Monday, November 07, 2011

what happens when a shooting venue has wifi and the actor has lots of time in hand?

i love it.. i love it.. i love it.. yes i love it.. this is what happens when the shooting venue is not an open public space and there is wifi service.. the actor then starts blogging.. thats right.
its been a really long long long time since i last wrote my tots down in this blog. i tried last week but failed badly.. theres so much to say so much to pen but where do i begin? i just got back from a horrible trip to Miri. dont get me wrong the experience and company in miri was a blast but then the trip rushing back to kl was just bad bad bad. with my flight being delayed for more than a couple of hours because of extreme bad weather, the major bumpy flight, the crowd that i was stuck with was just an experience or an adventure i would hope to just bury way way way back in my dumpster of a mind.
but you see, within all this travelling to china, australia, new zealand and many more little asian countries 1 thing i could bring out of all of this is no matter where u go or who you are with. its the little happiness that you beckon and get out of them.. i learned to salvage as much happiness from each journey or experience i get. even so after being trapped for a stand still 3 hours jam in a remote part of china i get to experience and see some parts of china that many dont see. having to host a 10 to 10 roadshow and concert i get to catch up with a good fren.. its all about choices really.
every decision and choice we make determines the outcome or effect that happens. at the end of it if you want a happier life then choose to see the better in things.