Tuesday, July 29, 2008

malam 7 drama duri

tonight lin asked me out to catch a malay theater performance in DBP stor. when i found out that the performance was a STEFANI performance i said yes. now for you who do not know STEFANI it is a theater group lead by the ever talented Fauziah Nawi. i've always wanted to see them perform live but never really had the chance so i grabbed the chance and went..
the show opened with a group of new actors doing a skit which was ok. but then when it progressed to a piece called "pukul" on wards it was just electrifying.. the actors from there forth were sincere and not acting.. they were bearing their soul for the audience and letting them into another realm all together. the actor in "ayam sabung" deserves a mentioning.. his ability to live the moment and to be truthful to the audience is just wow.. he earned every single tear that he shed and the tears that the audiences shed with him.. kudos.
Fauziah Nawi herself was remarkable.. telling a story and engaging the audience with her.. she is a true actress.. i stood infront of her just star struck (baki zainal does not get star struck that simple k) she just was beaming with this air of brilliance .. that i bow down in the form of respect.. whatever thats said if you guys have the time do catch the show before it ends this weekend..cayar lar STEFANI

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

thoo be or not thoo be...

thats the thoo brothers and alan is in the yellow t-shirt...
the celebriteen kids all grown up and flourishing theres clement(on the piano)..ashraf..zenny (in the middle).. azizie zakaria (soon to release album) .. saban (the tall one)

im really thrilled, i finally get to speak to sandra sodhy again, god bless her(its been really long since we last spoke)... then of course after a long attempt to grow fat for reza, i went to the gym.. yes i did.. i know i didnt get to do as much reps as i wanted to but then still its a start its always like that the first start is like urghhhhh... then your fine.... (well im still preparing myself for all the aches 2morow.)... oh ya i now have an additional email account which is a more formal one which is bakizainal@eventplusmarketing.com (courtesy of my brother the proud owner of event plus himself Mr Alan Thoo) its really different when you set up your own account and you are given one account ... theirs something special about it.. i know i know im sounding like a weirdo i am... but i am... ahhahahahaha
ok, im gonna dedicate todays entree to Alan Thoo.... ok now.. its still fresh in my mind the day i first met the dude(oh dear lord have mercy for hell would have frozen over if i had my way) dude was this figure of absolute arrogance .. i was introduced to him for he was one of THE people in DiGiCelebriTeen and i was hosting the show with juliana ibrahim.. i just could not take that air urghhhhhhhhhhh..... but then you see they say it takes a bitch to know the other and i realized why i could not stomach him was that we had a few command attributes.. yes we do...
but as days past for the past year now and gotten to know him better he's quite an M&M's soft on the inside and hard on the outside(i dont know if he melts in your mouth not in your hands). 1 thing i like about him is the ability to trust and to cultivate raw talent when he sees forth.. its rare to find that in people these days specially in this industry... so when you find them keep them by your side.. just make sure to keep tab on their ability in falling asleep and doing the automatic on you... well if you dont believe my words ask the CelebriTeen kids themselves.
Alan Thoo, alan thoo if your reading this thank you.

Monday, July 21, 2008


i sit here thinking...
thinking what if.....
what if i had a pair of red boots?
what if i had a purple ice cream truck?
what if my hair was green?

why does it matter?
why does red boots matters?
why does purple ice cream truck matters?
why does green hair matters?

it doesnt..

then what does matter anymore ?
i guess seeing thru little specks of light would answer my questions...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

my fishy family

at the fish shop
fishes nibbling my feet.. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to my cousin Ena Safinaz for today she launched her ice-cream shop and also being the sole distributer of mingo mingo ice-cream in seremban!!! hurray!!! i wish you all the best ya!! and may all this hard work pay off in abundance...
i went to the launch today and i realized that i nit picked and i was analyzing the situation and event... ok its not my fault that i worked with really good event's people (applause to my bro Alan Thoo and his team from Eventplus marketing) and also i have done a many events myself while i was with i previous companies(let us not name names) and many things were running thru my brains at that time.. i shall keep my comments to myself till asked..
but one thing i realized was with this whole situation was how in my family (good god i love them) they never really see or shall i say realized my capabilities..hummm... it was just odd.. i mean i know a few people that do(thanks guys) but of them which don't specially the older generations.. maybe its because i am not a pilot, doctor or some influential political scumbag.. my career choice or even my current occupation is not considered a job.. its seen as a hobby.. and a phase in life that well lets just say im a very late bloomer when it comes to finding a sense of direction in life..hahahaha.. thats how usually i end up being the black sheep of the family and function well shall i say it in english( quoting Alan ) how the fuck i feel suites best and yeah i usually come out good... much to their despair hahahahaha... i guess thats one of the other reasons why i love my mother soo much, i mean its easy for me to give nuts towards how these people view me but it aint easy for my ma to have to face these people and their jeering views towards me but neither the least she could not care less and still loves me wholesomely... so by means how can my opinions and judgment count... it does irritated me but then i walk away smiling with a tickled heart knowing somehow that they dont "see" certain things as clearly as i...hahahahaha... again i only have HIM to thank for giving this ti me and granting me ways and means to fend for myself and come out a o k...
oh ya i went for the fish massage parlor bout 7pm (kak anja needed some mall "air" as how you all know i do) so while waiting for her getting her fix, i tried out the fish spa thing.. the first 5 minutes was just a burs of feelings and senses going at each other and then it was just fine.. kinda could get use to it.. been hearing from my friends about it and i finally tried.. my verdict is its ok but not something that i would go gaga for....ok all gonna start listening to some live 365.. see ya later alligator...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


its past 12 and yes its a new day and in a couple of hours from now i have to be in UIA for a show.. cant really figure out what to wear.. ok wait thats not the point the point is that at this current moment i am just really really bored.. im bored to a point that its oozing out of my skull.. yes it is.. kak anja and abang og are still out at the MAPA dinner.. initially wanted to take the three stinky bums out for a movie but well at the same time i am just mother f&@@ing lazy today...
been planning for my getaway to andaman and it seems that i will be burning a big hole in my pockets.. humm but i guess thats just allrite..
i cant believe that i am at this current moment listening to swing time music and jazz on live365.. they have quite a number of good stations.. the one that i am listening to now while feeding my boredom is evening melancholy.. wow that says alot doesnt it.. hahahahaha....
i never really write about happenings in details around me do i, sometimes i just pen down my feelings and most of the time is just crap that i have been pondering after for sometime.. macam mana lar nak jadi kaya macam kenny sia and just blog for life hahahahaha.. respect wei he could do that.. i was seeing abang og look thru his closet just now looking for something to wear for his event tonight and i kinda have this like hey doesnt that seem familiar feel.. thats why i hate attending functions because really you wont know what to wear for these functions.. hahaha and it sucks if at the end of the day you realized that your a bit over dressed for the ceremony.. i remembered having to host for my bro Alan Thoo and at the Leo thing that he had few months back where it was a charity fund raising thing and with the miss comm i had the impression that it was gonna be held in a hotel ball room then it turned out that it was held in a dewan seberguna hahahahaha here i was in my silver satin hugo boss shirt and black slacks with leather shoes sweating it out.. hahahaha giler man i felt really over dressed but then thats still allrite cause you can always fake that yeah i am a celebrity so its call style if i over dress face but then when your among your work mates thats it.. less is more baby.. yupp. then you would stick out like a sore thumb.. when would i be famous that i could have my own stylist to style me for functions hahahahaahahaha...
looks like its the all boring people eve.. everyone that i know is at home lazy not wanting to move.. and yet citer citer tinggi mau starbucks and all.. talking about starbucks im proud of myself i have not touched a sip of starbucks for the longest time 1 week plus.. wow...
i need some excitement in my life and drama.. its just too mundane now and flowing as usual, maybe some really hectic or crunch time projects would be able to kick it off... im sure one is to come soon.. i feel it.. trust me.. its like that. ok now am gonna log off and find some other stuff to do.. i'll catch you and myself later.. ohh ya see you guys in UIA and SEGI 2morow... nite all

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i really dont understand, some people have very limited PR skills.. its like dont they understand the difference between ayat perintah and ayat tanya? wahhh giler lar gua tak aleh aleh bertatabahasa... anyways yeah it really irritates me when someone commands me, when to a fact that even my ma DOES NOT DO THAT. arghhhh... sorry babes you want things done you ask properly or else kiss good bye to it. i aint gonna do it...
it looks like i have to reschedule my trip to aussie... maybe next year ehhhh.. so now its focusing on jakarta and bandung.. its such a malay thing to do kan? jakarta and bandung... but then the idea of becoming a millionaire again is hummm tasty.. ive contacted mbak natalia and mas zaki so really cant wait to see them.. after official stuff then its time to splurge baby splurge.. oh ya have to ask mbak natalia bout the train and stuff.. before that have to get my hands on that camera.. after using that my current camera falls short like really short. hahahahaha
talking bout buying stuff humm i dont know why but currently i am looking into buying myself a pick-up yeah you heard me right one of those 4W drives. either a toyota, nissan, ford or infact even a isuzu... dont ask me why ok.. it just one of those things.. its not like i even wanna go into the jungle or anything like that.. its like down town urban usage. so anyone of you out there who knows of a good price be it brand new or second hand(good condition ya) buzz me..
aite.. am now gonna try and figure out how am i gonna tidy this place up.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



ok guys if any of you have came across this hamster or have any news on it. please come forth or call me. she has been missing for the past 2 days.... she was last seen in the hall in her little running ball.
for the past couple of days it was really family infused time.. i drove up to ipoh to send my che sarah plus princess vomited in the car on kak anja. hahahaha that was a sight to behold man.. but lets keep it clean.. the drive back and forth was really tiring cause i had to make sure that my uncle was tailing right behind me cause if not well then he might just get lost.
i spoke to alan yesterday about how i splurged on expensive bathroom rug from british india that did not make sense at all to own but at that moment of time it made alot of sense yes it did.. i nearly bought bed sheets and duvet covers and all things british india yesterday. but then allthou i was blinded on the rugs but certain part of my logic still worked and i opt not to get the other stuff.. why? what is wrong with me? oh man you know what i know what i really need at this moment. i need a GF yes i do.. someone that could take my focus away from shopping.. of course she cant be a shoperholic too....
anyways gonna continue looking for me hamster now. talk later.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


"this is your journey, and its gonna be your last one. i am letting you go. and thats the way it should be...."the joshua's tape....

wah wah wah... semalam kite berdansa... ok last night was the official joshua's tape wrap party.. can you believe it we have wrapped the production.. now tinggal post productions.. i got to take a peak at the first trailer and dont know why i went all emo about it.. it was a short 30 seconds trailer and i could some how see my whole 3 weeks flash by.. and the weirdest part of it all is that the whole 3 weeks seemed like a lifetime.. it seems like reza has lived that long...
i read some where that when an actor takes up a character he travels thru the characters life journey and learn the lessons of the character.. woww it never came across to me that i would feel that bond with reza and learn his lesson and bring forth with me his emotions.
at the party the director and the script writer got slosh..like slosh.. hahahahaha but i got to hear words that i was one way or the other looking for while i was living reza.. i know they were drunk but then they say drunk men tell no lie.. they are no chris jacobs but then they were sincere.
honestly speaking 2 months ago when i made that call to my fren priya and benji then finally seeing that script.. it never really came to mind that i would be this affected by it. yes there was bits of hiccups at the starting line both on my end and the productions end. i thank god for not letting me walk away from this project.. cause i would have to say that i not just meet up with a bunch of dedicated, artistic people who i have now made friends with. i quench a thirst and desire in me to act but above all i learned a very important lesson which Reza.
so to everyone on joshua's tape please accept my humble thank you..
See you at the premier..

Friday, July 11, 2008

11 7 08

there is high chance of me having to work on Raya day itself. can you believe it. thats not fair.. i am praying really hard that i dont have to work raya day please.. but then its already a part of my profession. well i shall inform all of you on that matter once i hear the verdict..
i have just bought my tickets to jakarta and bandung for end of the year.. waduhhh.. it never really crossed my mind that i would be making a trip back there anytime soon. but looks like it .. jakarta here i come.. so here goes the whole hotel search again.hummm
shels doing her eyes today, i wonder how thats coming along.. ohh ya tonight is the official wrap party soo looks like zenny gonna be home alone tonight while i party...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

:Hui Hao De:

im falling asleep... its that time of the day that my eyes just gets heavy and closing it fells like a really bad burn...... but i have to write.. i wanna write giler lu its been like way long since i last wrote.. the last time was at the end of joshua's tapes. now its been a while..
lots of stuff happened. heathers went off to shanghai for a stint with daniel wu... wow..the ever drama of E&B you know who you are (very the holiday)... i grew closer to the celebriteens, juliana ibrahim is happily married congratulations, shel is in hospital after the accident thank god everything is allrite for both mother and son... and life goes on for me.. people mellow down and mature.. i was thinking to myself while interviewing zahid from AF about how everything seems evident when you grow up and accept everything thats given to you.. and yet only now am i seeing the see saw and the swings on this playground and i have yet to try the sandbox. hahahahaha i know how i am gonna get lost in that...
i am missing shoot, yes i am... the fact that im working non stop on a project.. yeah i mean now i am working too but the thing is that for that period of time i am working on 1 single project and the object is to deliver your fullest on that one project... humm im not making sense am i its not like i dont focus on my other projects...hahahaahahahahah
ok you know what before i spin out of control, im gonna stop now and head of for a shower coz i need to be in a studio soon to help Iz sulaini on his mandarin track... boy has soo much talent.. i am proud of him i really am.. so be sure to catch his new single :Hui Hao De: soon ya.. ok off i go now. chao guys..