Sunday, May 25, 2008

i know im such a victim

do i need to say much...
muah muah muah fantastic!!
mataku sekarang bertambah energized

I am such a victim I know that, but this time around dengan suka relanya I become a victim hahahahaha… kenape? Hah this is why, I have just been introduced to the wonderful world of Kiehl’s… yes you heard it right my friends..
The story goes like this, I was home and last minute the movie read got cancelled cause the director and the script writer busy with the shoot for another film.. oh ya didn’t tell you guys but I got the role in the movie.. alhamdullilah.. and we start shoot soon. I will not reveal the name yet sooo tungguuuuuuu…
Ok back to Kiehl’s, kak anja and I decided to lepak kl since dah bosan ngn OU and Gardens (actually tak lar sangat how can you get bored of this 2 places) well I needed to fetch my birthday gift from Lot10, after Lot10 and finding Jim Thompson in Starhill(nasib baik I did not buy gifts for the family from jim Thompson Bangkok ok kalau tak menyesal sebab kl lagi murah dan menarik, alisya dapat sundress yang I nak belikan dia kat Bangkok for half the price) we ended up in Pavillion( shopping complex kegemaran baki Zainal yang terbaru) nak buatkan cerita we were happily browsing as we checked out ferragamo. Then I kinda remembered I read somewhere that I needed something from Kiehl’s hahhh so we checked out the shop yang best tue I lupa apa I nak beli tapi cut the whole story short I bought lip balm#1 and the eye cream… wahhh lumayan kene 200 lebih hahhhhhhh…( nie niat tak nak shopping) but I tell you one thing the product is just wowwww… I love the eye cream and also the lip balm they glide on effortlessly and they go straight to work and its no fuss, luxury in clinically influenced containers… you guys have to try it.. as that visit would not be my last I would definitely return to the shop for more( I have a list now) .. if anyone from Kiehl’s reading this then please hear me out.. I want to be a friends of Kiehl’s hahahahahaha check the wonderful products at this address
Selepas ke pavilion ingatkan the adventure ends there ohh tidak sekali, I ended up in OU to check out abang og’s couch and sedar tak sedar I spend more money in Roots as they were having major sale ok you heard me right not just any sale but major sale ok… I like their stuff but then yelar its bit too mahal but then its money worth spending as they are doing their bit to curb global warming and they are against sweat shops.. so material and labour mahal so product pun mahal but you are sure to know that you are contributing to make the world a better place which is very important ya.!!! Oh for you out there yang tidak kenal Roots where have you been? Tapi yelar I don’t blame you guys. The company is Canadian.. they make good stuff only that we get limited products. But I believe if we support this cause then sure enough they might just bring in more and open more branches.. hahhhh tolonglar Gap is so yesterday k..(but I still like the undies thou) check them out at
Im off to catch Narnia tonight with the family and far coming along too, she wants to catch it before habis wajib tayang… ok all I’ll catch you soon.. hopefully with entrees on other stuff than shopping…baki Zainal signing off.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i want to help but i dont know how am i gonna do this... im currently at this state where i am not sure of how it would be...its really distressing to hear a call for help and you cant put out a hand to reach ... as it seems bit further than you think it is.. how do i do this? there must be an answer but what is it?

Monday, May 19, 2008


happy birthday!!

wesak day went by really homely.. abang ein and yus came over.. the gate dude came late so kinda had to wait for him to fix the grill before we could have done anything... irony of wesak day is that its a vegetarian feast but my brother was craving for steak and real good steak so what was i to do then google up where i could get good steak without burning a huge hole in our pockets.. so we ended up at jake's in medan damansara..
now jake's is advertised as serving the best steak in town.. hummmmm well i would have to say that they mean business when your in there as in know your meat my friend coz its not gonna be pretty if you get your cuts mixed up hahahaha... we passed on the wagyu but then the other cuts were good as in if you are craving for no frills meat then jake's is a sure bet.. but then the next time i feel like having jake's i'll sure to check out their outlet in starhill as the one in medan damansara smelled like roaches...
anyways it has been a good night... arghhhh my dark circlesssssssssss....

chanel allure homme edition blance

yum yumm i love the smell and the bottles mine.. all mine...

its been 3 days since my birthday.. yes i am 27.. i had initial plans to bring the family out for dinner coz today, everyone is at home..but then at the photo shoot i received a phone call from kak anja saying that uda and family were gonna come over for dinner thus we have to postpone my birthday dinner.. i was kinda upset cause i waited for sometime since my birthday for everyone to be around.. everyone that matters really which are mummy, abang og and kak anja and here comes the punch line jeng jeng jeng i cant have it tonight.. but then i told myself look lets just suck it in and go with the flow.. i could still do it tomorrow.
when i got home my 3 boys were acting funny(ok they are funny but as in weird funny)and i kinda felt something was amiss hummm.. could not really put my finger on it...and then i finally found out after bribing the young one that there is a birthday cake and that theres a whole lot more people coming over for dinner tonight.. dear lord i was really ashamed.. aduhh malu banget gue...
ok long story cut short i pulled thru the night after cake and a lovely classy present from abang og and kak anja (thanks guys i love you) and i walked away feeling whole and knowing that i am really lucky to be who i am and having the best of all worlds and .... i cant stop but to be grateful.. thank you.. thank you .. thank you.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

im now 27

its not the gift that counts but then hey its a bonus if your loved and showered with quality..

i don't really like birthdays, i mean i dont mind other peoples birthday but not really mine.. well one major reason is that i get all emotionally worked up as in i get really touched by those who remembers and gets all murky by those who forgets... i know i should not feel that way but i cant help it..
this years birthday is no different really... but then above it all i saw something this year and i figured out many things with the passing of my birthday..
being in this industry has always been a challenge for me be it work but most importantly emotionally challenging... its such a lonely job where if you are not a part of it you would never understand... but today i no longer feel that way as i found family among it and i found people that in many ways than one sees me for who i am.. and i appreciate that. thank you.
but above all to everyone that has made this day so wonderful thank you...

Friday, May 16, 2008

lets close account ...

there it is
our little playground

sun setting on my rod

i cant believe how time fly.. it seems like i have just recently stepped back into this arena and yet its already a year since i last blew my candle at the age of 26.. yes i am now 27. you heard me right 27..
sitting in the middle of no where above waves and sea breeze that brings with it memories of yester years was just the prefect setting for me to live my last minutes of being 26.. yes some people would tell me whats the difference its just another birthday.. but then when you look back what you had done and achieved within this given year you would know what i mean..
many lost and many won, many came, gone and many stayed but above it all i would have to say that i lead a happy enriching year this 26.. i did everything i wanted without hesitation. i am me and i thank those who had, have and shall stand next to me. and above all i thank HIM for all this.. thank you..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


deal or no deal : razif, shamser, me, non, jo b, rina, vick teo

dr oz shall be proud of me..

its been fairly mundane yet interesting 2 weeks for me, has it been 2 weeks since i last wrote? oh man that sucks like big time. ive been trying really hard in getting back into the mod of writing but then theres nothing that inspires me to write.. well anyways lets get on with it..
i got a chance to play deal or no deal, can you believe it? i was on a game show yeah!! its not my first(roda impian). ok i cant still find an explanation for this but then even so i have been infront of the camera hundreds of times having the lights on me and the camera zooming in and out but then i was a nervous wreck yes i was.. giler wei tangan basah basah dan sejuk coz of the tension and fear that got into me all of the sudden, yang bestnya tue i was not even playing for me.. i was playing for charity as it was a celebrity edition.. cayarlar tak aleh aleh aku dah jadi celeb.. masin mulut sharen hahahaha.. walaupun i did not get to the suitcase round tetapi sekurang kurangnya i managed to not look stupid on air as i got one answer right thanks to AL Gore hahahahahaah..
this month is a bit of a tight month financially, well its not really tight but i could not suka suka membeli belah lar kan.. tapi sambil menunggu abang deen in parade, kakiku pun membawa diri ini menuju ke MPH dan hendak dibuatkan cerita jeng jeng jeng i bought 2 new book (even so there are like 5 more books tha i have yet to read sitting patiently on my shelf.) ha, one of the book i bought because of oprah.. its by doctor oz and its called "you on diet" wahh ini case must haves yang teramat chronic.. just because i was on oprah i have to have a copy lar kan... the next one is called "attack of the theater people" wahh pedas ini topic.. yes yes i bought it just by looking at the tittle tanpa soal siasat latar belakang terus ku angkat.. i guess it was the memory of the night where i went and caught Swamp Dwellers bersama rakan rakan.. hahh and the conversation after that was what triggered me to get this book and evaluate.. tapi now come to think about it i dont feel like i am a theater person, i now feel more like a by stander looking into the theater world and trying to make sense to what the issue is all about and dalam kegamatan dunia persembahan ini mungkin boleh diselesaikan dengan cara yang lebih simple dan effective cayarlar tak aleh aleh baki zainal berfalsafah... entah lar labu...
tapikan im sure this coming second half of the year akan lebih menarik tertarik kau memang the bomb.. huhu.. all right all 3 more days b'day i soo ingat ingat lar yer.. cantik menarik tertarik i memang the bomb huhu.. nite all

Saturday, May 03, 2008

for example..

good morning
stb crew kuching
wisdom tree
she's still asleep

they invented apartments

so many stuff happened within the past 2 weeks since i arrived in kuching until i flew back this this glorious land known as KL. i got the chance to host with phua chu kang which would definitely be a long lasting memory that i dont think i would be able to forget..
working with STB was just fantastic as they treated me really nice.. thank you kristine and gang..
after coming back and continue working was just smooth sailing, celebrity chat is now officially 100 episode and hopefully it would run strong and continue to the next 100 episode.. i went white water rafting in kuala kubu baru and the guides there i would have to say was just fantastic.. they were trained really well and knew exactly what they needed to do and how to conserve the beauty of the surrounding which in many ways i would say is priceless... i am constantly tan now having to host in the hot sun right after coming back from the islands.. hahaha this really sounds like a summary of it all.. im really sleepy and shall try to sleep now coz i know if i dont then i might just miss out on this chance of a really good nights rest.. nite all.