Saturday, December 23, 2006

its really hot today

ok to be honest rite i never evr thot i would come across these pictures at all... hahahahaha i would say thank you sums for uploading these picturesss.... is extreamly hot tonite ok..i really dont know why its like a typical summer day its hot and dry.. and i guess i have just gotten tired of the whole caroling business and decided to listen to club music on BBC seriousely guys who would have thoty that BBC would have cool channels like this... buut yeah 2 days to the big day and im bored with the whole festive shitand no guys i am not having my period.. even the least of itsaw the shoot schedule just now fuyohhh i am a happy man we have extra rest day in penang and the aryani kuala means i get to chill like the pro's but that also means that not much drinking can be done in langkawi but then it could also mean that i get to bring more to penang to booze away..hurrraaayyyyyyyy!!!!! booze anywhere is still heaven ok...i could feel its nectar already...damn its hot.. oklar guys going to meet up with an old fren of mine.. no drinks tonite clean fun clean funYEAH RITE!!!!!!!

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