Friday, September 29, 2006

san benito

i feel soo liberated and amaze with myself... last nite in laundry with the ever wonderful sums, her toy boy nic, red cherry tomato farah, christina garylera and coffee maker haris.. i ordered a bottle of mineral water but hey its not any normal mineral water its san benito sparkling with a piece of lemon.. it taste like bombay saphere without the zing.... hahahahahaha.... it was funny man.. but heck its kinda liberating to be able to do such thing....
the other thing that i found funny was that i left the place at 11.45am. yes i did... it was kinda weird in the first place but then again it reminds me that i am getting old as i cant stay out that long anymore.. feel soo tua.. hahahahahaha at least people got curfew ada reason to go home and the reason sounds valid and life threatening but in my case its me who could not stand all this hussle and bussle of the place.. aiyohhh i sound soo old..
oh ya with the factor that it is ramadan thus yelar kenelar respect kan... anyways selamat berbuka people and catch ya later.

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Anonymous said...

*hug* Miss ya! N btw... Nic is not a toy boy k... :P