Thursday, December 21, 2006

shame on you baki... shame on you

after the whole auditions we finally found miss trendy and miss sporty... i shall not reveal them to you yet... jeng jeng jeng ... really cant wait to take that time out session and like go off for the shoot at least it would take me away from this whole craziness... humm went and tried out for the bernama news reader yesterday dont know yet if i would get it or not.... was worried shitless coz cant geth thru mama and the whole jb going thru "The day after tomorrow" shit was just scary and unthinkable k... it was like literally like the movies where your just helpless and cant do anything about it and cant do anything else to help...but just sit there and wait like a waiting duck... why do i have to be this hopeless romantic who just constantly is a magnet for selfish heartless people.... hummm its one of those life misteries that one just cant solve.

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Anonymous said...

Hope u managed to get intouch with ur mom babes... *hug*