Thursday, November 30, 2006

i have found my new santuary

just now abg og, kak dina and me went and visited my castle mandalay... thats what i am gonna name it for the time being.. i know its a bit premature coz its not mine yet.. soon to come it shall be mine .. it shall insyaallah if god permits and i hope he does..its just so regal standing there waiting for me to get it and develope it... hahahaha ironic isnt it... yeah but soon i shall take the needed measures to get it... i can imagine once its mine and i have done it shall be a distint killer... i mean diffenitely it is gonna take alot out of me but hey doesnt all good things do that.. i finally caught The Red Kebaya.. im really sorry to say this but i didnt really enjoy it.. i dont know i guess its because of the acting .. i mean among all i would have to say kudos to jo kukathas, samantha, bob, soon heng and of course fauziah nawi who i felt stole the show but the others was just dissapointing.. but i guess its not for me to say anything i guess...i mean who am i to comment on the acting...i guess these people would know much more than me as hey they have been in the industry way longer than i have but then yeah i shall say that my rm10 is just there to support the local movie industry.. and its been sometime since i saw stuart payne.. but yeah its good to see you again my fren... anyways here i am in starbucks waiting for nthye two little dunggus to finish their kummon.. i love that 2 kuchi brats i really do... im trying to cut down on my ciggi....see how far i can go or shall in say how long i could go with out it...wish me luck

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Sums said...

Good luck...! *lol* Drinks tonight?