny...i guess having such professionals around us made it slowly easier for her and made her comfortable as then she warmed up and started to pose like she is one of the finalist of cycle 12 of ANTM (tyra would be so proud).. i guess she enjoyed it and that was the most important part of it all and best of all i got to spend the whole day hanging with my mom and spend quality time together... i am so busy at times that i must admit i take people around me for granted yes i do commit such crime, i forget and expect the things that she does for me (which honestly she does not need to ok) and sometimes i even forget to thank her.. ma'syaallah.. well guys wanna know what i am talking about be sure to grab a few copies of NST this coming wednesday and you guys will find out more.. i have many other things to write but my eyes are telling me to switch off and sleep.. ok guys nite.. will update you guys before i leave for mongolia and china.. nite all..