Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recalling 2009

it is such a rare occasion for me to be awake at 7.30am after a nites out with my kor kor and the kids. well yes hahahahaha you do not need to adjust your screens and its not a typo error.. i am currently snuggled in bed in a hotel room in penang blogging at 7.30am.. but one thing i can assure you that my entree might still not be whimsically sensible even at such a clear state of mind. since i am already fresh at such hour i tot i might as well recall what 2009 means to me... before i begin again i apologize for if any of my rants on this entree might offend any of you..

2009 has been a major roller coaster ride in many forms, health, career, wealth (not that i am now a millionaire) growth, family and relationships.
this year opened with a slow and steady mode. it started with everything going on sepia mode (like that makes any sense, but heck its so early in the morning and that line sounds cool so bare with me hahahahahaha) with everything moving along yet not so clearly formed... my best friend settled down late last year early this year, which is something really beautiful yet at the same time something that i had to adjust to.. career wise was still as per norm shows here and there then a hiatus that i took in order to assist in the form of someone Else's dream .. alhamdullilah.. that is taking shape slowly but surely.. a big chunk of reality and emotional wealth was lost in the form of my papa's house as the maintenance and up keeping was just too taxing for us to bear.. then came the month of april where in a blink of an eye my career took on a journey that still feels like a one way ticketed roller speed train ride just minus not having freddy mecury and elton john on board.. i got a chance to travel and see a bigger picture of a country that has always puzzled me 'China'. one of the many working trips that i could never forget.. being able to use my gift and finding my purpose as a khalif's on HIS beautiful land subhanallah.. it makes me feel how small of a dot i am on HIS magnificent blueprint..

of course how could i forget the chance of being a part of a big family called "Mr Siao's Mandarin Class". working with such talents and divest personalities. you'll be glad to know that the 2nd season is in pre production mode and surely soon my reality will be that of Amir's.

being joined by like minded people to give a voice to a cause that truly lays deep in my heart. Malaysian Celebrities Go Green. insyallah.. this will be a never ending journey.

now reaching the end of the year (figure of speech as we are left with only a few days to go) i have been given an awesome end of the year gift in the form of "Step Forward" or 橫行8道。one experience that i yet could conclude my feelings towards as its a colorful rainbow of excitement, anxiety and maximum usage of sunscreen.

my personal life does not loose in luster to my current carrier growth.. with the cancer scare, getting H1N1 and nearly being hitched off to a distant indonesian relative hahahahaha yes drama... this year really taught me the meaning of loyalty, family and friendship.. with such a hectic schedule and non existence of personal time i see a clearer picture. they say friends come and go in life but those who decides to linger are keepers well i agree.. i cannot stop but to marvel at how lucky i am to constantly have such beautiful people in terms of family and friends around me to keep me sane or insane in my case. each one of them energizing me every time i drain myself off my emotional wealth. i wont mention names you know who you are.. to you i say 'I LOVE YOU' &"THANK YOU".

of course how can i recall this year without acknowledging the fact of the lost of such beautiful people who one way or the other has inspired all of us. today i refuse to spell their names out as one way or the other i prefer to keep them alive by seeing the good and the beautiful creations that they have created around us..

2009 has been a kind year to Baki Zainal. it has been a year that i could look back and say i enjoyed this year. alhamdullilah ..syukur... i am starting next year with a beautiful sunny note as i will be away for a week of work in the beautiful islands of simpadan.. but for now i am gonna end this entry with a full thank you to those who have made this year and life time a good one for me

mama.maklong.abangogy.kakanja.alan korkor.hazlin.sharen.zeeka.geetha.suraya.adam.amin.alif.alisya.far.shel.clyde.bytes.mabel.diana.alvin.elvana.wincci.dina.pinjoo.fara.dina.farin.melissa.erin.cynthia.fikry.sara.makchu.andak.chuyem.azizi.zenny.saban.simon.simone.adelina.kent.boon.steve.cindy.abangrama.lihping.idamariana.aishahsinclare.yasminhani.winnieloo.mahmood.lina.anne.grace.kenny.bahir.chihoo.matt.benji.arvin.elly.rina.razif.juliana.jules.amir.andrew.zee.rob.kakadik.kakvoni.abangpaul.zaman.ein etc

Friday, December 11, 2009

6 lessons of 2009

You see last year before the stroke of midnight we sat down and listed out what our goals for 2009 would be… Alhamdullilah I have made a few of mine come true. I wont list them down now as there is still a few more days to go… but amidst my wanting to achieve these goals of mine now seated down in front of this lap top I can’t remember the process and the lessons I learned. I am feeling a sense of remorse now as for I believe that life should be a learning curve and each inch of it comes with a lesson…. I hate to admit it but I got lost somewhere in between my goals and me… my kor likes to call this the “broken link” (I can so see the smirk on his face if he reads this but I guess I would just have to let him have that smile). Its ironic how just a week ago my kor was going on about the broken link to his beloved Leo club members and now here I am worldly, as I like to believe I am affected by his talk…

This posting might offend some people so before hand I baki zainal would like to apologize… Tonight I want to pay tribute to a few people that have indirectly taught, inspire me this year.

1. Alan Thoo @ Mr Manager @ My 哥哥
“I never knew I would be able to inspire and touch people by just being myself”. This was exact word that came from this man. You see, 3 years ago I would never have imagine that I would be typing these words out. You either loathe him or you love him. I chose to respect and love this person. And the lesson I learned from him is Passion. His passion to lead and guide the people around him to pursue in being the best they could ever possibly be, even so his techniques at times can be misunderstood as being a bit non radical but the ending would always stress on an individuals growth in being the best they could be. He told me tonight as he has never imagined or planned in managing me full time this time last year but I am glad he did, I thank him for having faith in me and believing in me and the passion in seeing one achieve greatness Is what I thank him for... many fail to see that kind heart underneath that hard exterior. But once you get to know him better you’ll find out what I am talking about. I would not say he is perfect; he does have his flaws like any of us
(Dude can be really impatient like seriously but look who is talking) but then his quality is what makes him a gem.
There are times where we would banter and argue on certain issues pertaining to work or life and my respect grows day by day on how this person would at times take a step back to see the picture and agree or deal a compromise to the issues. It might seem easy but I don’t think I would be able to do so yet alone for a man who can have anything his way. This to me makes him the bigger man. I can tell you one thing both of us are hot headed. Both stubborn. But then his ability to see logic makes me respect him more... his ability to trust and accept me for all that I am and all that I could be. There are many of a time that we sit planning to build that castle in the sky, visualizing each brick, each tower, each bridge and dungeons (mainly for Simon to manage) and I somewhat know that I am safe having a fine architect, town planner and above all dreamer as my kor kor on my team. Many of times I take a step back and wink towards the sky as I thank Him for planning my path as to cross my kor’s path.
I type as how I think so I apologize if this entry is giving you a migraine.

2. Mohd Faszwi Ibrahim @ Abang Ogy @ Captain Faszwi
I joke on how my abang ogy is going thru mid life crisis, on how within a few days a Superbike and a new car is parked in our driveway. But I had to hold back my tears during his 40th birthday speech. Family and togetherness is what I learned from him. This year marks my 11th year staying underneath the same roof as my abang ogy. His ability to relentlessly guide and love us is something I bow towards. I use to not understand why is it that he works so hard in pulling and keeping all of us together when each of us are going thru our growing pains as adults having different directions in life. But after a while I saw the picture from his eyes and how priceless and how important it is to be a family. Nothing beats having the support of your own family members. We do have our fights and disagreement but we stand together when the going gets hard... we stand to be each other’s pillars. I believe in his cause and I promise I shall carry on with it.

3. Zenny Lyn, Azizi Zakaria, Saban
“I wanna be on top” determination is the lesson learned.
I remembered describing Zenny as princess Fiona from shrek the first time ever I laid my eyes on this girl but she determined to prove everyone wrong. Swallowed criticism, she swallowed people calling her names, she swallowed rejection. All she had inside was determination and a belief that one day she would be the best that she could be and as I am typing these words Zenny is slowly transforming into the swan that she is meant to be.
Having to spend his crucial teenage life away from home learning and picking up the industry Azizi does not stop but to amaze me. A small time kampong boy who is not afraid to dream brings back so much memories.
“I just want to sing abang”. A true talented voice that just wants to perform having to find his standing in this unforgiving industry, tripping over hurdles and learning to swallow the pain and hardship that comes with it and yet never giving up that one day he will shine is how I describe Saban.
And all I could say about these 3 individuals is they are determined and every time I sigh, I remind myself on what they are going thru and I stand back up.

4. Zainah Bte Hassan @ Mama & Zabeha Hassan @Mak Long
You see I have heard somewhere before “loving and liking is 2 different things” one can love without liking, but its hard to like without loving. Mama and Mak Long taught me unconditioned love... im tearing while I try to type this lesson. Their ability to give each one of us love and guidance is something I pray I would be able to learn. And it saddens me that I might one day loose them.

5. Sharon Saw @ Ah 姐, Suraya Abdul Wahab @ Queenie
We each live different life. Our work, our aims, our principals etc but one thing that makes our relationship so beautiful is lesson number 5 Acceptance.
I knew Sharon and Sue 11 years ago and 11 years ago I knew what we have is a very special bond that would be just too difficult to crush. Sharon is a burst of colors, life and energy. Some would call that loud and trust me if you’re not used to her way at looking at things you would say she is one hell of a cannonball. Sue on the other hand is slowly phased, contempt and has a totally different approach to life and her surroundings. They are the total opposite of the other but they attract and stand firm on each other’s support. Throw in the drama king whose life at times can be chapters of different tales of wonderment makes this friendship a countless bond of tears, joy and hallmark greetings... they taught me how to accept people and things in life. Sometimes we keep away from things and situations that are foreign to us. We build this so call wall of higher judgment or moral which in fairness is just a cowering tower of ignorance. I’ve decided to stop contributing bricks to that wall and lay a stronger foundation in supporting my friends and being there whenever they need me emotionally if cant physically. I accept them and in return they accept me.

6. The final lesson I learned this year is to “live”. I admit that I can be OCD at times that I forget how it feels to live and the pleasure of just letting go and being. Incidents and people around me taught me this lesson. Life is just to short in freighting about the small specks. Focusing on the bigger picture makes life a smoother sail. We have lost so many beautiful people this year and 1 thing these people have in common is that they lived their life believing in painting a more colorful united picture.

Honestly this year I would have to say has contributed in my growth as a human being, as a person, as an artiste, as a son, as a brother and as a follower of His belief. I can’t imagine having to be on my deathbed and not understanding or have learned any of the lessons above.

So to all these people above I would like to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Thank you for teaching me such valuable lessons that no textbook would be able to teach. To all of you I bow.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

finally i am blogging

i am now in my kor kor's office blogging away as for my house is currently Wifi less.. i know its so zen hummmmmmmm.... but yes hopefully soon i can get my brother to go to the Telekoms to settle this issue on his days that he is not flying.

life has been good, everything is going as per say and per done.. in what terms and what gramatical law does that sentence exist well guess what i dnt know and i cant give a rat ass to that hahahahahaha...

im really happy seeing the difference and the hope that MCG2 has given to many out there... alhamdullilah its such a breath of fresh air .. punt no intended.. hahahahahaha

im getting rusty at this blogging thing .. let me get myself use to it once more and i shall update you guys on my happenings aite..

but till then stay safe guys and remember Green in the new Black.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Greening all the way!!

Baki Zainal giving a talk to the 三德 boys...
Baki, Winci, Dina n Azizi making planting tree a glamor activity
Baki " we found the bottles, im sure jack sparrow was here "
Baki Kawai as he greens
Baki declaring that the incident of buying off all the belancan in melaka was not him... the press was not pleased..

theres was a very interesting question thrown to Dina, Wincci, Azizi and me this morning as we were waiting for the Kinta river Clean up started .. "Why were we there?" and are we really into this or its just a trend or a marketing gimmick? and well after only an hours sleep and no coffee in the morning my answer was "we reached ipoh at 5am slept for an hour and is standing under the hot sun, if we are not really into these i dont know what we were thinking off"...
Today marked's join clean up with the leo clubs and the first club to take the initiative is the leo club of sam tet... ok im starting to sound like my manager... ahahahahaha... it was a blast.. true we didnt get to go into the river and yes we did not manage to banish all the rubbish from the kinta river but i guess we created a loud enough voice for people out there specially in ipoh to take concern towards their surroundings and start taking their small steps in making a difference..
before i get carried away, i would like to thank the people supporting this belief of mine and making todays event a reality and a success.. Wincci, Azizi and Dina for taking time off from their awfully packed schedules... Alan my manager for pulling media together and uncountable sleepless nights in helping to have such a good start out.. the leo club boys for heading our call and being so supportive.. the media that is helping us have a stronger tone of voice.. and everyone else who have started to make the small differences in ensuring that tomorrow will be a greener day for our next generation.. to all of you i humbly bow in respect..
sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang anda semua... and HE who sees and hears my call.. alhamdullilah..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i have no title

Kadang kala baki tak pasti adakah setiap keputusan yang baki ambil tue merupakan keputusan yang paling tepat.. will i one way or the other bite myself in the toes again? ... susah kadang kadang.
simple scenarios and even big decisions at times are made by difficult and long ponders but then theres also many that are crafted by the simple twitch i get.. many of which i am happy with and many of which i still ponder on....
kepercayaan dan nawaitu seseorang itu penting.. sometimes we question people.. but then we also fail to see or question our own selves.. are we in it fully or are we as half hearted as the others.. susah soalan nie.. when i am faced with such a wall i leave it up to HIM... HE who sees HE who knows .. insyaallah..
im gonna live and be intoxicated by life ... i welcome anyone who wants to join me..

Monday, October 19, 2009

i like this


im enjoying my life, infact after the whole cancer scare (according to zeeka everyone will have it at least once in their life time) i have made up my mind and am going to live life to the fullest..

i have always tot that i am a person that seize the moment n day until recent that i realize i no longger am that person.. but after that aftershock.. i am gonna live.. no more second tots.. thats what i shall do..

today, i finished what i was to do.. today .. i enjoyed my day.. today i helped .. today i inspire and am inspired..

today i shall start...


Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrity Chat goes green, MYCG2, Kiehl's Save our rare earth campaign and YAWA's Bio diversity camp...

Baki Zainal with Andrew, Rina,Aishah,Yvonne,Azizi, Aunty Zai and the kids from YAWA.
Headlines: Baki Zainal joins "im a celebrity get me out of here" hahahahahaha
flower girls for your wedding? so yesterday.. have Baki, Sazzy and Yasmin walk you down with potted plants.. going glam while you go green..
i know i know its bit late for me to be posting bout the launch as it happened 2 weeks ago.. but then hey theres no harm in spreading the word out ya..
ok first up.. Celebrity Chat Goes Green...
Well guys tune i to celeb chat every wednesday in the month of October and you might just stand a chance to walk home with a hamper from kiehl's worth RM415.. all you have to do is send in an sms and tell us "how would you go green".. plus stand a chance to walk home with a RM800 hamper when you design a really cool X'MAS card using recycle items.. send it in to us before end of october and you might just walk away with cool products from kiehl's worth RM800.. (Malaysian Celebrities Goes Green)
Now initiated by my manager Mr Alan Thoo and backed up by Baki, Wincci, Dina and azizi.. this web page is to provide Eco infos for readers out there and what they could do to follow the footsteps of their favorite celebrity in going eco.... at this current moment the web page is under construction but you could join our facebook group k...

Kiehl's Save Our Rare Earth Campaign ..
Recently the good people at kiehls launched their latest outlet in Bangsar Shopping Centre and at the same time launched a campaign that encourage us to as the name goes Save our rare earth.. many celebrities turned up in support of this cause.. and alhamdullilah i am glad and honered to be a part of this good cause.. cayar lar kiehls .. keep it up ...

YAWA's Bio Diversity Camp...
ok this coming 13,14,15 of november baki zainal would be away camping in Gunung Nuang with Aishah Siclare and the great people from Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam (thanks guys).. yup in conjunction with kiehls Save Our Rare Earth Campaign, YAWA will be having this camp for kids aged 10 to 17 years old .. here theres tons of cool activities for them to get their hands dirty with and at the same time learn the importance of playing outside and loving our eco system.. wanna find out more log on to ..

ok humm im wondering why is my entree this time so clinically clean.. hahahaha i dont want to confiuse myself cause theres actually tones of info to load about this effort and this cause that all of us are concern about.. some people might just blink and eye and say that its just a gimmick and everyone just wants to jump on a band wagon.. hahahahahaha thats really funny because one way or the other i really wish that everyone does jump onto this bandwagon because we need as much people onboard to make a louder noise and to make a bigger impact.. its near impossible to ask one person to make major adjustments to their lifes and that might not sustain but if its small steps that you take that might just become a daily habit and slowly with these little steps and everyone combined we will make that difference.. our mother earth is crying out to us with her tantrums of Quakes, typhoons and draught.. if we dont soothe her no one would..
Great thanks to all the celebrities on board, my ultra favorite Kiehls, Alan Thoo and everyone thats out there supporting this effort of ours.. to you i salute..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

being daring are we?

Baki Zainal going retro baby.. thanks to Material
Baki Zainal for next years calender shoot...

Baki Zainal going experimental thanks to Material
Look out guys... more to come

Thursday, October 08, 2009

a hair galore it was..

well last nite i hosted the launch of BSC's newly renovated infact bigger than life 5000 square feet A Cut Above.. the event took place right outside the salon.. talking about the salon i would have to say i love what Winnie and Richard has done to it.. the space and the layout of the place gives it a whole new feel of luxury and elegance.. love the private rooms concept for when sometimes you wanna rush for shows its a great place to get change and head off at the same time...
my partner in crime for this event was the ever chantiks Aishah Sinclare.. it was of course a really nice chance to catch up with everyone .. i caught up with Erin, Dawn, Dayang, Yasmin and the whole lot.. i remembered my first few do's that i was invited to.. oh man that was difficult .. i remembered having nightmares on how i would say the wrong thing, do the wrong things, be seen as not cool enough or dress not right for the event.. seriously it twisted my panties everytime i was invited to one of these social parties.. don't get me wrong its not that i dont like attending them i do i do.. ut it just arghhhhhh... anyways.. i always tell myself baki follow the crowd, baki follow the crowd ... but then i came to realize that theres no use in getting all jittery .. all you have got to do is be yourself cause half those people at this type of events are having their panties twisted too. hahahahaha those were the days lar.. but then again i feel really lucky that i have friends there heehehehehehehehe back to the event.. well it all went well with of course the whole sound system screwing up and half of the people there could not hear what aishah and i were saying.. the sound was just really bad.. to one point i had to project my voice out just so that i could do justice towards Syafinaz Selamat and Dennis Lau's performance.. well side tracking from that note it kinda hurt my tummy again and got the acid to flow.. causing pain all thru the show.. but hey the show must go on it has too.. i was given a task and trust to pull a good show and a good show is what i shall deliver... if only speakers were placed stratigicly behind and the whole thing a tad bit more organized then i guess you would have the party of the year ...
ohh i would have to write about this young chinese boy who looks like one of those Hong Kong pop idol. His name is Shawn Lee.. Do not be fooled by his Pop Idol look.. infact that might just come in as an extra niche for him.. dude is a beat boxer and hell of a good one too.. this boy definitely will have my eyes looking out for him.. infact i heard that Pin Joo is setting for a show date to have him on board Celebrity Chat.. this is what you call talent.. an all down to earth young boy who has talent and is not afraid in dreaming big... keep that and mark my words its gonna be a good journey ... insyaallah...
what ever said i enjoyed myself.. i was kinda wishing that i was feeling better so that i could stay on bit longer.. but then because of my tummy my MR manager kor kor insisted we leave soon so that i could have a warm meal.. so like my mother i tell you.. hahahahahaha to Winnie, Richard and team congratulations guys...and to xavier good show man... keep it up.. ok i better rest now have MHA in a couple of hours .. need to rest ohh i loved the baju from Material.. will upload pictures k.. nite all

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

crackers anyone?

for the past 2 days i have been waking up at about the same time 4 am just to satisfy a craving that my body has which id hunger... and for the past 2 days as usual i feed it with crackers.. now you might say gee wizz aint that a real healthy choice but honestly thats the only thing currently besides hot tea that my body will literally keep down... but this morning i made my 4am treat slightly interesting .. i didnt swallow my cracker down with hot tea.. i kept it down with the yummy manggo juice thingy that trust me on normal circumstances i would stay way far from... but today since thats the only other thing that is not cold i decided to have that with my 4am cracker..
i now no longer feel the pain only discomfort that i have is with the sourish substance that i could taste at the back of my tounge..
my mother got up as i was having my morning treat and asked with she could make me a cup of hot tea.. something she learned that would immediately put a smile on my face .. since frowning has been the color of the week.. i said no which promt her to go back to bed.. i love my mom.. all in all she tries to keep company and helps me in all manners that just makes me mad at her and questions her care towards me.. but deep down i know its my mothers way of showing that i dont stand alone and she is standing right next to me againts all odds.. subhanallah what have i done to deserve such a beautiful soul .. syukur..
i'm meeting up with the gastro specialist next week to determind what thus lay infront of me.. but till then i have come to my sences .. i have sucked my thumb long enough .. the period of scaring myself and living in fear of the boogeyman that i dont see just has to stop.. i am a fighter thats what i do best.. i can't do much to what ever that would be stated on the test results next week..thats something out of my control.. but what i could continue controling are things that would bring an instant smile to my face such as my pledge to spread the word out and help my mother earth.. finishing the blue prints and putting bricks together with my kor in forming those castles in the sky... and of course the joy of being it my turn to offer my mom a cup of hot tea when she is seated in a game of scrabble with her sisters..
He has plans for me i know... but till then i will continue fighting .. i am a fighter.. thats what i do best..

Monday, October 05, 2009

its 6:52am and i can't sleep

ive been awake on the net since about 4am or so.. well might not be an unusual scenario.. but the subject matter which i Googled for is some what new to me... Gastroenterologist... wowww that's a mouthful infact it took me just about a good couple of minutes to decide whether or not to post this blog... i finally made up my mind that i need to.. as this would be the only small haven that exist for me to keep my little or non existence of sanity.
why i googled this topic?? well let me just save you from the chronoligical run of incidents.. i have been suffering from a bad deal of gastric problems or in a more scientifical medical term GERD. what is GERD? Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a more serious form of gastroesophageal reflux (GER). in a more lay men term means heart burns, reflux, gas in the tummy all blend into one. and of past has been get bad. at first gastric issues does not seem scary.. but lets not kid ourselves.. one knows their own body system better than others would..

Chronic GERD that is untreated can cause serious complications. Inflammation of the esophagus from refluxed stomach acid can damage the lining and cause bleeding or ulcers—also called esophagitis. Scars from tissue damage can lead to strictures—narrowing of the esophagus—that make swallowing difficult. Some people develop Barrett’s esophagus, in which cells in the esophageal lining take on an abnormal shape and color. Over time, the cells can lead to esophageal cancer, which is often fatal..

hahahahahaha bordering on insanity im telling myself am i really gonna go with this or is this just one of my drama moments ... how at this point i wish it is...

in order to know if this is really what i am facing .. a couple of test would need to be carried out.. luck be on my side i have yet to take those test.. i might just be scaring myself.. oh god it is scary.. as i am typing away the discomfort in my tummy is just to close for comfort.. subhanallah..

this i guess is my wake up call.. i need to do this.. i am scared...

i need to know to proceed ... please make me strong.....

i have taken upon me responsibilities and quest that i want to fight on for... my work, my life, my family.... going green, completing those castles in the sky with my kor, giving my mom a comfortable lifestyle.. these things come first... they do.. they do.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Man Who's Vision made Baki Zainal..

Papa, i miss you so much.. thank you for pushing me and having the vision to give me such a special gift... my tears fall tonite as you are not here to share this with me pa.. but i know that somewhere up there you see me and you share this moments with me.. sesungguhnya anak papa rindu sangat pada papa.. sudah 13 tahun papa sahut panggilan Ilahi.. sudah 13 tahun baki tak beraya bersama papa.. baki redha keatas pemergian papa.. baki hanya berdoa agar Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas papa and He showers you with all the love that you showered me.. Baki janji pa, baki tak akan mempersiakan usaha papa untuk lihat anak papa berjaya.. my only regret is that i never told you how much i love you and i admire you .. Baki Rindu Papa.. Terima Kasih Papa ku.. Thank you..謝謝您。。我愛我的爸爸。。。

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

i feel bleesed

these couple of days i have been receiving alhamdullilah really good write ups from both press and blogs.. syukur...baki Zainal, standing with Dina as cuddling adik aiman who's father is dying

one way or the other it never really crossed my wildest imagination that people would have viewed me in that light and grant me such words that at both puts a smile a tears of joy and humble bows as i really do not feel that i am worthy of such compliments.. ok i might have just caused a few people to run off to the mountains or even spew blood when they read the first few paragraph of this entry... but that is how i really feel..
i am a believer that you do to others what you would want others to do to you.. as you treat others as how you wish to be treated... my papa always reminded me "tanah tinggi rendah" which in direct translation means "the high and lows of this land"...sounds corny huh?... what he really meant was that we would always have to remember where we are and who we are...

baki zainal ad chef chandra cooking a break fast meal behind the langkawi sunset

when i first started this industry i would always remind myself that i would 1 day hope to have touched lives and make a difference with this gift that HE has bestowed me.. that is my ultimate goal (besides of course earning an income lar) heheheheehe hey i am only human... it has always warmed my heart when i have people approaching me and telling me how i have inspried them or even got them to start thinking ... recently i was in Langkawi helping out on a charity function with The Westin Langkawi... and seeing the family that i was helping out and the generosity of the people there warmed my heart and gives me hope and believe in going the extra mile in promoting unity among us.. syukur...
baki zainal, Alan Thoo and Azizi lightening adik aiman...

with the recent events like the happenings of the whole "Cow Head" issues in Shah Alam ... it gives me confidence and hope as i see the opposite in the people around me ... its not toleration but acceptance that we are looking for... i am Malay, i received Mandarin education, my ancestors came from Pundhicherry, india. My manager and blood brother is chinese and i have different races as friends.. does that makes me less of a malay? in fact that does not bother me now .. i am proud to be Malaysian.

My manager/brother Alan Thoo rised up to the occasion when i proposed to him about joining forces with The Westin Langkawi to help a Malay, Muslim man who was at his lowest not knowing if his kids will have a future when he dies of liver cancer... his outmost fear is not dying, his outmost fear is not the pain his suffering but the fear of not knowing what would happen to his sons when he is no longer here to care for them... Alan picked up the tab worth more than 5K just to fly us artiste and media so that we could create the awareness needed for the said man.. to this i stand bow to you Alan Thoo... not looking at the skin color, race and religion but only as a human being to the other.. i am blessed to know you my brother...

this whole entry is not about propaganda or even racial issues.... this entry is of my feelings and my thanks to those out there who like me believes in making tomorrow a better day for all of us.. to all of you i baki zainal says thank you... ohh ya dont forget to catch me and the infamous taxi drive KJ this coming 9.9.09 on ... allrite all nites...

sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu..

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

lets figure out what baki is doing?

baki zainal trying to act cute.... not!!!
baki zainal, its been awhile hasnt it old boy
i need to rest
he is bobbing again
hey there handsome

its 4.34am to be exact and i have just had my sahur while watching channel E!! yes yes .. nothing else was on and i got kinda carried away .. hehehehe but hey thats education k..
im fully awake really trying to figure what is there thats really worth blogging about.. i dont like trying to be smart or faking that im thinking of the world while in actual fact at this moment the only thing thats running thru my mind is shit i had too much to eat and damn i make hell of a good fried rice... wahhahahahahahaha...
i envy people who constantly worry and unselfishly think about the world, the nation, the people but frankly speaking im sure one time or the other they must think of something else.. like is my nostril hair showing or man how i would love to see that hot chick cutting vegies in my kitchen.. cause i have that issue. yes, i do think about the eco system and the nation but rather always than none i will be thinking of the 1001 other things that is happening to me on that paticular moment and time .. for example on issues of why do i feel like i have a wedgy for the fact i know that i went into parking mode down south.. hahahahahaha i know i know im not making sense..
but dont you guys just wish for that one second you are allowed to not make sense and yet everything will be allright....
i use to live in a world where everything has to make sense.. even a joke would have to make sense... it has to be interlectual if not then its a waste of my time.. life at that moment seemed really perfect.. i knew what i wanted and i knew how i wanted it and i know how many grey hair is allowed to grow on my head within the next 5 minutes... but i soon realize that knowing does not gurantee you security and success.. and seeing people around me who cant really seemed to care if their underware is not filed according to the color and your tooth brush is meant to be next to your shaver while the paste is slightly slanted to the right. ...
now i live in a world where my heart is given a louder mic ... maybe wrong but the constant believe it has is admirable.. aite im gonna go to bed now.. ill talk to you later..

Monday, August 31, 2009


Baki Zainal, Wincci, Cindy Chen, Berg Lee and the boys from GoGoGo
Baki Zainal going thru some sadist torture
Baki Zainal with the dude that Zenny has a huge crush on
Baki with Cindy chen
Baki Zainal bobbing along with Wincci soo.

ola ola... just sahur and yes before i forget happy 52nd birthday my malaysia... wahhh your aging gracefully..
im up for another full busy week this coming week.. there CC, Langkawi and other stuff lined up for me.. syukur..
soo gonna leave you with pictures from last weeks GoGoGo shoot.. and insyallah might just drop in again soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

berbuka di holiday inn melaka

dina, didi,nur, baki zainal dan azizi menjayakan majlis berbuka
baki zainal berpoco-poco dengan baju melayu
bersama budak2 lelaki tun abdul aziz
baki bersama artist dan management holiday inn
baki dan artist bersama staff holiday inn yang gempaq ouls miss jaz

ok, baki sebenarnya teramatlar mengantuk tapi ingin sekali tunjuk gambar2 dari majlis berbuka puasa bersama rumah budak2 lelaki tun abdul aziz melaka.. the event rocks more updates soon..

Monday, August 24, 2009

jom sahur lagi

Azizi, dina, zeekaa, zenny and baki zainal has never looked so good without make up.. i like this photographer but wait its the booth i tell you..
alar bang baki zainal posing habis
besarnya lubang hidung ku
baki zainal having his coffee fix with his cousin dina

last nite zeekaa, dina, azizi, zenny and me decided to head up to genting for sahur.. yer memang betul.. we just decided last minute that we wanted a bit of cool air and yes semua kebosanan.. so selepas terawih i went to fetch all of them and off we went to feast in starbucks with our pizza hut ... we had tons of fun.. im blogging at this current moment because i dont want to fall asleep.. why you ask well i have a presentation in a couple of hours and if i sleep i wont be able to wake up.. sedih kan.. anyhows and anywheres you could see the pictures and judge for yourself the amount of fun and havoc tht all of us had... allrite peeps for those who are fasting selamat berpuasa...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

dah start beli baju raya..

baju melayu johor linen in white.. sungguh suci
Red Linen baju melayu johor tikam belut

ok ok i know but ive started buying baju melayu's... yes i have.. before this for the other shoots that i have done i wore clothes or baju melayu done by "Goldtrim".. thanks gold trim baju baju anda memang cantik.. this year for berbuka functions i have choosen to wear the works from qamilla.. they do really good linen and english cotten pieces.. the jahitan memang cantik... im anal when it comes to my baju melayu trust me it took me a good one hour at their boutique although i have decided what i wanted but then the stiches and the cut is really important to me.. do go and check them out and you will be as amazed as i was with the beautiful work.. you can also log on to to find out more.. my ramadhan shopping experience starts now..

the first sahur 2009

Alif trying to figure out why is he doing this again?
Adam waiting to be served
humm amin having a yummy dream
my ma actually makes a big deal of the sahur.

alhamdulillah .. once again its Ramadhan...this year compared to the other years i dont know why but im totally excited ...even my boys or in a more politically correct manner my nephews has been counting down days to this magical month..
Ramadhan brings different meanings to different people, some happy, some sad and some who dont even realize its coming and going.. as for me the feeling of this magical month has grown from fear to love and admiration... why so? well during my younger days i feared the month as i then know that there will not be lunch ahahahahahaha... i use to not fast and lie thru my teeth about fasting to my mum hehehehe i know but my mum is not stupid sometimes she can see beyond my teeth as some of the lettuce from my big mac might just still be stucked to it.. heheehehehehe .. i remembered sitting on the stairs of the mcdonalds in sek9 shah alam and eating my Mc value meal as they would not let me indulge in the shop it self...masyaallah those were the days.. but now its different as i age i value this month.. not just because according to islam this is a very special month for us to pray and do good deeds as all good deeds are payed in double or triple... but most importantly the magic of sitting down together early in the morning with the family for sahur or even during berbuka time... where you seldom get to feel and experience tht no more on normal months..thats just priceless
as for baki zainal its not hard for me to withstand hunger please im usually so busy anyways that i forget to eat or drink.. but most importantly this is the month that really test my kesabaran ... when your hungry, thirsty and tired your temper then tends to flair but not just you have to bear all this you would also have to keep calm and wage war againts exploding and causing another hiroshima blast... ahahahahahaha...this is also the month where it test your steadfast and prayers... insyallah this year i shall try to improve and become a better person.
well i leave you guys this time around with pictures of my nephews having to get up for sahur.. subhanallah these boys will grow up to be heartbreakers...

ok peeps Baki Zainal ingin mengucapkan "Selamat menyambut Ramadhan dan semoga segala yang kita lakukan diberkati Allah...