Saturday, July 25, 2009

how weird has these days been

fly baki fly

humm.. these few days infact these few weeks and month has been really weird i would say.. maybe its the way the stars are placed , i dont really know but one way or the other its scarring me thats for sure.. the top of my list is the scare tht i got went i received an sms of the death of Yasmin Ahmad.. please guys do not send or forward text and messages until you get your facts right.. she is recovering and she will be going strong and create more wonderful stuff tht would remind us of humanity.. even so i dont really know her or she know me but i am praying for her and i urge all of you to do the same too.. insyallah..
這及個星譏里頭我在忙這一個關欲環保的活動,真的覺得很忙但通時很高幸的因為還宥好多藝人朋宥們在幫我把它做好。 真的謝謝大家。用華文寫這個blog 真的不簡但因為要一個一個的找。但我還是要學用laptop寫華文。
huhuhuh that was difficult wei.. anyways im on to this eco project that im gonna declare later when everything is confirmed.
besides tht im driving up ipoh and cross to pahang on sunday so will be busy so if you guys really need me then just drop me a line k. aite gotta go be good

Monday, July 20, 2009


Baki Zainal and Sarah.. cam whoring at the shout after party
Baki zainal is not doing a watch ad.. he just feels too hot tht nite hehehehe

hey guys, its been weeks since i last blogged and i ask for forgiveness... i wanted to blog as soon as i could and everytime i sit infront of my laptop i just get really lost for words or at the same time i just go blank hummm.. macam mana lar nak tulis my biography nanti hehehehehe
well many things happened this month dari yang sedih, gembira dan jugak yang giler.. yeyeyeyeye im talking about you alan thoo, dina and badrul.. tak tipu punya.hehehehe
anyways i have been busy with work as usual and at the same time trying to pull together a project that would i hope one way or the other create some sort of influence and impact towards my future malaysians.. yes you heard me right.. saya ingin sekali membuat sesuatu untuk negara dan bangsa saya.. i will let you guys in a abit it has to do with Eco..jeng jeng jeng..
tapi sebelum itu getting back to the non syok sendiri issues.. i am really grieved and sad towards what the world and what we are turning into.. subhannallah its really scary i tell you.. kadang kala baki sendiri takut tu even imagine what would become of the future generation if we continue to behave like how we are behaving now...
so rather than recapping all the sad stories.. i want to count my blessings.. so that secara tak langsung insyallah it would be positive and attract more possitive energy towards all of us..
-thank you for giving me such a strong, beautiful and caring mother that believes in me.. subhanallah.. i promise to treat you well mama.. baki sayang mama.
- thank you for giving me a bunch of beautiful souls that has lead to a stronger pillar of hope for me.
-alan thoo.. (i dont need to even spell it out.. you know)
- for giving me this life that i am leading.. alhamdullilah syukur.
-giving me the endless task of making myself alert and work harder to challenge myself as i progress as an artiste and as a human being on His beautiful planet..

ohh but before i sign off i want to pay a tribute and moment of silence dan alfatihah for all those that has left us to be by His side recently, Arwah Aniff, MJ and all those that were involved and sacrificed at the recent jakarta bombing..semoga Allah memberkati roh roh mereka..amin.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

my mother and i at the candy shop

Baki Zainal n his mama Zainah Hassan
Baki Zainal n his mama Zainah Hassan
Baki Zainal n his mama Zainah Hassan
Baki Zainal n his mama Zainah Hassan
Baki Zainal n his mama Zainah Hassan

well remembered i told you guys that i had a photo shoot with my mother before i went off to china for the travel show, well finally i managed to get my hands on the pictures yeahhh.. thanks to pauline from Mrs Read...
on behalf of my mother Zainah Hassan and my self i would like to thank the wonderful people at The Make Up Store, A Cut Above, Mrs Read, Dua Residency, DnD for making this a special shoot for me and my mother. i love the way my mother looks.. thank you all.. sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

"you called, MR President?"

Dont give up Baki Zainal
Baki "Why wont this ad work in saudi"?
ohh come on lar... lets face facts "how many more pigs do we have to kill before we realize its not their fault... baki
Baki Zainal ready to go into parlimen and raise the smokers rights issue
Health minister Dato' Sri Liow tiong lai and Baki Zainal

ok ok i didnt get a chance to see the prime minister but then jeng jeng jeng i got a chance to shoot with THE MINISTER OF HEALTH DATO' SRI LIOW TIONG LAI.. jeng jeng jeng jangan marahhhh.. wahhh i know i know its nothing to really shout about but hey his a cool dude and the man deserves an oscar wei.. he really does.. im off to K.T esok but will be back hopeully this weekend so to shoot with another very prominent malaysian.. lets just say the Queen of England would remember this chap.... more updates later.. see you all soon.. sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu..

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mr Siao's meet the fan session 1

Baki Zainal doing the "poda macha" dance..
baki zainal trying to posse maut

Anda kunci jawapan anda?

mak longs birthday

Birthday girl getting a handbag as a present
Mak long, Mama, Mak chu and andak
Baki Zainal with cousin Farin
Cikna and Dina

i have just came back from cyberjaya as we were celebrating Mak Long's 66th Birthday... Yeay!! Keep it up Old Girl!!!
Dinner was in an iranian restaurant called La Vi Da, now i saw a few posting on how good they tasted.. but then when i got there jeng jeng jeng.. well lets just say that i was really dissappointed and hungry by the time we reached bukit jelutong agin tht nite as the food was not up to my expectation and that service was slow.. the drinks was nothing to shout for and as a foodster i give this restaurant 1 thumb down.. but heck heres a few picture that i manged to snap just now.. hope you like it.. nite