Sunday, September 05, 2010

"funny thing is when you think everything is ok, it's actually not" The Joshua Tapes

trying to get into the mood..
producer mat salleh yang sungguh pandai mengambil hati pelakon pelakon nya dgn mengunakan starbucks..
Cameraman american born korean yang mempunyai seorang ibu mithalli :)
aku dah kata dah budget film nie tinggi sedangkan lighting man pun imported dari london..

2 years ago i saw a script co written by a friend of mine and at the immediate response i felt a strong connection to the character "Reza". that was how my journey on The Joshua Tapes started..

3 weeks of my time from 2 years ago was spent understanding and breathing the same air as Reza. seeing the world from his eyes, having to put on weight that at this current moment im still struggling to shed and applying whatever i was taught so tht Reza truth can be heard.

when i first walked on set and from the word go it was one of the best shoots i have ever been on. working with peers that have a mutual understanding of just wanting to make it the best(plus needless to say The Joshua Tapes is my first ever international production wei sound man chinese from new york, director indian from london, cameraman american born korean, lighting fella mak salleh some more, tak payah cakap lar kan producer confirm orang puteh).

my fellow actors 2 comedians one i swear i would murder every morning for his extra energy and chirpy mood at 7am in the morning. the other one i cant stop but to injure hehehehe sorry mate. but all said and done we bonded on screen and off. Nites of wild duck tape parties, shopping sprees in and out of kuantan, admirations towards the cameraman's mother, scars, tears and boat journeys is what we shared. i don't know what im going on about..

why am i posting this up? well someone asked me why should they catch this movie. ... i cant seem to find an awesome clever way out of the world pick me rather than obama answer.. all i could say is, give Reza, Ajeet and Ryan a chance because somewhere while you were growing up these characters were apart of you..

log on to to find out more... hope to see you at the cinemas