Sunday, December 17, 2006

teman auditions

it fels really different to be seating on the other side of an audition... this weekend i have learned that auditioning is not an easy job and making that choice is just not as easy as it seems.... the worse part is to reject or send them home time... i decided to play the bad guy this time around and it was really hard specially when you know that the person that you have just sent home is really talented but because of her skin color she didnt qualify... but among all i am very satisfide with the finallist or shall i say with the girls that we kinda put our eyes to... there is such thing as beauty with brain i mean not much but at least there is bits of fragment of brains still there... hahaha... i am being mean..anyways the final call and decision would only be made tomorrow noon so you participants cross your fingers and pray to god that your in


Anonymous said...

*ohm chi chi* babes... *lol*

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