Monday, November 09, 2009

Greening all the way!!

Baki Zainal giving a talk to the 三德 boys...
Baki, Winci, Dina n Azizi making planting tree a glamor activity
Baki " we found the bottles, im sure jack sparrow was here "
Baki Kawai as he greens
Baki declaring that the incident of buying off all the belancan in melaka was not him... the press was not pleased..

theres was a very interesting question thrown to Dina, Wincci, Azizi and me this morning as we were waiting for the Kinta river Clean up started .. "Why were we there?" and are we really into this or its just a trend or a marketing gimmick? and well after only an hours sleep and no coffee in the morning my answer was "we reached ipoh at 5am slept for an hour and is standing under the hot sun, if we are not really into these i dont know what we were thinking off"...
Today marked's join clean up with the leo clubs and the first club to take the initiative is the leo club of sam tet... ok im starting to sound like my manager... ahahahahaha... it was a blast.. true we didnt get to go into the river and yes we did not manage to banish all the rubbish from the kinta river but i guess we created a loud enough voice for people out there specially in ipoh to take concern towards their surroundings and start taking their small steps in making a difference..
before i get carried away, i would like to thank the people supporting this belief of mine and making todays event a reality and a success.. Wincci, Azizi and Dina for taking time off from their awfully packed schedules... Alan my manager for pulling media together and uncountable sleepless nights in helping to have such a good start out.. the leo club boys for heading our call and being so supportive.. the media that is helping us have a stronger tone of voice.. and everyone else who have started to make the small differences in ensuring that tomorrow will be a greener day for our next generation.. to all of you i humbly bow in respect..
sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang anda semua... and HE who sees and hears my call.. alhamdullilah..