Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

singer lyn malek and me (jgn gossip!!!)

Saya, ingin menyusun sepuluh jari dan meminta ampun dan maaf jika ada terkasar bahasa, terguris kata dan halalkan jika ada termakan atau terminum. jika ada yang pulang ke kampung pandulah dengan cermat.
To all my Non-Muslim friends, this is the time to hit the open houses and catch up with old times. have a great holiday and drive safe ya!!

Sesungguhnya baki sayang kamu!!

Baki Zainal

Thursday, September 25, 2008


i got to catch Mamma Mia!! and yes i assure you ABBA fans to go catch the movie.. i was singing thru the whole movie.. my next plan is to gather up friends and watch it at the platinum cinema thus then i could even get up and start dancing to it.. i was sitted at the couple seat just now and yeah i still dance and i am sure that the guy behind me would have been really pissed if i actually got up and danced hahahahaha... anyways peeps go catch it at the cinema ya...
ohh ohhhh before i forget i wanna put a mention to this really cool band and song The Script with the man who cant be moved.. go have a listen.. aite time to sleep now night...

Monday, September 22, 2008

i know i know i should be asleep

recent events.

the cast of Alam's story on celebrity chat..

i have been having the bug for the past 2 days.. thank god that today was not as bad.. i have an event to host 2morow which i have to wake up at 9 am for and i am still fresh and awake.. why? humm only if i had the answer.. its the final few days of puasa and alhamdullilah everything been running fine.. dear lord need to take time and the effort to renew my passport before next month aiyohhh..
the future seems bright but bleak at the same time, irony of it all is that i see it and yet my fingers seems not to be able to touch it.. does touching it gives me a sense of assurance? its hard wanting to live the moment and let whatever will be will be when you feel as if your losing grip.. i guess its that time of the year.. ahhhh... cant wait to bask in the sun again... i keep telling myself to live in the "now" live in the "now".. but that "want" is soo strong.. i guess i have to keep my cool and just let it slide first.. a big wave will come soon.. i could feel it.. i know it. night all.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

down with a bug

oh no, im down with a bug.. its not a really serious bug but then i am feeling all sucky bout it cause i still have work yes i do.. and i dont want to be sick when i am at work.. cause that then would be ultimately sucky..
gonna go off to bed now am gonna try and sleep and hopefully when i wake up 2morow i'll be fine. update you guys later.

Friday, September 19, 2008

off fasting, ups and downs and the power of now.

just random pictures i love this 1 with renee

thats my kor kor Alan Thoo, zenny and ashraf

its the 18th day in the fasting month and i be golly its been really hot of past and yes guys sorry have not updated my blog nor have i been online as there was a bit of a cock up when it came to the internet connections at home..
wowww there has been many things happening of late, ups and downs..mostly downs these couple of days .. i guess its just His way of testing me i dont know.. i have been feeling really crummy off late with the whole industry and my whole carrier currently.. where is it taking me? i am lucky that i have jobs and i have a bit of talent or even just mere luck that there are still people out there who would want me.. but then at times i cant help to resent the whole idea that i lose some jobs just because i am not pan asian or a half cast.. am i being sour? i dont know. should i be sour? i dont know.. it saddens me that the industry is build as such.. i dont blame my fellow pan asian looking friends its not their fault entirely.. its the market out there that sculpt it that way.. when will our people grow up and look at talent rather than just mere looks of being pan asian.. you know what i dont even want to go down this road cause the more i discuss about it i might just put my foot in my mouth..
but however and what ever it is i am still grateful and thankful for what that has been bestowed to me.. i have a job that i love.. a carrier that i am building.. family to care for me.. friends to support me.. so whatever been put fourth i shall face it as i am living in the "now"

Sunday, September 07, 2008

its 5.05am

me, fatso, stinky and the Celebriteens (random pics)
me, zenny and azizi at the movies
me and zenny (random pics)

5.05am and i am blogging.. go figure.. i dont really know why am i blogging at this hour.. humm maybe its because my tummy is full and that i cant sleep yet and i am trying to bore myself to sleep or maybe its because as geetha pointed it out that i slept too much.. hahahaha..
i realized that as the puasa days past by although the table is still brimming with yummy food, the time consuming the feast is getting shorter, not because of the praying time getting nearer but the fact that there are lesser people dinning. the first few days all family members devote their time to come home and enjoy the feast then slowly everybody falls back to their daily routine and commitments thus lesser seats being occupied.. my family is a great example the first few days everyone was there waiting for the call of the azan.. and then slowly some had to go back to jb, my aunt left for hong kong, abang ein started training, the captain started to fly, i am off to shows thus as usual everybody's time clashes.. i am trying to make time to be home this month of ramadhan meaning that a smaller paycheck for me next month but what it brings is that i get to spend berbuka with mama at home.. cause honestly the beauty of breakin fast is when you are at home surrounded by people that you care and love..
i am not saying that eating out is bad but then its a total different feel.. i pity those that have to breakfast outside.. having to rush, having the hassle of handling the crowds at the buffet lines.. ahh home sweet home. but i guess there are many out there who fancies such conditions. anyways as they say one mans poison is the others medicine... i shall just keep my comments to myself.. ok then peeps am signing off now.. nite all and selamat berpuasa...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Y, Now?

muka giler jiwa kacau..............

i am really stressed, it is the situation that i am in currently that is stressing my brains out...
i have to be in 2 places in october. Melbourne and Hong Kong.. is it for work? No.
lets start at the top. few months ago i found out from my family in melbourne that they were gonna have a surprise birthday party for my brother in-law who shall be turning 60 and the whole zainol clan shall be in melbourne for that event. so i started to save up for that so that i could bring my mom and join them for the party. then i realized that my schedule for october makes it impossible to take a good 2 weeks off cause i am required to be in kl every wednesday for celebrity chat as my co-host shall be missing for 3 months and i have to cover for him... now im not complaining bout it as theres more airtime for me.. and then i was calculating that if i were to spend the amount of money that i was to spend then 4 days would not be worth it at all.. but now my eldest niece is not happy about it at all...
hong kong on the other hand is because my mak long will be there and mama all of the sudden wants to visit her sister there.. initially i had budget for hong kong as in may april fara confirmed that she was going then in july she canceled the trip.. yes she did.. so apa lagi i took the budget and spent it.. yup i spent the budget and now last minute fara is in hong kong and mama wants to visit.. hummmm how lar how lar? where want to korek budget and time you tell me... urghhhhh... pening lar wei... adui...
susah sangat both places i dont want to go... but then its family.. thats the hard part.. how lar...