Friday, June 23, 2006


ohh man its been like three months now that im out of job yup 3 months... the longest i guess i felt this way.. i feel soo useless and bored.
i really cant understand how some people are able to do such wonders such as stay home and waste the effort and the knowledge that they strive for in school and uni( im starting to sound too preppy) but its true.. god help them.. if i was to do my PHD( forbid) i think it would be a reaaly good topic to research on infact i know a speciment that they could work on hummmmm.. im like sending tons and tons of resume out and its like you know one of those dire fishing games that the fish just aint bitting ( oh my god i forgot im suppose to be studying bout beckett soo that by next week when i attend the workshop i know the shit that the instructor is taking about.) hummm... fantastic life that i have.. jesus( i know im not suppose to use his name in vain) im really starting to drain out i need to perk myself up again.. HELP!!!!!!