Tuesday, January 27, 2009

of Reunion, CNY and Nasi Ambang

the dish that you see on top is a javanese dish called Nasi Ambang. this dish is served in a big round tray or "dulang" and is shared between 4 people. this year my family decided to have our reunion over lunch rather than the usual dinner.. and wanting to make it more interesting we went javanese rather than chinese (giler tak give face kan kuarga aku.. dah sah sah CNY lagi nak jawa wowwwww) the preparation for this day took 2 days of slogging for the mothers in the kitchen (plus minus time off to play scrabble hahhh tahun nie main scrabble dan bukan mahjong ) in the picture under all that glad wrap theres about 8 different type of dishes and white rice... dont ask me their names im not chef wan k...
well the families started pouring in as the cold wind and rain poured on us during CNY eve.. yes they did (hahhh nie yang tak aleh aleh baki zainal rasa rimas.. dah lama sangat duduk hotel asyik kerja and being able to lepas mulut tak aleh aleh having to meet people that advisable you be nice to them kalau tak nanti mak marah kannn wahhh so susah k i nearly jumped out of my skin.. but hey ingat dorang pun nak bersedara ngan i ke? dorang pun takde choice k) anyways it was not as bad as i tot it was gonna be lar.. everybody played nice and civil, kayaknya ada juga keponakkan dari indonesia sama sam libur nyambut tahun baru kaum tiong hua.. but then even so no blood was shed i still ran out for a sec and caught a breather in starbucks (ohhh i got their new year key chain soo cantikssss)
back to nasi ambang below merupakan wira wira atau survivor survivor kita yang telah berjaya menewaskan nasi ambang itu dengan mengunakan kurang dari 4 kuasa manusia (tahap pelahap kira tinggi jugak lar k) hahahahahahaha
1st we have Dina wooowwwwwww siap baring untuk meng-adjust perut supaya ada lebih space .
ini pula gandingan Abg Og dan Uda nampak bertapa bersih dan licin daun pisang itu...
jangan sangka badan kurus tak kuat makan .. melissa masih kuat berjuang sambil disaksikan suaminya farin.......

well finally this is how the empty dulang will look like.. above all its such a cool idea this nasi ambang because you get to share and creat the bond with the people that your sharing the food with and at the same time you dont need to do much dishes....................
ok lar am signing off now.. need sleep banyak rumah aku kene pergie esok... huhhhhh baby ayden aku belum jenguk lagi aduhhhhh

Sunday, January 25, 2009

of lebanon birthdays, CNY and lots more

last nite i traveled to lebanon and back.. it was elina hariths birthday bash.. it was a fairly interesting evening i would say .. infact i would not get into details ahahahaha yelar tidak baik mengaibkan orang lain tau (in this case its the restaurant) but above all it was a nice evening of catching ups.. Happy Birthday Sweetie... its one of those moments where you kinda feel tht you have a lot to talk about but then your just lost for words..and cant figure out what to write..
so since i am at that junction and it is the eve of the lunar new year, before the ox rumbles in i would like to wish every one HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and may this golden ox brings with it prosperity, joy and health for all of us....

baki zainal

Saturday, January 24, 2009

an honest malaysian movie..

just now i got the chance to attend the special screening of a really good , beautiful , honest Malaysian movie "Talentime".. this screening was in conjunction with a charity effort to raise funds for Gaza. directed by yasmin ahmad yallah cerita nie sungguh ikhlas..sebenarnya its very simple story telling tetapi kerana cara cerita ini diceritakan dengan bersahaja dan ikhlas the story was send across so beautifully ..everytime i watch a yasmin ahmad movie i see her putting the multi racial issue at play.. and this time around among all her other movies to date i feel that this 1 handles this issue beautifully sampaikan air mata baki zainal mengalir kerana nampak kan keikhlasan dan kejujuran issue issue yang dibentang walaupun dilapik masih kelihatan benar..
before i go i would have to say that the cast is of a stellar cast cayarlar... i was really impressed by mahesh, kahoe,jac, and the many more that made this movie come to life.. sekali lagi taniah yasmin...ok guys jgn lupa to catch this beautiful movie when it hits the cinemas in march..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The World Welcomes

baby AYDEN THEIN!!!! baby ayden thein belongs to the proud MR & MRS Clyde and Shel Thein....lets us give him a bing rounds of applause... congratulations ayden, for passing our nine month trial examination you have won yourself a pair of wonderful parents!!!

last few weeks

okay okay im still not over by the excitement that i had been feeling since i found out that the episode of "Ghost" Season 2 would be directed by Ng Png Ho.. yup...the guy who came up with "Kopitiam"..... (mesti ada yang tanya kan ehh apahal macam teruje semacam bukan dulu you pun berlakon Kopitiam ke? hahhh its not the same cause when i joined malaysia's first english sitcom it was no longer directed by Png but by Carlos Agustine Bong(which had also been a pleasure) so yelar menunggu sebeberape lama.. wahh bahasa ku)
finally last night came.. after merentas jam yang amat teruk ..kl near standstill (tapi bilernya kl tak near standstill when its going home time) .. i reached the venue and was greeted upstairs by teck guan and elain and off for the usual make-up and stuff.. after an hours wait(yelar kenelar siap lampu place camera kan) it was time to work.. and my sparring partner for this scene was of course Cheryl Samad.. and everything went really smooth and it was very easy working with both Cheryl and Png.. as a director he knows precisely what he want out of the actor and yet he does not dictate but gives the actor his space to create.. he knows to the exact point sehinggakan each scene cuma memakan max 3 take.. woowww memang best dan cepat!! cayarlar.. tapi biasalar baki zainal had to keep himself compose and made it seemed that i was very collected and very professional sebab tak nak lar kan nampak macam mengampu tuan director.. wahhh lepas "sou kong" terus wajib menelipon tuan atau puan manager yang tercinta (ahh marah makcik tue nanti) untuk meluahkan perasaan teruja yang membuak buak dihati.. jeng jeng jeng...

Last AJL i was soo excited and happy that Faizal Tahir, Meet Uncle Hussien and Farawaheeda won.. yipeeee.. some more i had the pleasure of interviewing fara few days before AJL and i really feel that Fara and Abg Julfekar deserves the award that they brought home that night congrates girl.. cayarlar.. i have always liked her voice since her "tanpa mu" days and yeah i feel that she does her level best to be different and kudos for winning ya!!

huhhhh more on the home front this is a picture of Erika's barbie cake.. (and no it does not come with the taukei aiskrim yang bertudung itu) the whole celebration was fun for both young ones and the elderly hahahahahaha... i hope she liked the make-up from The Body Shop that i gave her...

speaking of The Body Shop, i would like to thank youth09 for that gift as it was a token from them for me as i was 1 of the celebrities invited for their celebrity secret session.. thanks ouls.. okay guys work has summoned me so i am going off now might just blog later tonight .. chao ouls

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i am really sorry..

I was just sitting at home trying to memorize my script for tonights shoot.. while taking bit of time off from such a "mind boggling" scene hahahahaha i decided to go on line and check my mail, do bit of surfing and find out what i have been missing for the couple of days while i have been busy and gone and then i stumble upon some info that really shrunk my heart.. i dont really know where to put this down so i decided for you to listen to me ramble again..

My friends would testify that i am one who believes and encourages people to chase after their dreams. i would be the one that would be encouraging in many many ways not letting harsh words kill other peoples hopes and desire..(ok ok aku tau kengkadang mulut baki zainal nie laser jugak but most of the time i will support k) because i for 1 believes in dreams, i for 1 have felt how it feels to let other people get to me and hurt me by saying that my dreams and goals is an impossible task... i for 1 knows that if you dream, want and put your heart and soul into something insyaallah with HIS blessing your dreams will come true..

but i forgot that few years back i have uttered mean words to a fellow human being and i have hurt her feelings by shattering her spirit and dreams.. was this act done out of spite? was this act done so that she would buckle up and prove me wrong? at this current moment i dont know and i do not want to fall for the easy escape of choosing the latter excuse so that i would feel better and the world would once again be a better place...

I remembered years back when i was still young, naive (hello sekarang masih muda mudi tapi dah pandai lar sikit). A car ride early in the morning to work might have changed my life.. "thanks ya.. hari nie would be the last day i kerja kat klcc sebab esok i nak kene register ITM."
"oh you apply course ape?"
"Mass comm"
"kenape mass comm?"
"sebab memang from last time i want to be infront of the camera ala ala Hong Jue Kee.. read the news in all 3 language"
"i bukan nak cakap apa lar kan but then baki have you seen the faces on TV.. and yelar not to say that your not good looking but then you dont look like any of them... takpayah lar mimpi"
sampai hari ini does words still rings in my ear.. i know i know i should forgive and forget and move on .. i have forgiven but i have yet to forget infact i tak tahular bilernya i could forget the pain and the tears that i was holding back all the way to work.. jalan duta toll to klcc early in the morning is a real long journey ok... that pain and that feeling is soo sure real.. dreams that i have always had since a kid all of the sudden trying to be flushed down by people who do not understand the desire and the fire that burns.. from that moment on i told myself that i would make it work and i shall let my PAPA be proud of me... and insyaallah and alhamdullillah i am on the path that i ahve been dreaming off.

but what strikes me now is the feeling of disbelief of how could i in return hurt some one else with similiar words infact harsher that stabbed me before.. how could i have done that...
now as i google i found that this person is on the path that she wants to be.. this person is on the way to leading her life how she wants to. I AM SORRY!! congratulations for all that you have done and i wish you all the luck towards becoming all that you want to become..

to people out there who i might have discourage, who i might have dampened your spirits .. Baki zainal secara ikhlasnya meminta ampun dan maaf.. if you want something badly and you believe that its yours.. NEVER!! NEVER!! let anyone come in between you and dampened your spirits you insyaallah you deserve it..

Sesungguhnya Baki sayang kamu...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

When i grow up...

have you ever seen a character on tv or even the big screen one day and you just tell yourself that when i grow up i wanna be just like you ala ala my friend simon.. hahahaha.. no but seriously have you? well its been a while since i had one of those..humm let me think who was it that i wanted to be last ya? hummm see its been that long that i cant even remember.. well last week i went and caught this movie that many claim movie of the year.. well i wont go as far as that but i would safely say its a very good and dont forget LONG tourism advert "AUSTRALIA" the movie... i went and caught it with my family at the golden lounge in GSC (i have always loved their blanket)

thats kak anja and abang og i know i know my camera phone dark..dont complain ok want to complain buy me my canon..thats me and farin.. been a while since we hung out

well its a 3 hour movie so yes spending that extra buck is worth it.. chupp why am i justifying this.. anyways where was i...ohhh ya "AUSTRALIA" .. well i wont comment on the movie as i felt that it was a beautiful movie that kinda on a surface gave me an insight on the aboriginal culture and did make me want to book a month off to aussie hahahahaha... but above all that right i came out with an ambition yes i did.. no its not to drove cattle nor is it to run a little island for half breeds(that is such a harsh word) so that GOD would not forsake them (hey not fair, HE's not mean ok) ... my ambition is to become like....

yes yes yes i want to be like him... giler macho weiiii... 1 day 1day...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

lets kick off 2009!!

hey all.. finally my first post for the year 2009.. i know its kinda 6 days late hahahaha.. anyways at least i blog rite.. well they say or shall i say i believe that how you start your year would influence the coming 12 months of the year.( damn it, why cant i start mine with hot chicks, cool rides and flashy cash hahahahaha).. i started mine this year kinda bit low key.. but most of it i felt was meaningful enough to bless the coming days of 2009.. first day of the year was fully devoted to the clan.. as you could see i dont get to spend much time with all of them so kayaknya bila gue punyain masa langsung ya family terus jadi priority yang amat penting bagi gue.. eh eh tak aleh aleh ngomong bahasa indonesia waduh waduh...

yup it was up genting for the kiddos.. i guess in a way we kinda missed the weather in bandung so we brounght the kids up to genting and joined the masses as they spent the final few days of the holidays..rasa macam kat ocean park pun ada jugak.. ohhh i have to tell you guys about my experience watching The Spirit in the lovely OSIM massage chair.. wahhh enak sekali dong.. it was just wonderful , nasib baiklar ada kerusi yang enak, empuk dan syok itu kerana tidak i would have been swearing under neath my breath cause The Spirit is one of those movies that i would call "buek!!" its such a bad movie, with lame line and a stellar cast.. tolong lar please boleh tak just pergi mati.. arghhh stressss..

huh cuba teka saya dimana? it looks like a chicken hotel doesnt it from this angle tapi sebenarnya i went and got my nails done.. yes yes i know it sounds very beckham tapi guys terpaksa ok.. i mean everytime i shake hands with people at the functions i attend to i need to make sure that i have a smooth and good looking hands cause that would be the first thing that these people get to touch.. ok ok i know lame .. sememangnya best gie buat pedi and mani so shot me if you want to no these arent my nails.. too mach bling for me hahahahaha thats my jies feet.. ahahahahaha... well besides the daily grind of work and stuff i think i started this year pretty much how i want my existing days in 2009 to be like where i get to spend time with people that i love and at the same time be pampered thru out... wahhh bestnyer bestnyer... hummm hopefully this idea sticks thru.. ok all have to go.. catch you guys later.. now on my hunt for that lovely camera.. ahhhh