Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the original digicelebriteen team..

the original digicelebriteen team. the good old days infact they have been the best not saying that this bunch is not they are all great people but the at the same time miss all the guys alot man... came across this picture on my friendster and decided that it needs to be put in a more suitable place where else better than here close to my heart...

Monday, July 23, 2007

travel travel

potato n me in kuantan
jace n me in kuantan
wendy, jace and me traveling back
trust a mcd... kuantan

well more photo of my travels i have just receive this lot from jace... ok i have another complex now actually not even a complex i am just in love with chinese songs now... yes i am listening to a few really soppy ones as i am typing hahahahaa yes yes...thanks to wendy or yik boon to have supplied me with the songs ahhh i am just happy to listen to them actually their not really happy tunes infact its very sad.. but i guess it suits my state of mind to be honest ... anyways have to continue my script or shall i say start my script.. after one fag and i am roaring to goo... nite all.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

star struck

ok i know i owe the blog an entry bout the rain forest fest but then that could wait.. my experience tonite cant... i was at the A party to cover the digicelebriteen kids but then i had to do my normal duty of interviewing peopple and guess what besides miggling with big names in the chinese singing industry like joey, victor, i had the chance to meet up with GARY CHAW yes my friend the guy that sang the chinese version of superwomen and also superman... dude was really humble and he was soo much fun... it was just surreal as he is a league soo far away from me and here i was standing there next to him sharing some moments and then i had the chance to interview him in perfect english.... i told him a was star struck and he was just soo humble... i am not gonna wash my hands for the next few weeks coz that hand shaked gary's... ok next entree i promise would be bout rainforest fest and my experience of sarawak,,,

Thursday, July 12, 2007


my princess
see you in sarawak
recording time

ok.. i am now in sarawak... it feels like a foreign land man... its soo laid back... my idea of going to BAKO had to be postpone as i had to fly back to kl yesterday but that not going to come in between me and the rainforest music fest man... i shall be going no matter what... its kinda funny having to fly in and out... hahahahahaaha feels like im jet setting here and there... shall try to meet up with farin here in kuching... it would be soo wrong man if i miss out in meeting him here...anyways... i miss kl and miss family but then hey i have to keep strong and go for it.. my future shall be my first goal now... but then hummm... ok im not going down that road again... well have soo much work to do... i dont even know if i could do the play anymore... infact for all our benefits i might just have to drop it now and get things on the roll and not let the others wait for me... its really not fair....ok then i have got to go now... have someother major stuff to finish... my god even in a hotel room i dont have time... hahahahahahahahaah

Monday, July 02, 2007

ikan kering

i wanted to post this picture up on my blog like soo long ago but i did not have the time and at the same time i did not have my laptop with me... for reasons that i shall not state on the blog... this picture and infact all the preety pictures that looks bit artistic comes from a penang lad by the name of adrian...... thanks mate..... thsi was taken by the beach off beserah and it was actually my off day which i took with much stride... i fell asleep on the beach and tadahhhhh the next thing i know adrian took this lovely picture....
thsi whole month or soo hs been scuch a roller coaster ride for me... the ups and downs mostly ups compared to downs have been really good but now i would have to start planning for the months to come... see what shall i do... see you in kuching DCT

see ya adrian...we'll miss you

rich, me, adrian aka potato, jace and wendy
twin towers, jules and me

last weekened was DCT northern region 2 finals and also adrians and Hong Ren last working day with us on DCT... i'll miss these guys ... the mere two month of working together was just really special as we all had to travel on long terms with each other around peninsular malaysia.. the jokes we share and the stress actually there were not that many compared to the other productions that i have worked along side with .... made all of us wiser and closer as the days evolved .... i guess i dont just say this on my own account but also on behalf of DCT 2007 production team we love you and you shall be miss.