Monday, August 03, 2009

i just cant sleep

Baki Zainal, Geetha, Lina and hazlin.. ok lin you need to wash your mirror babes
Baki Zainal taking a break from the sounds of washing being done..
baki zainal walking thru the lines
Baki zainal and jules orbing down the hill
baki zainal menunggu..

its a monday really and i have to go off for sound recording at 11am before a very important meeting at the l'oreal head office later but i just can't sleep.. i was really sleepy just now to a point that i could not even pick up my phone to text but hell yeah at 2am i am wide awake..
i realized that i have not been updating my blog regularly lately infact for a fact this is my first entry since...
這以來,我一之在想。到地呢,what i have been doing for the couple of weeks as its been quite a roller coaster ride for me. i got into a race, i started an eco campaign, i played, i cried and the bottom part is with all this i know i am alive.
i dont want to go down the same alley as all the others have paying tribute to Yasmin Ahmad (dont get me wrong not that i feel she is not worthy of paying a tribute to but i just feel tht after a week has passed with her passing, we should start to let it rest and celebrate rather than mourn for her... i kinda feel she would want that and would want us to continue her journey) but i would thou have to say that its been showering and flooding youtube for the tribute videos that you guys have done for her... amongs the lot i would have to say Perantauan Pics did a real good job and also NSTP online compared to the others some were just not tastely done at all.. well lets not go there..
i am waiting for an answer really, waiting for an answer tht just might change my path and where i were to move.. hopefully tht answer will help me find what i have been looking for.. i am ready to take this change and chance. insyallah it would..

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