Monday, November 08, 2010

My Unsung Heroes

i have been wanting to blog or note down all these amazing things that had happened to
me for the pass week or so but it never really came to mind how would i be putting it to word.. and i keep on forgetting that i should just write the same way i construct my sentences when i talk and try not to hard sell to sound intelligent cause honestly i realized when i try to do that when i host or speak i end up meeting a mind block (which Alhamdullilah i'm gifted in covering it) so here my attempt in noting down what i am feeling at this current moment (pls mind my
grammatical errors)
this past week has been a very emotional roller coaster ride for me Alhamdullilah it has been
much ups rather than downs.. i have been showered by much love from friends and fans alike
. given a recognition to my work that any awards could not be able to do. every turn i make i
can't figure out the actually drive and support that burns within me.. tonight i found m
y answer. i found the source that honestly has been in front of my own eyes that i have silently
recognized but yet slowly left unappreciated..
i am blessed to have come from a very big family. i have immediate family in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and England that has been a pillar to my story. i have an awesome
mother who over the years have been doing all that she feels best for me even so at times decisions that she makes might just send me up the wall but the bottom line is she made those
decisions based on the gut feel that she wants what is right and what is best for me, tuning into my late night shows even if she falls asleep half way and yet she would still have the TV turned
into 8tv so that she knows she is supporting her son..
Baki Zainal and His Mother

My sisters who most of them are half way across the sea yet the last trip back here in Malaysia wanted to come to the studios yet were afraid that they would not be able to control their joy and feeling of how proud of their younger brother being on air that they resist and stay glued
to the TV back in the hotel room supporting their younger brother. i can still remember how some of them got bit teary eyed when after 29 years their youngest brother treated them to a family dinner in Langkawi..

My Sisters and Brother in laws

My family here who i live with, who all have been backing me for each decisions that i make be right or wrong. giving me the unconditional support that i has helped to keep me grounded to who i am and where i came from..
My Malaysian Family

My extended family, who stood by me in keeping me sane and nudging me to go further in this career path that i have chosen.
My Extended Family

The word of the day is "family'.. They are the unsung Heroes that we usually forget to thank or take for granted for their existence.. i get caught up with work and life around me that i at times forget to serenade their influence and importance towards my being 'Here' today.
My brother @best friend @manager posted something on my facebook the other day "A Man Travels The World Over In Search Of What He Needs and Returns Home To Find It." and i cant agree more to that..
it has not been an easy ride for me, i've travelled a long way (insyallah i'll travel further) but it gives me great comfort to know how far i go off course or how deep in work i am buried in i am blessed to return to my "family".
My name is Baki Zainal and i am blessed to be here today.