Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i no longer want to waste my time in making new frens

i hate this.... i hate it.... i hate this feeling... i just feel extreamly fucked up at the moment... i should have learned my lessons and never trust these idiots who comes into my fucking life and fools me into accepting them into my circle and fools me into trusting them and at the end of the day just decides to bugger off and just fuckes right out of my life. Fuck it!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant fucking care anymore..... if more people feels like they want to fuck rite out then be my fucking guest!!!!!


Anonymous said...

*ohm chi chi* babes... If they can't appreciate u, it aint worth it. But u know that already. Ice cream as soon as this flu is over k...?

Erra said...

true ... if they can't appreciate you, bugger off lah! why waste your time?