Sunday, March 05, 2006

amaring race

hey hey guess everybody now knows that amazing race is current lookin 4 asian people to participate in the competition yes yes they want to make seem that yes the americans are not racist and that they belive that evrybody deserves an equal chance of competing in the race..but since its an asian addition the prize money is not of the actual 1 million value but 10 per cent of it only. yes we are not worthy beings. its kinda interesting that now with it being at our doorsteps it take this certain courage from all of us to admit to the fact that are we brave enought to subcome to such a challenge (recalling my aunt saying that all these people on these reality tv thing is just out there to make malu of themselves and their family respectively. hahahaha.) but i guess we kinda can look at it in a different perspective. i mean it might be a good platform for people to build their sel worth and confidence..(what a lot of bull) but that its true. i mean look at it both gay guys admitting to the world on how they feel that by being gay it makes them strong and confident to win .. yeah rite they lost to a 60 year old couple huh.. take that elton john.. anyways whatever it is i guess in order to find the truth of this whole propaganda one shall have to experience it one selve thus for the sake of humankind i with unreserve heart sacrifice myself and would snd in my applications befor the 15th march 2006. may god be with me and may the answer prevail... hahahahaha

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amaRing race?