Thursday, September 28, 2006

some people say i think too i?

its the 5th day of fasting today yeah... i survived..what am i going about like as if last time i dont fast..the thing that i enjoy most about fasting is during the breaking of the fast.. and no its not just because of the food and the idea of filling my tummy with all the great yummy dishes that mummy and mak long prepare.. its the idea of being there with my family all seated at the same table getting ready to share and enjoy the wonderful dishes that has been prepared by my ma and aunt(god bless their sweet souls) that moment just being at that table is something that i look forward for every year... and this year by the way things are going looks like i wont be able to get to do that often as i have soo many berbuka puasa events to attend to.. nikko hotel, PNB, Tamarind hill and a whole lot more. the list just goes on and on... i dont look forward at all to breaking fast outside..but i do know some people who just cant wait to hit the buffet decks everytime ramadan comes along..maybe its just their lifestyle.. maybe i dont know i just dont see the logics behind it.
its now 12.42pm and i am counting down to going home time.. i just cant wait... i wonder whats cooking at home today.. im driving wai's car as he is in singapore attending auditions..i wish that brother luck.. he deserves something with the rate that he is going.. and the determination that he has.. hey hey that is impressive man.. people been giving me the dirty look and the smirk whenever they ask me why do i have wai's car.. i just dont understand..2 chicks can be the closest buds but when i comes to guys then its considered taboo...christ... what is this world getting to. aite.. tagging off now till we meet again in ramadan.. al fateha..

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