Sunday, August 31, 2008

new moon and a big birthday bash for the nation..

fun packed, all high merdeka bash in melaka was what i was up to last weekend.. yeah it was really a good show. but sad to say that we didnt get to do it as a proper merdeka countdown cause we had to finish by 11pm according to certain parties.. anyways it was still a blast and the highlight of the whole event was when i got to see 4 young stars shine that evening and join the ranking of artist performing that evening.. they have came a long way and i wont hesitate to say that they made it. abang bangga dengan adik adik abang.
A year has once again passed so fast.. i was sitting by the pool side of Holiday Inn Melaka and i realized that marked 1 year i emceed the launch and as fast as it gets it is ramadhan again. recalling memories of things that happened to me i could not smile and be thankful towards HIS rewards and kind gifts.. baki bersyukur sangat.. i am here not just because of my hard work and the support that people around me has showed but largely HIS aid and gift to me that has made me strong and fighting on..
With this new moon of Ramadhan i hope and wish that i would then be able to go further with the turning of a new chapter. insyaallah.. i know Your listening 2 me.. please help me thru.. Selamat Berpuasa all..

Thursday, August 28, 2008


those were the days man..
the cast of kopitiam, ohh my godddddddddd that was so long ago..

aku sedang kebosanan..i have today as in one whole day free for doing nothing.. can you believe that i am just sitting here doing nothing.. pagi pagi bangun beli breakfast lepas tue sambung tidur then bawak mother pergie marketing.. sekarang nie duk melepak buat bodoh.. later petang sikit kumon..
i think im bipolar. humm why do i say that well because i was watching oprah the other day about these people and being bipolar and i have roughly most all of the signs of being bipolar.. can you believe that. i have huge peaks and drops in emotions.. the sudden urge and serge of feeling good and at that moment irrational decisions that seems rational were made without a wink of an eye.. hummm its hard really to really say that i am bipolar..........
bipolar aside yang pentingnya sekarang baki zainal kebosanan.. ia memang.. the worse part is that bosan dia nie untuk hari nie jer cause come 2morrow i would then be in melaka working... so macam tak lar boler buat major plans yang kemungkinan boleh mengubah masa depan.. cewaaaahhh.. oh ya while i was doing research on my guest for yesterdays celebrity chat (chelsea ng) i came across pictures of us last time last time semasa we were doing kopitiam zaman dulu purba semasa usia muda jiwa ranggi.. cewahhh.. hahahahahahaha so i kinda like took 2 pictures from her official website(thank you chelsia!!) i had tons of fun on yesterdays show sebab yang dalam studio interview tue semua kengkawan kengkawan so it was more like jom lepak sambil ditontoni seluruh malaya.. hahahahahaha..
im really comfortable with this lifestyle really walaupun ada hari hari kebosanan seperti hari ini dalam sejarah.. and also you would not know when or where would your next project be.. tapi yang pentingnya kehidupan ini indah.. and i thank YOU!! for giving this to me.. dan dengan kuasaNYA dan limpah rahmat dariNYA there would be more from me to give...
oklar got to go aku baru jer terpikir tentang satu aktiviti kurang berfaedah tetapi menarik untuk membuang masa.. talk later ya.. daaaaaaa

mac book air, starbucks tumbler UiTM concert and yellow tops

well the tumbler looks like this tapi jangan lupa ia tidak berpeluh
yup.. the concert i was talking about tapi sentap lar sikit nama i takde..

imagine a tumbler that could hold your cold drinks and at the same time keeping your hands dry from the sweat coming from the melting ice of your ice passion vanilla tea.... ahhh isnt that a bliss.. well you dont have to imagine anymore as starbucks has created such tumbler.. yes and it is available in its stores in Malaysia or shall i say selected stores in Malaysia (itu pun like in very limited numbers k..) so if your lucky then well you could get your hands on one. cause now both zeeka and me have gotten our greedy little hands around the tumbler.. yes selepas punya lar mencari (we saw it first in the shah alam store tetapi kerana fikiran alar starbucks merata dan tgh tak cukup duit pada masa yang sama we didnt get them there).. ahhhhh bliss.. thanks zeek.. i love you looooooooonnnnnnnggggggggggg time..
speaking about zeek well my friend is now the proud owner of baby jane..yes yes why i say owner of baby jane sebabnya jane itu bukan manusia tapi Mac Air yang sungguh tipis, classy and menawan woowwwwwwwww...sememangnya kalau ibook aku diletakkan disebelah jane IA merupakan satu diskriminasi antara dua darjat.. jeng jeng.. tapi takpe kite tunggu dan lihat..
ohh man i am still not over the high from last nights concert in UiTM or as i told the students last night my itm.. the crowd rocks.. soo hopefully the crowd in melaka pun macam itu juga.. orang melaka jom kita berkonsert dan memeriahkan countdown untuk merdeka tahun ini.. see you at mahkota parade this 30th ya...

Monday, August 25, 2008

the heavenly andaman

humm baki zainal's attempt to do a tyra..
mama and me at The Loft Langkawi
stinky and me sunning on the boat
fish farm near pregnant maiden island
family saying bye bye andaman.. we'll see you soon...

at last i am filling in the missing pages for the past month or so... its nearly 2am in the morning and i am in bed... but i think i should leave a note or 2 here..
well last week i was at The Andaman in Langkawi with the family and OMG it was just heavenly.. as i am typing this out i cant find the right words to describe how wonderful my experience there.. every single thing from checking in till the moment you check out was just fantastic. one thing that i really enjoyed about the whole stay there was that everything and everyone there had put that little personalized touch to their service that made each and every moment you spend there magical kudos to the GM Akira for making my stay a memorable one..
well if i was to continue on about the resort i could go on and on but then i would let you guys check the website yourselves and continue with my life story... i had a bit of extra time and while at that i managed to catch up with jie, sue and hafiz.. we had a lovely evening of wine and dine and yes we ended the night with a screening of Sex In The City The Movie i know i know i sound like a Dimbo or infact in another term gay but what i loved about the evening was that all 3 of us have came so far to a point where we are comfortable with each and the others quirks and pet peeves and that we could just enjoy a simple evening of just home cook dinner and a movie after and yet we enjoyed each others company (and frankly speaking i kinda enjoyed the whole feel good movie)
sometimes one gets the simplest knowledge and lessons without having need to be a rocket scientist in figuring the lesson behind each conversation.. you know what, i could not care less on how any 1 of us want to spend the rest of our lives, i just want us to spend it the way we want it and the most important factor is that we are happy with it regardless.. i shall stand and support.. they mean alot to me..
wow guess what esok would be my first ever trip on board Firefly. yup!! i am kinda excited really bout the whole trip to penang.. alrite people catch me monday in USM and UiTM shah alam see me this tuesday.. ok aitye peeps got to go need my sleep.. hopefully i dream of the beautiful andaman tonight...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

he flew air asia

i was on my way back from penang and yes i had to fly airasia today(lets save the details for later) and after the usual loads of people that boarded the flight i was questioning myself why was the seat next to me been empty... humm maybe theres an engineer on board.. but usually they would sit near the galley.. then after a while my question was answered.. the gentlemen that came up and sat next to me was no one other than chief minister of penang mr lim guan eng... yes can you believe it the man himself sat right next to me... ok yet another bakizainal star struck moment.. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww... ok i would spare the details and the conversation that we had but the bottom line is that the man did what he had to do to be one and to really be the voice of the grassroot.. i salute him for that.. and so i am thinking maybe in a rather childish manner if you want to talk about understanding the "rakyat" and you represent the "rakyat" then think twice and think first if surely and are you really doing what you preach.. cayar lar Mr Lim!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


her name is Elina Harith

really dont know whats soo special and auspicious about this date because on a more serious note nothing and i repeat nothing really spectacular happened to me today although i would have to say i had a spectacular time with Elly and Lin, the later a wonderful time with my family. i wont put down what f-ed up today but yeah lets leave it at that...
its 1.38am i need to sleep gotta catch a flight to penang tomorrow. i am crossing my fingers at this moment theres this job that i want.. now its not everyday that you would come across a job that you would really want to do.. so when you see one you try to catch it.. you know what as cocky as i am gonna sound i am gonna say that that jobs mine yes it is... please let it be mine..... ok peeps gotta go now.. am feeling sleepy d. i'll try to blog before sabah k. baki zainal signing off.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you

tonight a very dear person in my life reminded me on the importance of being truthful and being sincere.. its hard when it comes to this bit in life.. sometimes holding in ones emotions and feelings just to suit the other and keeping in silence just so that the needles do not poke seems to be the right choice, not the wises but the right choice...
and the ironic part of it all is that she did not even need to verbally tell.. i felt it and i guess she felt it too.. i have always been program to please, to give in although i might not enjoy it.. and the dumbest part of it all is that i have been wasting time and energy on things and events that might not even be close to me... when this is done, i forget that it hurts people that means something to me..
i need to eliminate negative energy and focus on the positive.... baki wake up!!!! don't commit the same mistakes again.. once is enough ..once is enough ...
for those people around me thank you for the care, thank you for the support, thank you for "being".. i highly appreciate it.. i know even so we seldom "be" but do know that you are soo close and will always be close to me... baki sayang kamu