Monday, November 07, 2011

what happens when a shooting venue has wifi and the actor has lots of time in hand?

i love it.. i love it.. i love it.. yes i love it.. this is what happens when the shooting venue is not an open public space and there is wifi service.. the actor then starts blogging.. thats right.
its been a really long long long time since i last wrote my tots down in this blog. i tried last week but failed badly.. theres so much to say so much to pen but where do i begin? i just got back from a horrible trip to Miri. dont get me wrong the experience and company in miri was a blast but then the trip rushing back to kl was just bad bad bad. with my flight being delayed for more than a couple of hours because of extreme bad weather, the major bumpy flight, the crowd that i was stuck with was just an experience or an adventure i would hope to just bury way way way back in my dumpster of a mind.
but you see, within all this travelling to china, australia, new zealand and many more little asian countries 1 thing i could bring out of all of this is no matter where u go or who you are with. its the little happiness that you beckon and get out of them.. i learned to salvage as much happiness from each journey or experience i get. even so after being trapped for a stand still 3 hours jam in a remote part of china i get to experience and see some parts of china that many dont see. having to host a 10 to 10 roadshow and concert i get to catch up with a good fren.. its all about choices really.
every decision and choice we make determines the outcome or effect that happens. at the end of it if you want a happier life then choose to see the better in things.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

peace out

i promise u i shall blog before monday.. lets see if i keep to that promise.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

im feeling sentimental

i keep getting people around me asking me "baki if theres something that you could change from the past what would it be?" and my answer has been consistent cause honestly theres nothing that i would change.
i believe living in the "now". i was not like that few years ago but now at the age of 30 looking back yes, im brave enough to say that no i wont change anything. you see i believe that whatever happened to a person slowly but surely builds the person into the person that he or she is today. i might not have had to starve nor fight in a war before but i would say yes i had my fair deal.
tonight i was in pavilion to witness UKiss fan meet session and having friends and fans from all corners screaming my name and showing their love and support towards me was just an out of this world experience. never had i imagined i would be gifted with such love and support.. you guys inspire me to be a better person.
the month of june is the month that we celebrate the man who gave us life...
im leaving for NZ in a couple of hours to spend fathers day with my papa at the same time to attend his 15th year kenduri arwah.. papa i know your smiling down on me for i dedicate all this to you. happy fathers day.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


they say as you grow older you sleep less at night, as in your body clock wakes up not by purpose. your awake lying there thinking to yourself hang in there 5 more minutes and then you roll underneath your white comforter and either you stay awake or you force yourself back to slumber, waking up later in the day mostly regretting the idea that you snoozed off a bit too long hahahahaha.. well thats what happens to me thou. i got in really tired last night and slept bout 2am and by 6am i am wide awake. pulling the comforter for dear life for it was nice being in that state of silence and for that moment counting the blessings that i had been given.
in that moment of bliss i try to map out my day, usually when i am at home it starts with trying to reach out for the air condition remote, then opening the windows (i like to see the nearer future first before thinking way too far for me) then to the bathroom to brush my teeth and other natural human toilet behaviors, wuduk then my moment with HIM. after which i would already have the determination of wanting to rush downstairs grab a quick fix then off to the gym before everyone else and before my official day starts yelar i dont know if any of you felt this way before but like all those mat salleh tele novella siap boleh gi jogging ker swimming ker then breakfast dulu sebelum kene siap gie kerja atau sekolah its like they have such extra hours in the morning compared to us tapi kadang kadang beranggan jugak nak macam dorang hahahahahaha... where was i? oh ya my grand daily plans in the morning... being able to make those plans, its really liberating.. tapi selalunyer i end up being seduced back underneath my white linens and planning to remap my course when i officially wake up hahahaha..
feeling the soft linen grace my body, taking in the silence of the whole house is something i shall start giving thanks to from today onwards cause for this is my ME time. where i could feel safe in all my insecurity and just soundly lay there and be me.(its really a rare situation that i get to wake up in my own bed for a month plus. dont get me wrong i dont have other beds and other people to sleep with. just that for the past 2 years im so used to waking up to the tune of another suitcase another wall and the lifestyle of a traveling host. Alhamdullilah i'm enjoying it the only thing i miss from the whole waking up in a hotel bed is the white linen and covers but fret not theres always ikea and aussino to solve that matter.)
i could hear the birds chirping outside. im sure in a couple of minutes my bibik will be up, then the 3 boys will be fighting for the toilet wanting to get ready for school. im feeling sentimental now i think i'll end this with a smiley face :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

its been a year. Happy Birthday Ma!!

i cant believe how fast time flies, its been a year since since i took over hosting Step Forward. how i remembered well lets just say that the same time last year something happened on the set of Step Forward that change my views on life. oh ya before i forget HaPPy Birtday Puan Zainah Hassan. my mother officially turns 66 yrs old today (cant believe she wanted a meat grinder for her birthday present) i love you mom :)
looking back at the whole 1 year of fully submerging myself into mainstream tv has been a journey on its own with numerous ups and downs. mostly ups alhamdulillah. i'm really thankful really.. subhanallah i would have never imagined..
well peeps i wanna try video blogging soon. hopefully in the very near future i could try it out coz if tomorrow things works out i will be video blogging from a different country all together.. crossing my fingers and praying hard.. gotta go now. selamat mlm semua..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

what i did for love

well having the pox, made me have a tad bit extra time in my hands so i ended up staying up till late watching box sets of Glee.. when i came upon this song "what i did for love' originally from the chorus line. it made me think of my 3 other amusing brothers and the brilliant people behind it. so heres the results of first time using imovie maker on my pro. check it out.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

midnite ramblings

its 3.30am just took my anti viral and good old faithful Piriton.. im down with the pox yes i am.. ive been under strict house arrest for the pass 5 days so yes i caught up on Glee, much deprived drugged induced sleep and the awkward malaysian tele that i have grown to be a part off now..
if your thinking by the end of this entree your gonna benefit out off my ramblings then i assure you to not waste anymore time coz your better off drooling infront of the tele while watching Nigella stirring her chocolates into her cake batter.
i realized that i have not been updating for a couple of months now infact my last entree was somewhat late last year. hiding behind the reasons of being busy (well i have been) but rather limp excuse really. well then lets just start this year entree with something dear. you see theres been predictions that this year would not be that kind to me (hmm sounding bingo there with the pox and all) some even predict gravely dangers. but frankly i have been vacuumed into the same idea.. i dont know really.. lets just see.. whatever it is i wont let the jester hand me a snake when in actual fact i deserve a royal flush.