Monday, November 08, 2010

My Unsung Heroes

i have been wanting to blog or note down all these amazing things that had happened to
me for the pass week or so but it never really came to mind how would i be putting it to word.. and i keep on forgetting that i should just write the same way i construct my sentences when i talk and try not to hard sell to sound intelligent cause honestly i realized when i try to do that when i host or speak i end up meeting a mind block (which Alhamdullilah i'm gifted in covering it) so here my attempt in noting down what i am feeling at this current moment (pls mind my
grammatical errors)
this past week has been a very emotional roller coaster ride for me Alhamdullilah it has been
much ups rather than downs.. i have been showered by much love from friends and fans alike
. given a recognition to my work that any awards could not be able to do. every turn i make i
can't figure out the actually drive and support that burns within me.. tonight i found m
y answer. i found the source that honestly has been in front of my own eyes that i have silently
recognized but yet slowly left unappreciated..
i am blessed to have come from a very big family. i have immediate family in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and England that has been a pillar to my story. i have an awesome
mother who over the years have been doing all that she feels best for me even so at times decisions that she makes might just send me up the wall but the bottom line is she made those
decisions based on the gut feel that she wants what is right and what is best for me, tuning into my late night shows even if she falls asleep half way and yet she would still have the TV turned
into 8tv so that she knows she is supporting her son..
Baki Zainal and His Mother

My sisters who most of them are half way across the sea yet the last trip back here in Malaysia wanted to come to the studios yet were afraid that they would not be able to control their joy and feeling of how proud of their younger brother being on air that they resist and stay glued
to the TV back in the hotel room supporting their younger brother. i can still remember how some of them got bit teary eyed when after 29 years their youngest brother treated them to a family dinner in Langkawi..

My Sisters and Brother in laws

My family here who i live with, who all have been backing me for each decisions that i make be right or wrong. giving me the unconditional support that i has helped to keep me grounded to who i am and where i came from..
My Malaysian Family

My extended family, who stood by me in keeping me sane and nudging me to go further in this career path that i have chosen.
My Extended Family

The word of the day is "family'.. They are the unsung Heroes that we usually forget to thank or take for granted for their existence.. i get caught up with work and life around me that i at times forget to serenade their influence and importance towards my being 'Here' today.
My brother @best friend @manager posted something on my facebook the other day "A Man Travels The World Over In Search Of What He Needs and Returns Home To Find It." and i cant agree more to that..
it has not been an easy ride for me, i've travelled a long way (insyallah i'll travel further) but it gives me great comfort to know how far i go off course or how deep in work i am buried in i am blessed to return to my "family".
My name is Baki Zainal and i am blessed to be here today.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

my updates..

Baki Zainal and The Joshua Tapes
Baki Zainal and mike campton feeling the love from fans of 8tv NITELIVE
Baki Zainal chilling in the pool with the 3 hunks of Amusing Race
Baki Zainal and in his safety net..

as many of you who knows me by now would know that i hate let me repeat that i hate packing (ironic an avid traveller that hates packing) .. so while i pack im inspired to write...
its been a couple of weeks since my last blog entree, honestly its not that i dont wanna blog its just that everytime i sit infront of baby jane my brains just stop and i stare at a blank space.. so lets just see where does this entree takes me..

the last couple of weeks infact months have been a whirlwind ride that is out of my control. many pleasant journeys and yes a few hiccups here and there.. for instants the second season of Amusing Race has well been on recording mode.. once again the four of us Zhi Xiang, Wind, Rickman and myself is seen traveling around the peninsular playing more whacky out of this world games. we try our level best with the major help of our production team to raise the bar and making it much more entertaining for all of you out there...

then of course theres the MAKI combination between Mike Campton and myself on 8TV NITELIVE .. working with mike honestly has been a pleasure. now i don't treat it like work no more .. its more like a weekly ritual of mine to just chill on the couch with my 弟弟 (younger brother) and catching up with the last gossip, trends and k-pop hhuhuhhuhuhuh!! i really honestly feel tht the dude has talent and potentials.. its such a breeze working with this superstar..

oh yes how can i forget one of the best things to happen to me recently, the premiering of my first ever leading role on the big screen.. hehehe of course i have to share it with another 2 huge egos ryan and ajeet but yes The Joshua Tapes.. im sure for you guys who has been following my blog would know bout the movie by now.. things and sacrifices tht took part for this.. its running from the 30th till 16th of october.. please help support the local industry and catch it.. and hopefully you guys enjoy it..

well i better get back to my packing.. humm sunny Terengganu? beach, sun and sea what do i bring with me.. till next time.. take care peeps..

Sunday, September 05, 2010

"funny thing is when you think everything is ok, it's actually not" The Joshua Tapes

trying to get into the mood..
producer mat salleh yang sungguh pandai mengambil hati pelakon pelakon nya dgn mengunakan starbucks..
Cameraman american born korean yang mempunyai seorang ibu mithalli :)
aku dah kata dah budget film nie tinggi sedangkan lighting man pun imported dari london..

2 years ago i saw a script co written by a friend of mine and at the immediate response i felt a strong connection to the character "Reza". that was how my journey on The Joshua Tapes started..

3 weeks of my time from 2 years ago was spent understanding and breathing the same air as Reza. seeing the world from his eyes, having to put on weight that at this current moment im still struggling to shed and applying whatever i was taught so tht Reza truth can be heard.

when i first walked on set and from the word go it was one of the best shoots i have ever been on. working with peers that have a mutual understanding of just wanting to make it the best(plus needless to say The Joshua Tapes is my first ever international production wei sound man chinese from new york, director indian from london, cameraman american born korean, lighting fella mak salleh some more, tak payah cakap lar kan producer confirm orang puteh).

my fellow actors 2 comedians one i swear i would murder every morning for his extra energy and chirpy mood at 7am in the morning. the other one i cant stop but to injure hehehehe sorry mate. but all said and done we bonded on screen and off. Nites of wild duck tape parties, shopping sprees in and out of kuantan, admirations towards the cameraman's mother, scars, tears and boat journeys is what we shared. i don't know what im going on about..

why am i posting this up? well someone asked me why should they catch this movie. ... i cant seem to find an awesome clever way out of the world pick me rather than obama answer.. all i could say is, give Reza, Ajeet and Ryan a chance because somewhere while you were growing up these characters were apart of you..

log on to to find out more... hope to see you at the cinemas

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Pampered Traveller

Hahahaha honestly writing this entree out, I'm laughing at the idea of the title itself? i can imagine myself hydro mask all on being ferried from one end to the other on board nothing less than first class while re hydrating myself with a special kind of mineral water from the Alps that you tend to avoid ordering in fancy places because u are afraid u didn't pronounce it properly. But back to reality its the opposite of the scenario. But why i choose this title is that I'm blessed to have stayed in many great places and choosing the better things in life to use ( one of the reasons why i work that hard )
Well getting to the point recently my beautiful banana leaf friend Nadia from Kiehl's Malaysia gave me a set of Kiehl's product that has yet to launch in stores here locally. this range is called the Cross Terrain range. Now, the name it self is already very adventurer, man vs wild like.. hehehehe and according to Nadia i should give this range a try because it suits my lifestyle as i am constantly on the go in and out of the jungle, dessert, sun, sand and the sea plus this range is 99.9% biodegradable, sodium Sulfate free and Paraben free its safe for me to use this range in the outbacks like in the rivers and all. Since i know how serious Kiehl's is when it comes to being
green (plus i have been in love with their products ever since ) i said ok lets try this out.

the four products from the Cross Terrain Range

now the range comes with 4 products which is Cross Terrain All-In-One Refueling Wash, Cross Terrain UV Skin Protector SPF 50, Cross Terrain Dry Run Foot Cream and Cross Terrain Deodorant. when i first got the products i tot ok looks good, then i started to read all the labels and instructions and following a pattern that Kiehl's have the descriptions is idiot proof but with a twist it makes you sound like captain planet and want to grow hair on your chest.
I'm not a big fan of products that does more than 1 thing for example a shampoo to me should just be a shampoo and not a shampoo plus conditioner in one because i don't think that the product would be smart enough to think for themselves and see who does what first is it the shampoo or the conditioners turn.. so when i saw the All In One i was not excited as i would usually be when i bought something from Kiehl's.. (usual case i would be testing the product the instant I'm out of the shop). After a couple of days i was scheduled to attend a charity event with this newly launched resort in Melaka called The Philea Resort and Spa. so i took the chance and decided to test the products while i am there. oh boy was i in for a very big surprise.

The entrance
a frontal view of the villas and the pools

ok let us first talk about the 1st surprise which is The Philea. when i first stepped into the resort the whole place just didn't looked like i was in Melaka anymore. i was totally transported either to Canada or Russia.. The Philea is a 5 star resort that is very new in melaka. its luxury bought to the nines.. The Philea gets Baki Zainal's approval because they reuse 8000 pieces of disused railway sleepers to make the fencing, 3000 trees were planted within the compound of the resort to shade it and gives it the green effect and they recycled wood from shipwrecks to build up the furniture in the lobby plus everyone of them had a smile on their face which i have to say many other hotels and resort fail to do so which one way or the other made me feel at home. i have a list of hotels that i keep returning to 1. The Andaman. Langkawi, 2.The Hardrock Hotel, Penang. 3 Tanjong Jara, Terengganu. and now i add on 4. The Philea, Melaka.. keep up the good work guys.. you can log on to to find out more..

the front shot of my villa.

My room

anyways this time around while i was at the philea, i decided to give the Cross Terrain a total challenge as i refused to bring my other toiletries, the only other product i added on to the trip was my all time favorite Superbly Restorative Argan Oil as a moisturizer base for hair and body( and honestly it felt great not having to toll around a huge toiletry bag which most of us are cursed with when we travel.) let me tell you how the products fared.

All in One Refueling Wash

now as i said i don't like all this 2 in 1, 8 in 1 stuff, but then this one proved me wrong. i love how it managed to clean my hair, face and body at the same time all at once in the shower and yet did not even dry my skin out. with the right amount of foam it felt good. i love the scent as it has this fresh, mint, manly note. another one of my quirks is i would always prefer a wash that has bubbles or foamy to feel clean (i know its a mental thing) but this baby gave me all while being 99.9% biodegradable and Sodium Sulfate free and Paraben free which means read it carefully baby, next time your in Taman Negara this All in One wash from Kiehls is the ideal wash to use in the rivers.

Cross Terrain UV Skin Protector SPF 50

I am not one for Sunscreen or Sun Block, me no like the oily, greasy feel that these products leave on the skin sometimes they even leave this white colored residue on the skin. plus the damages that they do to our corals, rivers and seas is just bad news. But this UV Skin Protector with SPF 5o from the Cross Terrain range is different. when i opened the lid i was skeptical cause it looked like wax, then after applying it on to the skin and going about my activities for the day which included swimming, walking around taking pictures of the resort at noon and trolling Jonker Street for nick knacks i did not feel greasy, oily nor was i sticky. plus i felt moisturized at the same time and it has this very light smell to compliment the All in One wash. so now i can safely stay tan and yet have healthy skin at the same time :) (ohh i had a few media frens with me and i let them try it out and guess what these vain pots cant wait to get their hands on one of this hehehe)

Cross Terrain 'Dry Run' foot cream and Deodorant

Both this 2 products is a travelers new best friend. both keeping you dry at all times. i love the way the foot cream managed to keep my feet feel fresh, dry and smell free after a whole day's walk and track. This range from Kiehl's gets Baki Zainal's thumbs up. you can log on to to find out more or more details on the Kiehl's Malaysian Fan Page

well i could say i had a brilliant week. i spent quality time with my family, spent quality time with 'me' and next week its back to the insane schedule of a travel host. but one way or the other i feel blessed .. its the start of Ramadhan so with that Baki Zainal would like to wish everyone a blessed and meaningful Ramadhan..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Birthday Wish List

3 more days i will be joining many of my frens at the gates of turning 30.. yes i will officially be 29 this sunday... hahahaha time flies really fast wei but most importantly i don't look and don't feel the age (ok tue merbahaya juga tue jeng jeng jeng) ... i was lying in bed thinking about last years birthday and is wondering what this year would turn out like.. last year was magical as i celebrated in the dessert town of Turpan off the Gobi dessert. even so i was thousand miles away i was still showered by the sms from loved ones and family.. subhanallah recalling that memory was just surreal.. thus making me wonder what this year has installed for me..
This year same as the last previous year, i know what i want to receive for my birthday. I'm a believer in "ask and you shall be given". how would the world out there know what is it that you want. plus why would you want to receive things stuff that at the end of the day you chuck behind the cabinet. true the tot that counts but hey I'm being truthful so live with it..

Number 1 on my wish list is not really new in the market, the manufacturers tried to perfect it but then its still faulty. china on the other hand did a prototype and succeeded but having to sacrifice some of the main applications and features. number 1 on my list is Racial Harmony and understanding .. yup you heard me right.. the irony of me blogging about this on may 13th.. i find it really difficult to digest the fact that we all pledge racial harmony, we embrace racial harmony, we bring it to the streets and sing on top of our lungs but at the end of the day we do not realize that we do not understand one and the other. we pretend to understand so tht we do not look stupid and our egos don't get hurt. but deep down, not really deep we don't know why certain frens of ours react that way be it malay, chinese, indians or even the chubbawambas.. in turn to shield our ignorance we come up with certain big ideology or theory so just that we don't sound stupid and people don't question our credibility. why is it soo hard to ask the person next to you why he our she behaves this way or celebrates a certain occasion. why is it that difficult? and please try to differentiate that religion does not always goes or be owned by a certain ethnicity.. converting into Islam is not "masuk melayu" being malay does not make you own the religion i know many Chinese, Westerners, Africans who has better sense of belonging and ownership towards the religion than many of us here.... and being of a different religion does not gives you the right to condemn mine nor do i have the right to deem you to hell... if only we could put our small minded biases aside and try to understand with an open mind.. i would really want to see a united Malaysia, one that really understands the importance of social understanding.. how it put a smile on my face every time there is a live telecast of some sporting event and Malaysians of different colors, ethnicity and religion sits together routing and hoping for the victory of this piece of land that i call home..

the first wish makes all my other wishes such as
wanting to go to higher limits in terms of my career,
having the love and trust of people that i love around me,
an iPhone 3Gs and
a Tod's day bag
(i know this last two items makes me soo shallow rite but hey im only human) seem so little and insignificant..

i pray, i hope and i wish that Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu will walk side by side for thousand years to come. insyallah.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


paradise is where you decide it to be.. Baki Zainal

i just got in from catching a really expensive B grade 3D flick Clash Of The Titans.. I'm not gonna do a review on the flick but then again what i got coming out of it (besides the point that the whole mythology was just jumbled)
man united together going again a higher force or in this terms the Greek gods.. in one way or the other besides looking at the bigger picture, the dialog "you feed on their love and i feed on their fear" got to me.. how do we want to rule or how to we want to in terms continue life and be remembered .... i for one used to believe only the hard approach would work thus my temper used to flair as hot as the fire on mount Olympus.. but then again the flair died off and my temper see i trust in the ordeal that one person can change if they really want to on how they perceive life and their outlook towards everything else..these past years i learned on how to diversify my approach towards my enviorment and people around me.. there is no use in knocking on hard wood.. if the situation or people refuses to change for some unknown reason then one thing for sure i know i am in control of is my self and my own being..if the situation is seen to be beneficial thus why cant i learn to adapt? vice versa if the person is genuinely worth sacrificing for and worthy of love then what harm can i do in changing my approach to suit the person...
a wise man once said 'if the mountain wont come to Muhammad then let Muhammad go to the mountain'.. you see life is too short at times to be living in a state of conflict, the initial stages might be awkward and painful but i guess its for the better and sooner than later the sincerity will prevail...
its 3am i know tats too much confusion to digest.. I'm gonna go to bed now and prepare myself for further changes and adaptations.. nite all

Saturday, April 03, 2010

learn to cheerish before its gone

its a lonely road "traveling" .. Baki Zainal
Baki Zainal loves the sand, sea and his solitary moments enjoying both

Penat sungguh.. i just got back in from a launch in Triang Besar, Mersing.. alhamdullilah .. and today i really feel very tired, jaded and sucked out of all my energizer battery fluid.. after a nice warm shower here i am sitting in front of baby jane just penning down whatever that crosses my mind at this current moment..
to be precise tonite's entree is not mainly just my verbal rantings on life.. no. i have a clear message i guess that i want to share without being verbal with myself.. i know I'm weird but yeah i do talk to myself to keep myself sane at times..
you see recently a few incidents that happened to me leads me to this entree.. i would save you from the incident for a sure fact i want to save myself from remembering .. but neither the less i walk away learning something.. i used to constantly create the same mistake all over again which is to take people, things around me for granted and focus on people that do not really share the same feelings of important as i am to them as they are to me or even important things around me that has helped me get thru times of difficulty and honestly now i still create the same mistake all over see i am a constant believer that one should put an equal effort in things that they do, relationships be it friendship, lovers, siblings or parental cause when it gets one sided its really tiring..little gestures like a warm hug, a message wishing a good day ahead, a warm smile as a gesture of assurance or even time off as to get away for a one to one session over a pint is worth more than spending hundreds of dollars or throwing big fan fare parties.. when things don't seem right we tend to ask what is it that we have done wrong this time (with a strong sense of annoyance in our hearts) but when we ask this question the answer lies in the question itself. its not what we have done wrong in fact we didn't do anything and that's where the trouble lays its the straight matter that we "didn't do anything"..
i wanna apologize to people that matters to me as i am busy chasing after a dream i neglect those around me that matters, those who has been there and has been a part of my life. my pillar of sanity. my focus of attention hits a blind spot.. recently i caught up with Sharen and Sue and for that instance i felt the familiar warm, genuine and tender love that they have always had for me.. there was no sense of jealousy no threats.. in fact i would safely say they would have treated me the same now and ten years ago... i owe so many people my time and i promise you i shall fulfill that promise of mine Hazlin and Zeeka your on top of my list.. how i miss you girls..
its the same when i comes to going green and saving our mother earth i repeatedly say one day we shall lose it all if we don't do that "something" is keeping it green and safe for all of us to stay in..
we easily get blinded and distracted by people and new shiny items around us and the hard part if to stay focus but i guess the answer to this is that we have to love unconditionally ... I'm jaded .... in order to move forward i shall have to learn to stop focusing my energy on things,time and people that would not sacrifice as i do...
i know its kinda morbid for me to be writing this down on paper but then recent incidents woke me up...
i dedicate this piece to Abang Din Beramboi, who has recently answered the call of God.. Bang, adik akan pegang kata kata abang.. semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas roh mu.. Malaysia has once more lost a diamond.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

my maiden voyage on oneFM

Sumi, Baki Zainal and Lucas at oneFM studio
Sumi asking Baki Zainal how does it feel to host such a wacky show
Baki zainal, Sumi and Lucas mucking about in the studio

ola guys, well its been hectic commuting from KL to Melaka on a daily basis for both MCG2 talks and Step Forward shoot and promo but thanks to people like Holiday Inn Melaka and Giant Ants i get to keep my sanity with the support they give..
aite, im uploading a few pictures of my adventure during my oneFM interview last nite.. i had cool fun.. thanks to Lucas and Sumi who made it easy for me as it was kinda nerve wrecking going on live for an hour on one of the most popular radio stations in Malaysia.. i respect the both of them as there was so much technicality involved.. hahhahahahaha i dont think i could manage that as i have two left hands and feet.. hehehehehehe.. i was on air to promote Step Forward and i was really happy with the response tht we recived on facebook.. thank you all.. aite gotta go now have an interview session with Berita Harian after this..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

updates updates

its 1.30am and i finally get to chill and relax before i call it nite nite time.. this part of Melaka comes to life at this hour but im enjoying this corner of Holiday Inn Melaka where it seems like i am in a cocoon like atmosphere looking out at the busy world while i am safe in my haven.. bliss
the past few weeks past really fast as if its a blink of an eye.. with STEP FORWARD getting good feed back, MCG2 going on strong with the school visits and reaching to the next generation of decision makers .. it makes me feel calmer and assure of what i am doing might just be the right thing..
the feeling of total strangers walking up to you and acknowledging your work in many sense gives me a certain good feel that sooths my tired mind and body .. alhamdullilah.. i don't deny that at times it does get a bit over whelming but everytime that happens i've learned to just close my eyes and imagine the people who matters to me and the support that they have been giving me all this while and that helps to make things ok for the time being..
now sitting here i kinda know that the decision that ive made to take things into my own hand in order so that i could have a better nights sleep is not too bad of an idea.. at least with that i feel secured and more certain as too my decisions and actions..
im still trying to finish "letters to sam" a book that i picked up a few months ago.. while i do so i learn lessons that seems to be just plain common logic.. i realized that i am a person that sometimes let my emotions take over my common logic in matters of work, love and friendship.. i try to go abouts it differently but at the end of the day i fail badly.. hahahahaha ironic.. the hard exterior that i try to potray usually becomes a weapon againts me at the end of the in and compromising at times seems to be the best solution but in all honesty it sucks.. hahahahaha..i guess no one can be perfect in that way.. but i got to learn to stand up and decline at times not much to other people but basicly to my own mind and emotions.. pushing it at times might also not be the right choice and swallowing pride, emotions and guilt might just make things better.. just as long as principles are kept i guess i would be allrite..
This wave has such a strong under current running thru it and while i enjoy this surf i will still try hard to balance my act as to keep things at a more civil minded possition..its a lonely surf i would have to say but then a wave gives better milledge if you ride it alone... i call upon others to take baby steps in whatever they pursue and thus maybe this is my baby steps.. insyallah everything would be allrite.. thank you all for the support as i truly appreciate it.. aite im gonna go to bed long day ahead tomorrow.. good nite :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Last Advice

I was in my managers apartment last night in Penang, looking into a blank half typed opening to an entree to my blog and my mind was just a total piece of blankness.. i did not know what i wanted to write. I had so much running in my mind prior to that blank moment. but now after gathering my tots after everything that happened i know what i want to write about.. its my last advice..
it seems like a morbid topic to talk about at this time of the moment really but incidents, books i have read and people i have met inspired me to scribble this down.. What would your last advice be? what have you learned? what would be the legacy that you want to leave behind?
Last weekend i was in Kota Kinabalu for a fairy tale wedding of a dear friend of mine. The Wedding was just perfect that it looked like one of those Hallmark moments that you see on Astro. Beach wedding, beautiful bride, handsome groom, family people all around, bride shedding tears of happiness as she laughs for joy... it was just beautiful. the couple met some what a year ago in Shang Hai. Malaysian girl, French guy met and fell in love in China. the festivities ran till late night. everybody went home happy and full of love and hope.. well i guess that hope is real.. many dont know this but 2 years ago at the same venue. this said friend , my manager and i went there for drinks and my friend said that she would want to find "the" man and have her wedding at this same paticular venue.. and fast forward to last weekend it happened...
then today i met the humble, low profile, talented young singer Aizat who was of course the last AJL winner. he told me a story of how when he was in school and it was career day and everybody was given a blank card to write down a profession or what they wanted to be when they grow up. aizat said everybody else started to write down their ambition as usual you have the doctor, lawyer, engineer etc and he was the only person who drew a stick figure holding a gitar and mic. and below he wrote rock star. since the days of AF this boy struck everyone with his beautiful voice. but at that time he did not look like Rock Star material because he was Fat. but that never stopped him from believing and pushing himself further to be the performer that he wants to be. now Aizat has an AJL trophy, slimmed down soo much and is one of those talented young performers to look out for...
this last story might be familiar to some of you... but i feel i need to include this in since hey its my blog.. when i was a kid, i was a pudgy kid. then when i hit puberty i was still a pudgy kid whos face was hit badly by a meteor shower. i'm sure many out there could relate to that feeling of just wanting to hide away from everybody else cause honestly who wants to be friends with you if you looked like freddie gruggers second cousin twice removed.. i would then get bullied, teased at that there are times where i would rather take a longer route so that i could avoid seeing the cool kids as everytime passing next to them just kills more confidence.. then i found a remedy for all that i became the class joker, who would crack stupid jokes about my own self and condition. while all this was happening, i lived in a fantasy made believe world and in that world it was ok to be pudgy, pimple infested and not popular and most important part of it all i imagined that this pudgy, pizza faced boy had his own tv show and people would praise him for his work.... i still kept believing.. one day when i was 18 i got accepted into UITM to study Mass Communications.. i was so glad as i tot hey maybe this world is not that cruel and yeah maybe people would just be able to see across my pimple infested face..while in a car pool journey some one shatterd what was left of the hope that i had.. by saying have i seen my self in the mirror before? i dont look like any of the people on screen and that i wont make it so why dont i just dont waste time.. i still can recall that exact moment how hot my eyes felt as i held back those tears.. but that didnt stop me i pushed on and even so it took 10 years... i have a talk show, an extreamly cool adventure travel log and a high rating sitcom under my belt.
.. alhamdullilah..
by putting these 3 stories together i know what advice i would want to give so here goes "live today as if its your last day, love and forgive. show and tell the people you love how much they mean to you. forgive everyone for all wrong they have done or might do. but above all never ever give up dreaming.. if you believe hard enough it will come thru and when it does give thanks to everyone who has directly or indirectly help make it a reality."
its so much easier to write it out then saying it verbally but in any case i dont see another second this would be my last advice.... insyallah..

Monday, February 01, 2010

my update for 2010

The Full Cast of Mr Siao's Mandarin Class Season 2.
Andrew, Baki and Rhian cam whoring before flight
Andrew , Baki and Rhian with the family in KL


yeah finally i get to write ... today is my first official off day in 2010 yepp.. for the couple of weeks i have been working really hard.. alhamdullilah..
i finally wrapped up the second season of Mr Siao's Mandarin Class which will be hitting air waves this coming april.. yeay.. if you happen to catch it now on NTV7 well thats the rerun from last season.. this season it promises more fun, adventure and guest cameos of malaysia's big stars.. more updates on that on a later note.. but dont forget to catch the Chinese New Year 2 hours special airing on the eve of CNY and the first day of CNY on NTV7.. thats a special ang pow from all of us at Mr Siao's Class.. hehehehehehe...see amir, ying jun, hong hong, tashan and the others like you have never seen them before..
besides Mr Siao.. i have recently received a very special visit from my nephew Andrew Zaki Mcnally and Rhian.. yup they gave us a suprise by dropping by KL for a 3 day visit before they leave for London.. Andrew is my age and he is off to London to join the British Marines.. i could say that Andrew and me were partners in crime when we were little.. hahahahaha .. and for the past three days we jogged our memories back down memory lane.. man those were the days.. Andrew came and chilled at home with the family in KL and i juggled work and playing the role of a tour guide its tough but then it was worth it.. seeing him and finally spending taking time off to spend with my family kinda made me feel how lucky i am to have such beautiful people around me.. alhamdullilah.. i wish my nephew all the best in his road to success .. insyallah..
now i am still in the process of finishing the much awaited Step Forward for 8TV... waahhh really stressful stuff i tell you but its all worth it.. thank god i have the support of Kak Mas Ayu, Troy, Lucent and Kim Wah who is constantly there on shoot and pushing me to perform even better than i possibly think i am capable off... Step Forward will be priemiering this coming 21st Febuary at 9.30pm only on 8TV..
i had a conversation with Andrew the other day over drinks and we kinda agreed that we are really happy to see each and every one of us living life to the fullest and chasing all those wild dreams that we never even tot off when we were playing in the ditch and locking the a-ma in the broom cabinet.. but even so we are constructing those castles in the sky we still are those 2 little boys chasing each other up down the army barracks in sembahwang singapore.. hey as they say you can never take away the boy in all of us.. nite peeps...