Monday, November 20, 2006

Post paid DiGi

ola... its 2.30pm monday and i am at home currently just woken up, had a lovely lunch and now checking my mail and updating my blog... what is it that is missing? i am not in the office... ahahahahahah yeap..i decided to take the day off as it has been a real taxing weekend last week and i dont think i am ready to face the office today... the DiGi event went off quite well i shall say..infact i would say i had a good time planning for the event and even so with all the stress that i had to go thru i still had a lot of fun and i learned a few tricks of the industry.
humm.. currently i am looking for other jobs.. hahahaha yup.. its that time again.. there are a few options that i am looking into. 1, newsreader. 2.script writer. 3, outdoor facilitator. i dont know i might just try the script writting thing. i want to do something which is in KL so that i could still host Bid 2 Win. infact i would realy want to see Bid 2 Win go to the next level with me on board. i enjoy doing it and at the same time i know i do it very well i guess that is where my flair is honestly in hosting and in acting.. hwo am i kidding? i was born to do it.. but at the same time i know that i have what it takes to run events.. very contradicting aint it... hahahaha i know for sure far reads this she is gonna start shaking her head hahahahahaha (God bless her sweet soul)
there was a period of time that i keep thinking to myself that i am really screwd up and that i would not be successful at all but then after much pondering i kinda figured i am meant to be this way as i am not made for the whole corporate world. my world is a colorful world and eventhou sometimes i decide to paint it grey but then i now make a vow never to stop painting it with different colors everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job search babe! O should I say, selection... I'm sure u'll decide on something that will keep u creatively and mentally challenged. Here's to a future of satisfaction n happiness... Ur who u are n I'd rather never have known u if u weren't who u are. *hug*