Monday, November 13, 2006

it ends tonite

im currently stuck with the song.. man its like reality coming too soon.. humm.. i dont know its like sometimes i just feel that im just alone.. and that this bubble that i have around me is just gonna burst anytime soon...
its not logical, is it? but sometimes i guess things dont need to be logical anymore.. i admit its my mistake to actually consider everything on the logical side that i forget bout the emotional content.
but i guess its never too late is it to realise now that what i recently picked up to belive is not all that true..
i dont know frenship on the line.. work... art... i guess the one thing that i could currently be sure of that would not change would only be my families love towards me.. everything else is highly questionable.. its funny how you think that you think you know a certain person or loved one for ions but then there comes a day that you automaticlly changeble..
Question is would it end tonite? or am i letting it end tonite.. at times i dont want to close my eyes coz it might just end..........

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