Sunday, December 10, 2006

its a rainy day

i love wireless... ahhhhhhh
ok fine some of you would be saying that how ketinggalan zaman i am now baru nak ada wireless.. well guys as a fren of mine said layan a bit can or not..
its raining out side.. i am lazzing on my bed as i type away.... i was visiting Cherry tomato farah's blog and it sparked an idea for me to recap 2006... some really cool stuff happend and some not soo cool ones too.. so in todays edition i shall be a bit self indulgence and dedicate this entree to 2006 cheers

1.i took up the idea of "just ride the wave"
hahahahaha funny aint it.. coming from a control freak like me.. but i dont know i am enjoying it at least it leaves me with less headaches and heart aches.. i mean if it was meant to be then i would have been in NY by now but if i did take up NY then i would not have meet up with really cool and beautiful people from both TSOT and Media Prima... i love these guys they have been great and supportive...
if i didnt take the plunge to resign from NOEL and teaching then i would not have confirmed my family's undivided support and love to me... ive grown to cheerish them better day by day.. till today i am still learning

2.its ok to dream.. if you think hard enough it might just work
its true i am a dreamer and i cant change that...i have these idealistic scenes running in my head.. and nothing can stop me in staying that way... i tried to change as some part of society feels that its silly and its unheard off.. but then i suffered... i lost myself thru the way... and so one day a bird told me that its ok to dream just as long as you work towards your dream... only try not to get dissapointed easily when things dont go your way... keep on working it.

3. i learned to love again..
ok.. this is not because i just watch "Cinta".. along my journey this year...while i was running i accidentally stumble over a "red cherry tomato" and when i picked it up and looked at it closely i began to like the "cherry tomato" and as i examine it closer i realised that i might not be able to find the same "cherry tomato" ever... i took a bite but it tasted sour at first but now im getting used to the sour taste and hopefully one day it might just turn sweet.

4. take the risk..
its ok to just let go and take the risk not knowing if you would swim or drown.....ikve taken some major risk this year and i have no regrets as it has turned out ok...i mean there was a period of time that some stuff was just not going my way with risk that i have taken but then that didnt stop me from taking futher risk... infact this coming days i shall be taking a very big risk that might just break me or build m...insyaallah it shall work my way....

5. i have my loses too
i have just lost an aunt of mine... i see her as a final link between me and my fathers family.. i lost a Guru ... ok find i mean he is still around its just that i am no longer learning from him anymore... but now stepping outside and seeing his methods from the outside i understand him better...but with all this lost i think i gained so0 much more

this year is not like so canggih... i didnt get any special mention or award ... i didnt get any big contracts or anything like that... but i guess i learned alot and i gained so many new friends that are worthy to keep... but of all this i shall still work on the existing relationships that i have and hope that it would grow and bloom one day...

aite i am sleepy.. the rain is getting heavier what better time to take a nap... see you guys soon

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Anonymous said...

fyi, am very proud of you...