Monday, May 22, 2006


yet another sad and lifeless phase in my life..
yeah i am now officially a year older than last..hahahahaha
yup.. i mean i dont know am i suppose to feel special at the strike of 12.( as if the same stuff that happens to cinderella with the fairy dust..for crying out loud i watch too much disney)
but yeah its kinda different.. someone wise told me that life is simple if you choose to make it simple but its really screwed up if your just fucked... wise words indeed..
well i celebrated my birthday this year with people that i love.. i guess when you do get old it matters.. i spent that day as slow as possible out to lunch then to dinner with people that i care and care about me..then the following saturday we had a unique little intimate dinner between my frens and i at Rahsia which afterwards we adjourned to K-oke(god cherrish and bless their souls).. it sounds damn lame rite but hey i enjoyed it. i mean there used to be a time where it would have to be posh dinning(still is) and endless hours of partying till the early morn..which will end up with me waking up the next noon without knowing how did i get myself to where i was at the moment of recovery(lets not put specific details here). but now thats no longer the case.. infact to date iv not received any gifts actually and it does not really matter.. humm odd.. i would have jumped out of my skin by now.. but not this year.. but i did receive a really good present thou from the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY. ive been accepted into their 8 week acting course which will take place early september till november. if i go i shall be spending autumn in manhattan(according to someone that i know its the best time to be in new york as its the most beautiful time) man getting to feel arts and being artistic at the same time in a city full of different flavours, colors, life. would just be heavenly.. the shopping and of course broadway wowwww its just mind blowing.. but then now it all boils down to if i would be able to secure the goverments grant. if my dear malaysia would pay for my 2 months course there ahhhh then that would be icing on my cake for this year as i have not travelled out side of malaysia this year yet.. i need the different air out there to make me miss my mother earth malaysia tanah tumpah darah ku(ahhahahahaha) but if i go it would also means sacraficing raya but heck i'll make up for it next year.. hahhhhh i'm praying and keping my fingers crossed.. i hope the big guy up there hears me and am on my side ameen.. gd nite blog.. i'll write again when i get back from penang.

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