Tuesday, September 05, 2006

it is really cold

yes.. im on my blog again.. i dont know y actually as i kinda have other things to do but i just cant think.. maybe its because that its too cold and that my brains have just frozen over. yeah.. that is valid.. humm an hour more till going home time.. im fasting today.. odd aint it i mean like within 2 weeks more all of us are going to start fasting for a whole month soo why put myself into the pain of fasting. but to be honest and no i am not bragging but i dont feel the pain at all. i guess its like the whole mind over matters affair. yeah thats about rite.. and maybe at the same time its the whole "niat" or "intentions"... and of course at the same time my claims have not come out yet. yeah... this is the trouble in working in a big coperation where there is like so many signatures needs to get and so many departments for it to go thru 1st and finally there would be a certain day that they would release the claim.. itu pun bukan semua...like the old company that i worked with you knew who and what is needed and you go straight to the finance part and squeeze them for it or else you tell them that they would have to buy you lunch as you dont have money to spend for lunch and since all of them are frens with you and they would definitely wont want to pay for your lunch they would definitely speed the process if they could do so. but then here hey hard cheese.... just called ma and she told me the menu for dinner tonite.. now im starting to think of the meal that i shall be having later.. sardine..vege..omelete and rice..yummmm some of you might just be rolling your eyes hearing the menu that i would be enjoying later as hey its normal simple food.. and yes i love the normal simple food.. and the feeling when you have the simple food.. wow.. its kinda mind blowing at the same time its like this feel good, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. it feels like home..it feels like "love". .. i mean day in day out you can get to feast on better more complicated dishes but then these dishes would no longer be special in a way.. the other thing is that everytime i am away for a long time from my ma.. i crave for these dishes like sardine, ikan bilis goreng kicap, daging goreng petai etc. the more simple dishes that i feel only mothers do them well.. and when mak long or andak cooks these dishes i kinda miss my mother more.. what am i yakking about... maybe what i am trying to say is that sometimes we kinda dont look at the smaller things in life the simpler things in life.. things that we usually take for granted. we only look at the whole picture on a macro scale and not on a micro scale as sometimes we tend to forget the small gestures or things that might just make life easier or more pleasant to go thru.. like helping a fren, the unexpected phone call or text.. the touch.. the smile.. the laughter... those moments can never be bought or trade. those moments shared between frens and family....it gives you the same warm, fuzzy feeling.


sasha said...

wei..check your friendster. my number there.call me asap

Sums said...

*hug* Good luck for opening night!